Sunday, January 26, 2014


In order to succeed at work, we need confidence, a passion for what we do and the ability to work well with others.  The following includes a description of four crystals that will help you excel at work with joy and enthusiasm.

Called “the Stone of Success,” Citrine will help you tap into that part of yourself that needs the confidence to ask for a raise or promotion.  Citrine increases your ability to attract success and invites more joy into your life.  It helps you remember your true purpose. It’s a highly motivational stone that increases energy and creativity.  The great thing about Citrine is that it helps you attract money and success hold on to it.

Garnet helps to restore our passion – for life and work.  It increases movtivation and gives you the energy needed to do your job well.  If you’ve been feeling down in the dumps about your job, put a piece of garnet on your desk.  It will regenerate your energy and revitalize your purpose. 

Called “The Stone of Luck and Abundance,” having a piece of Green Aventurine on your desk will increase your luck and prosperity.  Green Aventurine helps us to take good risks, make positive choices and feel luckier and more positive about our life.

Cluster quartz helps groups of people to get along and work well together.  Any cluster quartz will work.  A clear quartz cluster helps people work together with energy and drive while a rose quartz cluster helps people come together in harmony and joy.  A smokey quartz cluster would work if you have a negative person in your group of co-workers as this dark grey stone absorbs negativity from others.  The clusters of the quartz all grouped together help to encourage everyone in the office working together.  Keep one on your desk and in the conference room.


  1. I appreciate this guide. I don't work in an office, but I will soon have my own home office so I will make sure to incorporate some of these crystals. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. What about Rose for relationship and Amethyst?

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