Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tricky Spirits

What a crazy, interesting day of readings. While doing a phone reading for a woman who wanted to hear from her mother, I saw June Cleaver in my mind's eye. Wow, I thought, this mother really thinks well of herself. But who am I to judge? So I said, "Did you have a really great mom, like a June Cleaver, Donna Reed type?" The woman laughed and said, "Uh, no." So then the mom shows me a cake, an apron and stacks of books. "Did your mom like to bake?" I heard a sigh. "No." "Was she a reader?" I ventured. "Not at all," came the frustrated reply.

Once, okay twice, I've had nothing come through in a reading. Blank. Nada. And I thought there was nothing more stressful in this field than a no show from those on the other side. Until now.

This time, I clearly had her mother with me, but she was feeding me all the wrong information. What was going on? I called out to my guide for help. He showed me a vodka bottle. Oh. Finally. Now I understood.

"Was your mom a drinker?"

"Is she owning up to that? That can't be coming from her."

I had to explain to this client what and how I was seeing this information.

"Yeah, that's her then. She always wanted to be this perfect mom, but her drinking problem got in the way. But she'd never admit it. Ever."

I sat back in my chair and sighed. Where to go from here? I'd never had a spirit lie to me before. The minute her truth came out, she backed away from my energy and that was all I could get from her.

But, this reading did serve to remind me of a simple truth I'm always telling my students: just because your loved ones die, it does not mean they're given a halo and a harp upon arrival at the pearly gates. They go over there with all their same issues. Sure, it's easier over there because we don't have a clunky body. There's no issue with money or time. We have no more physical pain. The daily stressors and worries are gone. But it takes awhile over there for us to work through our addictions, our personality issues, our insecurities, and any emotional pains and traumas we experienced in our last life. Usually, we have to come back and try to learn our lessons all over again. This is why when spirits give my clients advice or a prediction during a reading, I always emphasize to my clients, "This information is coming from your grandmother. Just because she's over there does not mean she suddenly knows all. Take her advice with a grain of salt." If, for example, your father was divorced three times, you might want to think twice before taking his relationship advice.

So yes, now I've learned that sometimes spirits lie. Imagine that.

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  1. Wow, who knew!? I love hearing these stories. It reminds us to not give up and to trust ourselves!