Thursday, January 26, 2017

Are You a Night Worker?

 What’s a night worker? A night worker is an intuitive who helps people during their dream state.  Some people with natural psychic abilities have agreed to work as night workers meaning they astral travel at night to help others in a variety of ways.  Some night workers will travel to sick people and help heal their energy.  Other night workers will counsel people about a problem the dreamer is dealing with.  Some intuitives will help recently departed souls cross over and still other night workers use the dream state to help animals who are lost or injured. 

When we sleep, most of us astral project.  Our soul leaves our body and travels through the astral planes. We remain connected to our body by a silver “umbilical cord” of energy. Most people travel to the other side to rest or review their soul’s path.  But some people – called Night Workers -- spend this time helping others. 

Night workers have dreams that are very different from the average dreamer.   A night worker’s dreams are vivid, colorful, and chronological.  The dreams feel more like visits and have a clear beginning, middle and end.  Often night workers wake up feeling more tired than when they went to sleep. Read on to discover if you could possibly be a night worker.


Many night workers report dreaming about helping souls cross over.  When someone dies suddenly from an accident, heart attack or other unexpected cause, they often aren’t aware they are dead.  They need help realizing this so they can go through the light.  Because the newly deceased are still connected to earth, they can’t see spirit guides, angels and loved ones who have already gone through the light.  So they need mediums here on earth to connect with them and tell them to go through the light.  This is a job that many natural mediums do during the sleep state.  Their soul will astral travel to a newly deceased soul and help them to see the light and cross over.

Sue Ann, a practicing medium in South Carolina, remembers one night dreaming that she was standing on the highway next to a man who had recently died in a motorcycle accident.  The man appeared very dazed.  He was clearly in shock.  Sue Ann got his attention by getting him to repeat his name and where he lived.  She told him to look into the light.  When he did, he started waving to his grandfather and happily walked through the tunnel to the other side.  Sue Ann woke up and read in the newspaper that a man had indeed died that night in a motorcycle accident.


Many natural healers work to help others even when they’re sleeping.  Doctors, nurses, Reiki practitioners and holistic healers have reported helping people in the dream state.   They describe dreams where they are in a room with a person, usually someone they don’t know, and they are working energetically on their body to help them achieve a state of balance. 

A nurse named Monica often has dreams that she is healing someone with rainbow lights.  Monica describes a place that is on the beach.  Her clients are on a massage table lulled by the sound of the ocean and calmed by the rainbow lights she directs to their chakras. She usually will meet that person later in the week in real time in her office. 

Bob, a Reiki Master, has dreams that he is giving Reiki to someone in a healing temple.  He describes a large white building with several columns and stairs leading up to the healing room. He describes hearing beautiful music playing while he does Reiki on the people in his dream. He reports being surrounded by a team of helpers including angels. 


People who are natural counselors and therapists will often have dreams where they are listening to someone’s problems and helping them work out a solution.  Rick, a psychotherapist, has dreams where he’s sitting in a classroom at an old fashioned desk.  He always sees a line of people waiting to talk to him as one by one people sit down in the desk opposite him.  Sometimes he just listens to the person, but often he comes up with wonderful solutions and suggestions for them. 

Jean, a practicing Tarot reader, has dreams where she’s giving readings to people helping them to make important decisions in their life.  In her dreams, she is always seated underneath a large tree with her cards spread out before her.  She counsels people on everything from relationships to health and career questions. 

A teacher named Julie often dreams of helping students whom she doesn’t know in real life.  But one time she dreamt that she helped a young man apply for a scholarship so he could go to the college where she taught history.  When the semester started a month later, she met the young man who’d appeared in her dream.  He later told her that he dreamt about getting a scholarship and that’s what compelled him to apply for the help, which he did receive. 


People who are naturally connected to animals often report having dreams where they help animals find their home, get adopted or cross over to the other side.  Stephanie, a Veterinarian’s assistant, has had several night worker dreams where she’s helped animals.  When her client’s cat went missing, she dreamt that she saw the cat miles away in another person’s house.  In the dream she showed the cat how to walk home.  The next day, the cat returned home.  Stephanie often has dreams where she’s helping a pet to let go of their earthly existence and move on to the other side. 

When Barbara’s dog passed away after a long illness, she still heard his paws on the hardwood floors and one night felt his cold, wet nose brush against her leg when she was walking to the kitchen.  She feared that he had not crossed over out of loyalty to her.  One night she had a dream where she was walking her dog and told him it was okay to move on, that he needed to be in heaven with the other dogs.  She watched as he ran off into the light.  When she woke up, Barbara knew her dog had finally crossed over. 

