Sunday, November 24, 2013

Directing Your Destiny - a book review

I just finished reading a book called Directing Your Destiny by Jennifer Grace.  She's a former actress who has turned Shakespeare's famous saying "all the world's a stage; and all the men and women merely players" into a manifesting manifesto.  Grace, who calls herself an Executive Dream Producer, works to help people discover their passions and realize their dreams.  She believes that we all sit in the director's chair of our very own movie and most of us aren't directing anything.  We're just existing and allowing life to happen to us.  She says we need to happen to life.  We need to put on our director's hat and start making things happen.  In keeping with the movie theme, her book tells us how to write your own screenplay, produce it and direct it.

Because she's an actress, her book teaches the reader how to act as if the dream has already happened.  Her affirmations are a tad different from most.  Rather than, for example, affirming "The right love enters my life right now," she says to add the feeling you'll have when the dream happens.  So she suggests affirming, "I feel so happy that the right love enters my life right now."  And "I am so relieved that I have paid off all my bills so easily."  Or "I feel thrilled that I am now working my own hours and helping people by doing what I love."  She's a proponent of the "feel it real" law of attraction secret.  You have to be emotionally connected to what you're trying to manifest.

Grace is an advocate of first getting to know yourself before you can know what you want to manifest in your life.  Her book encourages journaling, meditation and something she calls future self-writing where you write letters to your future self.

She encourages people to ask three questions with their manifesting goals -- WHAT, HOW and WHEN.  What is your goal?  How will you accomplish it?  When will you achieve it?

She also writes about how we need to overcome fear, try new things and ask for help in order to achieve our wildest dreams.  She shares a lot of her own stories -- about how she went from divorced mom to in-love and from out-of-work actress to metaphysical teacher and speaker.

While there is nothing new in this book that students of manifesting can learn, her approach is different and fun.  It's easy to think about our life in terms of a movie and it's fun to spend time script writing the way we want our life to go.  She ends her book by reminding us "you are powerful beyond all measure.  This is your life; this is your movie.  You get to decide how it ends."

That's a great reminder for us all.

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crystals For Happiness

In almost all my readings this month, I've come across people who are feeling a bit lost, disconnected and sad.  If you've watched the news, you'll see that so many people are feeling angry and powerless.  We've had bizarre and tragic accounts in the news -- the Navy Yard Shooting, the mother who drove through the barriers in DC and was killed, the man who drove to a court house in Virginia and just began randomly shooting.  The government's inability to get along at all is very frustrating, and I think many of us are feeling as though our parents (i.e the Republicans and Democrats) are divorcing.  I am praying for a resolution to this government shutdown, and I am visualizing pink and gold light around our planet -- pink for love and gold for protection.  Still, we're facing a lunar eclipse on the 18th and Mercury Retrograde on October 21st.  The energy is shifting as I'm sure many of you lightworkers are well aware.  To help us keep our energy upbeat and positive through this change, I've compiled a list of the best crystals to bring joy and happiness into your life.

Sunstone:  This happy, calming stone will help you to feel uplifted, upbeat and confident.  Alchemists of old believed it held the energy of the sun and would use the stone in their rituals to bring power and wealth.  It is associated with the myth of the Phoenix who rises anew out of the ashes thus helping us to rise out of our own ashes.  Sunstone helps people dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression and despair.  Sunstone helps absorb anxiety, fear and anger.  Placed in the home, it will lift the energy in the room.  At work, it will help you feel worthy of a higher position and increase leadership abilities.  Placed in a conference room, it induces feelings of cohesiveness and teamwork.

Citrine: It's believed that Citrine doesn't hold onto negativity.  Often called the Stone of Success, Citrine will also help you manifest money and success.  It teaches you that you are worthy of success and happiness.  It helps absorb depression and a victim mentality.  Citrine when placed in the home will brighten the energy of the room it's in.  At the workplace, it will help you to speak and act with confidence.  It's also a great stone for people who work in the arts and communication fields.  Citrine is recommended for children having to deal with stepfamilies.  It will open the lines of communication with teenagers.  Citrine helps rescued pets feel safe again.  Use Citrine to help you manifest your goals.  Write your goals on a piece of paper and place a piece of Citrine over the paper.  Hold the paper and stone in your hand each day for three weeks affirming and visualizing that this goal is coming to you.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is a stone of love and peace.  It fosters self-love and helps you to release shame, guilt and regret.  It absorbs anger.  Wearing rose quartz will protect you from other people's anger.  It will also help you to learn how to love and appreciate yourself and see the good in others.  Rose Quartz is highly recommended for teenagers, especially young girls, going through changes because it helps them to blossom into adults with healthy self-esteem.  If two people are fighting at work, give them each a piece of rose quartz or place it in an area near their desks.  It will help calm their emotions and see the other's point of view.  Cleanse rose quartz frequently because it will take on a lot of negativity for you.  You can bury it in a bowl of salt, rice or soil.  You can also place it on a large amethyst, carnelian or quartz cluster to cleanse and charge it as well.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Are You an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Soul?

