Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I want to take a moment to talk about the ethics of giving a reading to better prepare you for receiving a reading. I spoke with a client today who lost her child. She had two "psychics" tell her that her son had not successfully crossed over. This poor woman believed these quacks all this time until today when her child came through with lots of validations and mentioned the incorrect information from the other two readings. This made me so mad. I've learned as an intuitive that people believe whatever I say. This scares the hell out of me because I'm never 100% right -- no one is. If people believe everything I say, they'll get some of it wrong. People put too much trust in a reader which is why I wanted to focus this blog on the ethics of being a reader.

I want everyone reading this blog to think about this: anyone can claim to be psychic. You don't need a degree, a certificate, a license, nothing. That's a scary thought. So how can you tell if you're sitting in front of a fake? Well, there's lots of obvious ways -- none of the information makes sense to you, the information is vague and would fit anyone, the reader asks you a lot of questions. But here's another tactic fakes use -- negative information. A lot of readers claiming to be psychic use negative information and fear tactics to make the client think they're getting a good reading. I've had clients tell me that other psychics have told them that they're spouse is cheating, that something bad is coming up in the next few months, that a health concern is imminent. Scary things. So if you walk away from a reading feeling scared or anxious, disregard what doesn't feel right and keep the rest.

How can you get a good reading? Get referrals, ask your friends, make sure you're seeing someone who's legitimate. Go into a reading with a healthy bit of skepticism. Secondly, don't "feed" the medium. You want to tell the reader when she's right and when she's wrong, so she'll know if she's reading your energy correctly, but you don't want to give her information. Watch your body language. If you cross your legs and your arms, you're closing your energy. If something doesn't resonate with you, just doesn't feel right, don't receive it. Take notes or record the session because often something that doesn't make sense to you will become clear when you get home. I call this "psychic amnesia." A lot of people get that "deer in the headlights" look when loved ones start coming through with validations and they forget simple things like names and dates. So just write it all down and come back to it.

Why should you get a reading? If you need clarification on a decision or problem you're dealing with, if you need validation for an issue occurring in your life or if you'd like to hear from loved ones on the other side. Those are the best reasons for seeking out a legitimate intuitive.

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