You might be a night worker too.  Do you often wake up exhausted as if you’ve worked all night?  Do you have dreams that feel very real?  Have you dreamt of helping someone? Have you dreamt of a stranger and later met them in real life? If you think you’re a night worker, start to record your dreams.  The more you write your dreams down, the more clearly you’ll remember them.  Being a Night Worker can be illuminating and gratifying, but it can also be exhausting when you truly need a good night’s sleep.  So if you’ve had a really long day, tell your guides and angels before you go to sleep that you need a night off!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Are Curses Real?

We’ve all heard of famous curses like The Hope Diamond, King Tut’s Curse, and the Kennedy Curse. But are they real or just a series of coincidences?  It’s true that our words hold power.  In the Book of Genesis, God creates the entire world with His words.  Words are indeed seeds of creation, but the power of belief is just as potent.  Let’s examine some famous curses and let the facts help us determine if curses are powered by words or belief.  Could it be that there is magic in the intention behind a curse?  Or it more plausible that curses only work if the curser and the cursee believe in it?


When the Hope Diamond was stolen from a Hindu statue, the priests put a curse on the thief.  The man died a slow and painful death. King Louis the XIV bought it in 1673.  He died shortly thereafter of gangrene and all his children – save one – died in childhood.  Louis the XVI inherited the stone and gave it to his wife Marie Antoinette.  They were beheaded during the French Revolution.  The stone then passed to Wilhelm Fals, a Dutch jeweler murdered by his son. A Greek merchant bought the diamond and later drove his car off a cliff.  When heiress Evelyn Walsh McLean bought the diamond, she lost her son in an accident and her daughter from a drug overdose. The next owner, Harry Winston, heard the only way to break the curse was to give the stone away.  He donated it to the Smithsonian where it can be seen today. 


When Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon found Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922, it’s said that “death comes on wings to he who enters the tomb of the pharaoh” was inscribed over the entrance.  Shortly after, a mosquito bit Lord Carnarvon on his cheek. When he opened the cut while shaving, he got blood poisoning and died that evening in Cairo.  His beloved dog is said to have howled and died at the exact moment back at his estate in England.   In 1925, when Tutankhamen was unwrapped, he was found to have a wound on his left cheek in the exact spot where Lord Carnarvon was bitten by the mosquito that led to his death. By 1929, 11 people connected to the expedition died mysterious deaths.  Ironically, Howard Carter – who led the expedition and entered the tomb first – lived a long, healthy life.  He never believed in curses.


After William Henry Harrison defeated Tecumseh and his men at the Battle of Tippecanoe, rumor has it that Tecumseh placed a curse on the future president.  William Henry Harrison was elected president in 1840, but he caught a cold at his inauguration (after ignoring his wife’s suggestion to wear a coat) and died of pneumonia after being in office for just one month.  Since then, every president from 1840- 1960 elected or re-elected every 20th year has died in office. The curse has been considered broken since Ronald Reagan (elected in 1980) survived an assassination attempt in 1981.  Could it be that Tecumseh put a curse on the man and succeeding gentlemen who stole land from his people?  Or is it just a series of odd coincidences?


When Dr. Larry Dossey interned at a hospital in Texas, he met a patient named Harold Bennett who appeared to be dying but doctors couldn’t figure out why.  Mr Bennett told Dr. Dossey that he’d refused to pay a fortune teller, so cursed him. Dr. Dossey feared that because Mr. Bennett believed he was dying from a curse that traditional medicine wouldn’t work on him.  So he and a colleague pretended to do a voodoo ceremony to undo the hex.  Mr Bennett watched as the doctors lit a small fire, took a lock of his hair and began an incantation.  They told him that curse was now removed.  When Dr. Dossey went to check on his patient the next morning, he was sitting up in bed, eating breakfast - completely recovered.  So did the doctors perform the ceremony correctly or is this just a case of the power of belief?


Often people feel as though they’re cursed.  Martha Gooden lost both parents to cancer in her 20s.  Her first husband abused her. Her store went out of business during the recession. Martha believed she was cursed.  Her therapist told her she wasn’t cursed but was living from a victim mentality.  Martha trained her mind to believe she was a magnet for happiness not a victim of bad luck. She heard about a grant program for people hit by the recession and returned to school.  Today she’s a nurse and is happily married. If you feel you’re a victim, the universe will treat you that way.  But if you believe in yourself, the power of your words, the universe will treat you accordingly.  Curses are real if you believe in them, but if you choose to believe in the power of YOU, the universe will reward you with a positive life. 