Copy and Paste this link in your browser to find out!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

7 Crystals You Need to Attract Love In Your LIfe

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz invites love into your life.  It opens your heart to receive love and gently reminds you that you are worthy of love. Wear this stone or keep it by your bedside to remind you that love is coming your way.


The beautiful green swirls in this stone help to usher away hurtful memories.  Malachite works quickly and diligently to clear away painful heartache and make way for new love.  Try sleeping with this stone on your heart chakra.  Alternately, you can wear the stone as a pendant over your heart or you can sleep it with it under the pillow. 


The lovely marbling of pinks and whites in this stone helps us to unite the different aspects of our personality so that we can learn to truly love ourselves.  The only way to bring true, authentic love into your life is to love yourself first.  Rhodocrosite helps you to appreciate yourself as it teaches that you are worthy of love, health and happiness


The pinks and blacks in this stone remind us that affairs of the heart are often painful.  Rhodonite is the Stone of Forgiveness, and it will help you to let go of any pain from a past relationship with an attitude of love and forgiveness as it gently cleanses your aura of hurt, anger, regret and bitterness.

Green Aventurine

Known as the Stone of Love and Luck, carrying this stone with you will increase your confidence and your luck at attracting new love into your life.  It’s also known as a Stone of Abundance, so keep one in your wallet to ensure new financial resources too!

Apache Tear

This form of Obsidian is known to absorb depression, grief and negativity.  Legends say that as the Apache women and children watched their men die in battle to save their land and way of life, they cried rivers of tears.  These tears hardened into these Obsidian stones which we call Apache Tears.  The legend says that whoever holds an Apache Tear will never grieve again.  Carry this stone with you to help absorb any sadness you may be carrying in your heart.


This joyful, sunny stone is known as the Stone of Success.  It will help make you feel more empowered, confident and sure of yourself.  Carry this stone or wear it as jewelry to enhance your self-esteem, confidence and joy.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Power of Sage

In Latin, “salvare” means to heal and salvia – the species name for sage – is a direct divination.  Sage heals.  Throughout history, sage has been used in ceremonies and for medicinal purposes.  Sage is found in the Russian steppes and throughout Western North America.  It’s incredibly adaptable and can survive temperature extremes and periods of drought.  Sage has been used to cure night sweats, hot flashes, and headaches.  The Navajo, in addition to using Sage in ceremonies, used it to cure headaches and fever.  They made infusions of the leaves to cure intestinal worms in their sheep and goats.  They applied hot poultices on the leaves to relieve migraines.  The “49ers” made sage poultices to help heal gunshot wounds. 

It is placed in medicine bags to protect sacred items.  Before entering a sweatlodge, sage is used to purify the body.  During the sacred Sun Dance, dancers wear sage wristlets and anklets for protection and purification. 

You can use sage in your own life to enhance your energy, cleanse your space and invite protection.

Every person, rock, plant, animal and home has an auric field which can attract and capture negativity.  If this energy is not cleansed, it can create illness and depression.  Our aura extends around our physical body and is constantly receiving information.  When we are around negative, angry people or in homes and stores that have witnessed arguing, yelling and sadness, our aura absorbs this energy like a sponge.  Just as we need to clean our body once a day, we also need to clean our energetic body.  Smudging yourself with sage allows you to do this quickly and efficiently. 

You can find smudge sticks and loose sage on line or in metaphysical stores.  They are inexpensive and easy to use. 

To begin smudging yourself, light the smudge stick and usher the smoke around your body.  Start at your head and brush down and away, constantly flicking and motioning the negative energy to the floor.  Called aura brushing, you can simply motion the smoke down around your head, arms, chest and legs.  Ask a friend to help you smudge your back – again being mindful to brush the smoke down to the ground where mother earth can absorb and heal the energy.  Alternately, you can place the sage in a burn proof bowl and allow the smoke to grow heavy and thick.  Stand over the bowl and perform the aura brushing technique described above.  Turn around in a clockwise direction to ensure the smoke encompasses all parts of your energy. 

