Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I had a few readings this week dealing with suicide -- never an easy subject. I want to pass on a few things I've learned from doing readings about people who commit suicide. People who are mentally ill and commit suicide have a different energy to me than people who opt out because of sadness, money problems or relationship issues. Euthanasia is also very different. The mentally ill and terminally ill who cross themselves over don't have the same painful issues to deal with once they get to the other side. However, with all of these spirits, there is some form of guilt and remorse. It's not part of our soul plan to make this choice because, simply put, it's not our choice to make. Therefore, there will always be some karma, some re-balancing, that needs to be addressed. Many suicides are held back from progressing forward in the spirit world because of this guilt. I've had a few spirits refer to this level of the afterlife as the "stuck place." But they've all told me that your prayers help them move on from this place.

Please, if you know of someone who crossed themselves over, say a prayer for them whenever you think of them. Our prayers here greatly help them release their guilt and remorse so they can move on, make amends and continue on their soul's journey. If you don't know what to pray or how to pray for them, simply say an Our Father or any other prayer you're comfortable with and say, "I dedicate this prayer to healing this person." If you were effected by a loved one who crossed himself over, please consider forgiving him. It can truly help them and you to shed pain, open hearts, and blossom into new growth.


  1. I found this very helpful. What a nice "lift" in my heart after telling my dear cousin I forgive him for his choice. That then led to other forgiveness in unexpected areas such as work and facilitated a very nice connection with an employee that I was currently experiencing a difficult relationship with. I hope that rambling made sense, but that was a really neat experience!

    It was also interesting to hear that passed on spirits and our guides like to be blessed and validated as well. This is all very new so please keep telling us about your experiences and thanks for sharing! :)


  2. Thank you for your comments Rebecca! I'm so glad this post helped you on your journey.