If you’re reading this and you still believe in curses, beware of anyone who tells you a curse has been placed on you and that for a small fortune, they can remove that curse.  This is a scam and is always false.  Every one of us will go through a series of bad luck usually followed by a period of good luck.  This is called life.  In a way, it would be comforting to believe in curses because it takes away personal responsibility.  We’re responsible for our life – good or bad. If you’re going through a difficult time right now, if you feel trapped in a relationship or job, it’s important to remember that you have choices. Decide where you want to start to make changes and take action.  If you want your ship to come in, build a dock. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

4 Things You Can Do Today to Help Your Intuitive Child Flouris

If your child is intuitive, you probably already know it.  Intuitive children often have night terrors.  They complain of seeing scary things in their room at night such as shadow people, the “smelly man” or “hat man.” They will feel instinctively comfortable with some people and instantly shy or cautious around others.  Intuitive children tend to be creative, empathic, and gentle.  They are connected to nature and animals.  Your child might talk about seeing lights or colors around people.  They might have dreams that later come true or see deceased family members.  For many parents, this is all very scary.  However, there are some concrete steps you can take right now to help your intuitive child embrace these gifts and use them when they’re ready to help make the world a better place.

1) Validate Your Child.  It’s very important to believe your child when he says something scary is in the room or she tells you that the man next door gives her the creeps.  Kids need to know that you’re a safe place to turn to when they experience these intuitive insights.  Don’t tell them it’s their imagination or they were just dreaming.  Listen to them and validate their concerns.  “Wow, that was a scary dream.  Could you draw it for me and we can talk about it?” Or try saying, “I used to see scary things in my room when I was a child too.  Would you like to try sleeping with a night light?” Encourage your child to keep a dream journal to write or draw in.  Tell them that this is all a normal part of growing up.  The one thing kids are afraid of is feeling or being different.  So make sure they know that their feelings, visions and dreams are perfectly normal.

2) Empower Your Child.  When we’re scared, we feel powerless. If your child is experiencing night terrors or seeing scary things in their room at night, help them to feel less afraid by giving them so control over the situation.   You can buy or make a protective spray to clear the room of negativity.  Simply add lavender, sage, frankincense, and myrrh essential oils to a bottle of water.  Add a pinch of salt and have your child spray the room at night when they’re feeling afraid.  Lavender is calming, sage is protective and frankincense and myrrh are ancient oils of protection and healing.  You can give your child a protective statue that resonates with your belief system.  Archangel Michael is very protective for children.  You can give your child a nightlight or flashlight to use when they’re scared.

3) Teach Your Child Grounding Techniques.  Sensitive children are constantly picking up the emotions of others around them.  This can leave them feeling a bit spacey.  When they learn to ground their energy, they will have more control over their own feelings and emotions.  Make sure your child gets to play outside at least 20 minutes a day.  Encourage them to walk around the house barefooted.  Ask them to help you plant a garden.  Make sure they drink plenty of water.  Put a plant or a fish bowl in their room.  Plants and fish are wonderful at absorbing excess energy.  A water fountain in the bedroom can be very soothing at night too.  Some of the best ways for a child to ground and cleanse their energy are to jump and twirl.  So have your child do jumping jacks, get out on the trampoline, twirl and dance.  Karate is also a great extracurricular activity for intuitive children because it teaches them grounding and focusing techniques.

4) Teach Your Child About Colors.  The power of colors is immensely helpful to an intuitive person.  Black absorbs negativity; pink encourages love and happiness.  Yellow inspires confidence and a sunny disposition.  Green is healing while blue is calming.  White is the color of protection.  You can do fun exercises with your child to help them learn to work with colors.  On the way to school, have them imagine jumping into a white fluffy cloud. Tell them that this color will protect them throughout the day.  If they have a test at school, have them imagine standing in the center of the sun.  Have them breathe in the warm, golden yellow color and tell them that this will give them the confidence needed to excel.  If a classmate is being a bit mean, have your child imagine wrapping that friend in pink cotton candy.  This will calm their friend’s energy down and help them to be nicer.

More and more intuitive souls are incarnating than ever before.  As the parent of an intuitive, it can often feel scary.  Many parents feel at their wit’s end when dealing with their intuitive child.  But the strategies mentioned here can and will help.  Intuitives are like psychic sponges.  They pick up the emotions of others throughout their day.  As we grow up, we learn to deal with this.  But children are often confused and scared by this influx of emotions.  Empower your child by teaching them these strategies.  Encourage them to take a salt bath once a week to cleanse their auric field.  Simply add a cup of Epsom salt to a ½ cup of baking soda and a ½ cup of salt.  Pour into a running bath and have your child bathe in the salt water for at least 15 minutes.  There are wonderful books on parenting your intuitive child too.  Remember that your child is gifted with a  beautiful talent and ability to feel on a deeper level than his or her peers.  Teach them to accept and nurture this gift and you will help them to heal our world when they’re ready.