To smudge someone else, you will need to find where their aura begins.  Some people have large auras – they project and push their energy out while others have very small auras, preferring to remain hidden and keep their energy tucked in.  The average person’s aura extends about six inches from their physical body.  To determine the boundary of someone’s aura, rub your hands together to awaken and activate your hand chakras.  Position your hands about two feet away from their body, palms facing out.  When you touch their aura, you will feel either a temperature change or an invisible barrier pushing against your palms.  Sometimes you might feel a pressure or stickiness.  Other times, you’ll feel a heaviness.  Either way, the air will feel different when you hit the auric boundary. 

Now, light your smudge stick and fan the smoke around the person’s auric border moving in a clockwise direction.  Begin at their head and moving clockwise motion the smoke down and around their body.  Ask them to turn around and do the same thing to their back and sides.  Then begin to spiral inward, closer and closer toward the person’s physical body as the energy feels cleaner and lighter.  Once the aura feels cleared, focus on the chakras.  Starting at the root chakra, motion the sage smoke toward this energy center moving up to each chakra finishing at the crown chakra.  When this is done, ask how they feel.  They might feel a heaviness in one spot, so focus there and motion your sage smoke toward it. 

When these steps are completed, take a large feather (most metaphysical stores sell turkey feathers but any feather will do) and use the feather to move smoke down the body.  Then, beginning at the feet, motion the feather up and around your body.  This will fluff up and air out your aura ensuring that your energy is completely cleansed. 

Depression feels like a blanket, a weight on the soul.  Anti-depressants, a healthy diet, exercise and therapy can help.  But this sage technique is also a great mood lifter.  Plus, it’s free and completely natural! Go into a small room like a bathroom.  Crack a window.  Fill a small heat proof bowl with loose sage leaves and light them.  Allow the smoke to filter up and around you.  Spend these moments sending up prayers for happiness, health and protection.  Repeat, “I am ready and willing to release my sadness. I allow into my space only that which enlightens and uplifts me.”  Ask your angels and guides to take away your sadness and help you feel better, happier and ready to release this depression.  When the sage leaves are completely burned down, open the window wide and safely dispose of the sage ashes. 

Sweetgrass – sometimes called Vanilla Grass – has a lighter, sweeter energy than sage.  It’s used to seal in the good energy and invite more happiness and positive energy into your life.  Grown in the Plains area of the United States (Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas), Sweet Grass is relatively inexpensive and easy to find.  After you’ve completed saging yourself, burn some sweet grass to lock in the good energy.

Our home is a reflection of us.  If our home is messy and chaotic, then inside we’re feeling messy and chaotic.  If our home needs lots of improvements, it symbolizes the improvements you still need to do on yourself.  If your home looks uninviting, then you’re telling the universe and all its gifts to stay away.  When I am asked to cleanse a person’s home, I am so often shocked to see that they have bushes and shrubbery growing past the windows.  Or they keep all their drapes and blinds closed – during the day!  Not only is this really bad Feng Shui, but think about what message you are sending.  “I don’t care about my house.  I don’t want you to see in or come in.  Stay away.”  To ensure positive energy in your home, keep it cleaned and organized.  Get rid of clutter and accumulations.  Do you really need that stamp collection?  Do you really think your kids will fight over your collection of Hummel figurines?  Do you really need 54 pictures of the family cluttering up your counter tops and shelves?  Probably not. 

Invite the light in.  Open the blinds and drapes.  Curtains should be replaced every five years and washed at least once a year.  Clean your blinds of dust and open them to let the light in.  Before smudging your home, say a small prayer.  Invite your angels and guides to assist you.  Call on Arch Angel Michael to usher out any negative entities or energy.  Light your sage stick or loose sage leaves in a heat proof bowl.  Allow it to burn until a good, thick smoke emerges.  Fan the flames out with your feather so you’re left with smoke.  You want to work with smoldering smoke, not fire.  If you’re having difficulty getting the smudge stick to burn, crush the end of the smudge stick to let air inside.  Once you’ve got a good smoke established, begin at your front door and proceed around each room in a clockwise direction. Motion the smoke around the windows and doors saying, “I seal this home in love and light.”  Fan the smoke into the corners and over the furniture saying, “I break up and dispel all negativity. Only peace, health, wealth, love, happiness and joy can abide here.” 

Everything has energy.  Everything.  The energy of depression, anxiety, stress, arguments and harsh words lingers.  Since it’s lower level energy, it tends to hide in crevices and corners.  So make sure to motion the smoke into all your closets and storage spaces too.  Don’t forget to smudge bathrooms, the attic and the garage. 

When you’re done saging, safely stamp out your sage stick.  I usually leave mine in the sink for the rest of the day just to be safe.  Then open several windows allowing the negative energy to be ushered out.  Thank your guides and angels for their help.  Wait about an hour and then close the windows.  You can now burn sweetgrass to seal in the good energy.  I also like to light a candle to invite more light into my home.

Your work environment needs to be cleansed too, but chances are your boss won’t approve of you burning a sage stick.  So instead purchase or make your own sage spray.  I make a sage cleansing spray that I sell on my website called Crystal Clear.   I use Holy Water from my church and add sage, lavender, cedar, frankincense and myrhh.  I also use dried sage and lavender and sprinkle cleansing crystals into the bottle such as carnelian and clear quartz.  Spritz your office daily with this spray to absorb negativity, stress and anxiety. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Four Ways to Attract Love Into Your Life

We attract into our life a reflection of what’s going on inside of us.  So if you’re feeling sad, angry or restricted  because of your weight, health, job, or past relationships, then you will attract someone into your life who is also sad or angry. If you had an issue with one of your parents, you will also attract a person with the same issue into your life so you can continue to heal that relationship.  Let’s say, for example, that your father abandoned you.  This means that you could attract a partner who is afraid of commitment.  If your mother was angry and always yelling, you might attract a partner with a terrible temper. So before you focus on attracting new love into your life, it’s important to do some good work on yourself first. Once you’ve accomplished these tasks, you’re ready to attract the right love into your life!


This is an old, tried and true, method that really works IF you give it the time and attention it deserves.  Take out a piece of paper and write on it, “My New Love Is:” and then write a list of everything you want in your partner. List all the physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and personality traits that are important to you.  Be very careful with your list because it works.

Once you’re done, hang it up in a place where you’ll see it often – the bathroom mirror or refrigerator -- are good options.  Then every morning and every evening read the list affirming in your heart that you’re bringing new love into your life.


Create a crystal grid to attract love into your life.  Simply write an affirmation on a piece of paper such as “the right love comes to me right now” and place a rose quartz on top of that.  It’s best if this center stone is a pyramid or obelisk shaped stone so that it send the energy of your affirmation up into the universe.  Surround this center stone with pink stones (any variety will do) in a heart shape.  Keep this grid out where you can see it every day knowing and affirming that you are attracting your new love into your life.

If you’re in a new relationship and you’re hopeful it will grow into something more, write an affirmation such as “my relationship grows in love, respect, passion and commitment every day” and place it under a plant.  Place a pink stone in the plant and every time you look at the plant affirm to yourself that your new relationship is growing in love.


In order to invite in new love, you must let go of old relationships.  The emotions of anger, resentment, guilt and mistrust are very powerful, and they set up barriers in our auric field that tell potential new partners “stay away.” In addition to therapy and good friends, there are some great metaphysical techniques you can use to let go of a painful past relationship once and for all. 

For starters, gather up everything your ex gave you – letters, gifts, cards.  If none of it is meaningful or valuable to you, then donate the gifts and throw away the letters. If you’d like to hold on to these things because they have sentimental value, then box it up and tie it with a black ribbon.  Black is grounding and protective.

Next, write a letter to your ex.  This is a letter he/she will never see, so really pour your heart into the letter.  Get out all your regrets, dashed hopes, anger, guilt and sadness. Once you’re done, you can either rip up the letter, bury it, or safely burn it in an oven proof bowl.


The best way to attract new love into you life is by loving yourself.  Do something fun for yourself every day – whether it’s running a hot bath, treating yourself to a manicure or coffee with a friend – make sure you are focusing on being kind to yourself.  When you catch yourself being self-critical, say, “cancel, cancel” and think of something great about yourself.  Learn to accept compliments. Be gentle to your soul.  Feel positive about your future.

So if you’re single and looking for love, open your heart to new experiences.  Expect, no, demand happiness and soon you’ll be celebrating with a new love by your side.

Monday, June 24, 2013

To Kill A Mockingbird

Last weekend, I was making pancakes and heard a noise coming from my driveway.  I peeked out the window and saw a stunned baby bird.  He wasn't moving.  At all.  He seemed to be stuck to the center of our driveway. I watched as a mama bird and a papa bird took turns caring for him.  One would watch the baby while the other flew to get a worm.  The baby would flap its wings and gratefully eat the worm, but it was not moving. I knew he'd fallen out of the mockingbird nest in our tree.  My heart broke for this little guy.  I quickly sent up prayers to Saint Francis of Assisi and finished making pancakes.  My daughters had friends sleeping over, and I didn't want to make a big deal of this or else I'd have a lot of tears to contend with.  Still, I watched as the parents continued to protect and feed their stunned little Mockingbird baby.

We finished our pancakes, and I sent the kids upstairs to play.  I cleaned up the kitchen -- all the while keeping an eye on the little bird.  This went on for over an hour.  Finally, I smiled in relief as I watched the bird hop to a bush right underneath the tree where his home was.  Thank God, I thought.  He will soon fly and be just fine.

I got dressed and took the kids outside to play.  Our 6 year old neighbor was already outside.  "Hi Miss Samantha!" He called out.  "Want to see what your cat did do a baby bird?"

My heart almost stopped.  I walked over to my little neighbor and looked in horror as he showed me the dead baby bird.   My cat was purring on our front steps looking as content as, well, a chesire cat.

Even though I was terribly sad for that little bird and for his parents who were still shrieking and flying back and forth, in my heart I held no judgement or bitterness toward my cat.  I love that big guy.  He's tough as nails but inside he has a huge heart.  He has three best friends -- all of them are black cats.  I call them the Black Cat Club.  They hang out in my yard, and when it's raining, in my garage.  Every day.  It's the neatest thing.  I've never known cats to have friends.  This cat of ours has always let my girls dress him up, push him in a stroller and carry him around room to room wrapped in a baby blanket.  I love my cat.

And suddenly I had an epiphany.  What if this is how God feels about us?  What if He sees beneath our failings and sins to the good heart that lies buried beneath?  What if when someone commits a murder, God grieves with us for the victim but still loves the murderer because He knows the true heart of the killer?  Is this possible?  Is that a glimmer of what unconditional love is?

The Course in Miracles taught me the importance of seeing God in everyone.  This message is also the theme of one of my favorite books Return From Tomorrow by George Ritchie.  I try to see God in everyone, but sometimes it's so hard.  That case out of Cleveland, Ohio where that man kept those three girls imprisoned for over a decade -- how am I to see God in him?  And yet, here's what the Course in Miracles says about that:  "Sin has no place in Heaven.  And therein lies your need to see your brother sinless.  In him IS Heaven.  See sin in him instead, and Heaven is lost to you.  But see him as he is, and what is yours shines from him to you." It goes on to say, "Vision or judgement is your choice, but never both of these."

We have to choose.  And so I choose to see the good in my cat while recognizing the good in that brave baby bird as well.  So maybe I can try to see the good in what I would judge to be evil people.  Everyone has dark and light in them.  Most of us, thankfully, choose to focus on our light.  But for those who focus on the dark and commit dark deeds, wouldn't it help if we found their spark of light inside of them and shined it right back at them?  If we choose, as the Course in Miracles suggests, to see the vision of potential in all people rather than judgement for who they are now, wouldn't that change the world?  I'm not saying these people shouldn't be punished -- far from it.  I'm saying that we need to focus not so much on what they did but on how we react to it.  We are only capable of two emotions -- love and fear.  If we keep acting out of fear, how will the world be shaped by love?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Do Number Sequences Mean?

We see numbers everywhere -- on license plates, store receipts, addresses, clocks -- and sometimes we see the same number sequences over and over.  I have a friend who wakes up most nights at 2:22 am.  Once, I kept seeing 777 everywhere.  I remember twice at stores my total came to $7.77  People are afraid of the number sequence 666 for the obvious biblical reasons.  This holiday season, I was behind a woman and her item rang up to $6.66, so she quickly grabbed another item from the aisle and added it to her purchase just so her receipt wouldn't say 666.  Numbers have power.  Numbers carry messages.  Numbers are energy.  But what exactly do they mean?

We all have a team around us of supporters and helpers.  This team includes our spirit guides, angels and loved ones on the other side.  They aren't able to appear to us.  We can't hear them.  Most can't even sense when they're around.  But they are able to communicate with us.  They can have thoughts "pop" into our heads.  They can have moments of inspiration or meaning come to us in dreams.  They can encourage our friends and family to make suggestions that will help us in our search for love, jobs and health.  They can also talk to us through numbers.  I believe that the meaning behind these numbers is known to us on a subconscious level and that even though consciously we might not get it, our guides know our subconscious has received the message.  Still, it's nice for our conscience self to know what the heck these numbers mean.  The following is a brief overview of what numerologists have agreed is the meaning behind these numbers.  A word of caution though -- you always know what's best for you.  If you keep seeing a number sequence and you feel it means one thing, but this list below tells you different -- please go by your intuition.  It will never fail you.

Okay, so here it is -- the key behind all those number sequences.  Use it to help you decode messages you're receiving and remember when communicating with your guide to always say, "thank you" when the message has been received.  It makes future communications stronger and easier.

111 -- New cycle in life.  Any changes you're thinking of making in life are good. A big opportunity is opening up for you.  What you're thinking of you will manifest, so watch your thoughts carefully.

222 -- You are the right path!  Can also indicate issues regarding a relationship healing.  Your new ideas are beginning to take shape.  Keep working on positive thoughts and actions and good things will start to begin for you.

333 - The Universe is saying yes to your goals.  It's time to take action and make them happen.  Your guides and angels are with you now.

444 -- The Universe is saying no or not now.  It's time to go within and seek a new way. It's time to release worries and surrender your stress to God.

555 -- A life changing event may have occurred or is about to.  It's time for you to change and make some big changes too.

666 -- Slow down.  Take time to clear your thoughts and take care of yourself.  It's time to practice extreme self-care. Indicates that you are out of balance.  Turn your thoughts to spiritual endeavors.

777 - You've been learning important lessons.  Seeing this number sequence is your guide's way of saying, "Bravo! Congratulations!" You've been seeking and now you're in the discovery process.

888 - Something in your life is coming to a logical end.  Remember that all endings lead to new beginnings.  Seeing 888 indicates that a light at the end of the tunnel is imminent.  Hang in there!

999 - Completion.  Seeing this number sequence signifies a big phase of your life is coming to an end.  A lot of people will see this number sequence during a divorce proceeding or when you're retiring from a career.

000 - Unity with the universe.  See this number combination means you're at one with the cycle of life. It can be a sign that a situation has come full circle. Enjoy this happy time.  Feeling at one with God.

Use this knowledge to help you figure out different number sequences.  If, for example, you're seeing 1,2,4 -- it means a big opportunity is opening up, it's time to manifest your new ideas but don't worry about how you'll accomplish this.  Release your worries to the universe and your goals will become reality.  If you're seeing 5,7,8 that could mean you've just been through a big change (5), you've handled it really well (7), so hang in there because it's almost over (8).  If you always wake up at 3:43 am, that means the universe is saying yes (3) to your goals, so don't worry (4) and know that your angels and guides are with you (3).

See? It's easy once you put the puzzle pieces together.  Try this in your own life and I promise you'll never look at numbers the same.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's In a Name?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell everything about a person just by their first name?  Wouldn’t you love to know the best way to approach your boss about a raise or handle that cantankerous co-worker?  Well, with the power of numerology, you can.  All you have to know is the person’s first name and – more specifically – the first vowel of their name.  This will give you insight into what motivates that person.  Read on to learn how knowing the meaning of just 6 letters can you give you amazing insight into everyone you meet.

A's vibrate to the number 1.  Examples include Mary, Jane, Sandra and Gary.  A's are natural born leaders.  They like to be number 1.  They are ambitious, hardworking and very self-critical.  They need to be in charge, and they need to be told they’re doing a good job – often.  Positive reinforcement is a great way to handle A energy.  If you are working on a project with an A energy, let them take the lead.  It will be easier, trust me.  It’s not worth it to compete with an A.  They play to win. If you compliment an A, they will do amazing work.  If you criticize an A, they will rebel strongly.  

A’s are trustworthy, hardworking and success oriented.  They work well as entrepreneurs too.  If you have an A working for you, make sure to compliment them, give them specific tasks to be in charge of, and feel comfortable letting them work on their own.  They will do a great job.

If you want to know more about A energy, think about the name of our country.  America is an A energy.  We value independence, we love freedom and we are the leader of the free world.

If you meet someone who’s first vowel in their name is E (such as Dean, Jennifer and Sean), ask them if they’ve traveled lately.  E's love to escape, travel and have new adventures. E's crave freedom and independence.  They don’t like being told what to do and will resist conforming.  The best way to approach these people is to let them march to their own drummer.  They will work best when given the opportunity to work on their own.  They love change, travel and shaking things up. If there's drama at the work place, you can be sure E is at the center of it.  The negative side of E is that some of them like to start trouble and tend to be gossipy. 

E’s love beauty and magic and creativity.  They love people and enjoy learning their life stories. They are like little detectives and will insist on getting to the heart of any mystery – no matter how small.  If you want to know about something going on in an office, ask an E.  They will be sure to know.  Because E’s are so bright and positive, they tend to attract negative people to them.  E’s need to make sure they only allow positive people into their inner circle. 

Similar to E energy, I's love to help people.  They are the humanitarians of the group. Examples of I energy include Bill, Mike, Rita, and Cindy.  I’s often have issues from their childhood that they’re still healing from.  They will often feel a sense of responsibility for one parent in particular.  Many I’s were abused as children, adopted or lost a parent early on. 

I’s are great leaders.  If you have an I energy as a boss, you’re in good hands.  They work well with others.  I’s are fair, even tempered and sociable.  They enjoy helping others and will do best in service-oriented or healing professions. 

The parents of the group are the O's. When you meet an O, ask them if they have children.  O’s love to take care of others and are very family oriented.  If they don’t have children, then they probably have pets that are like children to them.  O's work better on their own or as the boss.  They don’t like being told what to do.  Examples of O's include John, Rose, Tonya and Bob.

O's enjoy being in charge and taking care of things.  People working with an O tend to assume the O will handle everything, leaving the O feeling as though they’re in a thankless position.  Co-workers will often be heard saying, “Ask O.  She can handle that.”  Because O’s love to take care of others, they need to remember to take care of themselves, or they can feel burnt out and tired. 

O’s work really well as business owners, entrepreneurs and supervisors.

If you need a good laugh, seek out a U. They are the comedians of the letters.   Examples of U’s are Judy, Lucy, Justin and Kurt. U’s have a great sense of humor and love to make people feel happy.  U’s are very creative, fun and animated.  They tell great stories and will often exaggerate the truth just to make the story better.  U’s are the performers of the world.  They have a lot of creative energy and need to remember that they release stress through creative outlets. They are very spontaneous and think quickly on their feet.

U’s can have extreme energy: when they’re happy, they feel amazing, but when they’re sad, they can get very down. U’s give great advice and make wonderful counselors.

In numerology, when a Y is between two consonants, it’s considered a vowel.  Examples of Y’s include Gwyneth, Lynn, Tyrone, and Myra.  Y’s are the seekers of the group.  They like to work alone and need lots of solitude to recharge their batteries.  Y’s have strong opinions about issues and won’t easily change their mind.  Y’s don’t like to reveal too much about themselves.  They tend to be secretive and hold grudges for long periods of time.  Y’s love nature, especially the ocean.  They are very intelligent and can easily hold their own in arguments.  Y’s are very intuitive and are often spiritual.  If Y’s don’t have faith in a higher power, they will feel lost and disconnected. 

So now you have a quick and easy way to know how to handle the people you encounter.  If the first vowel in their name is an A, you know they need to take charge.  They make great leaders and tend to be very successful.  E’s need freedom, adventure, change and the chance to work on their own.  I’s make great bosses and are happiest when their job is helping others.  O’s are the parents.  They love to care take and nurture everyone else.  They make good bosses, entrepreneurs, and business owners.  U’s are funny, fun-loving and creative.  Just stay clear of them when they’re in a bad mood. Y’s are quiet, intelligent and prefer to work alone.  They like to keep their private life private but inside they tend to be deep thinkers and spiritual seekers. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crystal of the Week: Obsidian

The ancient Greeks used polished Obsidian as a scrying tool to see into the future.  Known to be a very protective stone, Obsidian blocks psychic attack and protects the wearer from harmful intentions by others.  It creates a shield around your aura.

When worn, Obsidian reveals old patterns and energetic blocks.  It helps the wearer to discover the reason behind an illness.  It reveals aspects of your personality that need to be changed.

Wearing or meditating with Obsidian will help you regain your power, your confidence, your sense of self.  It helps you to face your shadow side and recover your truth as you transform negative aspects and beliefs about who you are.

There are many types of Obsidian such as:

Mahogany Obsidian: This is a stone of personal acceptance and strength and helps us to maintain true to our convictions.

Rainbow Obsidian: This is a stone of great love.  It cuts through energetic cords that have bound two people inappropriately.  Meditating with the stone teaches you to be open to love again.  It increases your self-esteem and reminds you that you deserve love and joy.

Snowflake Obsidian: This is a stone of gentle healing.  It gently brings things to the surface that we've long suppressed but need to face again.  The white markings remind us that even in the darkest of times there is always a spark of white light piercing through the darkness and showing us the way to a happier path.

Apache Tear: This hardworking stone helps the wearer to work through periods of grief and sorrow.  Apache Tears offer hope, love and support during the most difficult times.

Blue Obsidian: This stone is especially recommended for psychics and sensitives as it offers distinctive protection against negative psychic energy.  It helps with all types of communication and is known as a stone of Tarot as it helps tarot readers read with clarity. It aids astral travel and enhances telepathy.  Because it helps one to seek and find clarity in a situation, it's also recommended for those suffering from memory loss or alzheimer's.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crystal of the Week: Moonstone

Moonstone is a stone of mystery and magic with its ghostly glowing image floating beneath a smooth, milky surface.  Revered for centuries as a stone of wishes and hopes, Moonstone is known as The Stone of Intuition.  It helps you to get in touch with your emotions and learn how to follow your inner guidance.  In general, Moonstone is great for balance, intuition, travel and protection.

The Romans thought Moonstone was formed out of the moon.  Even today, some say the stone will glow brighter or dimmer with the phases of the moon.  In India, it’s still considered a sacred stone.  Lovers will often say their vows over matching moonstones to ensure love and fidelity.

Wearing Moonstone over long periods of time helps you to come to a place of balance in your life.  It assists with new beginnings and teaches you how to go with the flow.  Just as the moon waxes and wanes, moonstone helps sync your energy with the ebb and flow of life.  This effervescent stone lets you know when the best time is to take action or pull back.  It’s a great stone for getting in touch with your emotions.  However, you may feel overly emotional and sensitive if you wear your moonstone on the full moon.

Moonstone is a very feminine stone that helps you get in touch with “woman’s intuition.” It increases your compassion and empathy as it enhances your feminine side. 

Moonstone helps you to understand your destiny and can help you get in touch with your heart’s desire.  Wearing this stone is known to increase your psychic ability and help you to begin trusting your intuition.

If you feel drawn to this luminescent stone, it most likely means you’re ready to make some positive changes in your life.  Moonstone helps us to feel more serene and balanced.

Moonstone is a great stone for women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, battling PMS or going through the change of life.

When worn as jewelry, the white surface of this stone deflects negative energy back to its source.  So be sure to wear a moonstone pendant if you have to deal with a temperamental co-worker or cantankerous boss. 

If you know someone who works shift hours, give them a piece of moonstone as it will help their body clock to adjust.  Because it’s known to protect travelers, keep one in your glove box to ensure safe travels.  Moonstone works to release emotional tensions and stress, so you can try meditating with one to feel calmer and more relaxed.  It helps to prevent night terrors in children.  When placed under the pillow, Moonstone helps you to recall your dreams more vividly.

Oscar Wilde described the moon as residing in “her chariot of pearl.” Try wearing a piece of Moonstone and see where its chariot takes you.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Is Your Anger Serving You?

St. Augustine has a wonderful quote about anger.  "Hope has two beautiful daughters.  Anger that things are the way they are.  Courage to make them the way they ought to be." I find comfort in his belief that hope can give birth to anger and courage.  Anger can be a great motivating source.  Imagine if Ghandi never got angry at the way things were in India?  What if the Founding Fathers never got mad they were taxed without representation?  Anger can often get us to change things, to make a difference in our life, to shake things up.  Sometimes we have to get really angry before we can see how far off our spiritual path we've wandered.  And that's okay too.

Where anger becomes a problem is when we find it difficult to move through that emotion to the next one -- courage to make the changes required by the thing we're mad about.  I know someone whose husband divorced her for another woman, actually a friend of hers.  It was 1982.  He was an investment banker, so she received a generous alimony that she would continue to receive until she remarried.  So just to stick it to him, she never remarried.  She's 67 now, lives alone and still receives that monthly alimony check.  Her ex is still happily married to the woman he left her for.  Hmm, so did she really stick it to him? How is that anger serving her?

I have a client whom I'll call Jan.  She and her five sisters were raised by an angry father who only got angrier during drunken rages.  Twelve years ago, he entered AA, straightened up his life and apologized to his whole family.  Everyone accepted his apology except my client Jan.  Now she's mad at her sisters for sharing the holidays with their dad and so she gets to spend the holidays alone.  How is her anger serving her?

There are several members of my family -- too many to count -- who get ridiculously angry over politics.  However, unless they choose to start petitions, write editorials or run for office themselves, how is that anger serving them?  All it does is raise their blood pressure.

If you're feeling angry about someone or something in your life, analyze that anger.  Often what we're really angry at is our lack of control over the situation.  I remember reading a research article that said 90% of people don't cry due to sadness but rather frustration because they have no control over the situation.  You might be angry because you've allowed a situation to go on for too long.  You might be angry because people have treated you badly.  Unfairness is common root of anger.  Look at your anger and then ask yourself, "Is this anger serving me or am I serving it?"  Look at the ways in which you are feeding your anger.  How often do you think about the situation or person you're angry with?  How often do you talk about it with friends?

Anger isn't all bad.  Anger is empowering. It reminds us that we have a right to feel our feelings.  Anger gets us moving and changing our lives.  Where anger is bad is when we choose to stay stuck there.  Ask yourself if you're staying stuck with anger in a part of your life.  Is there an old boss you're still mad at?  Do you have unresolved anger with a parent or sibling?  Do you still hold resentment toward an ex?  And then there's the big question:  are you mad at yourself?

Once you can recognize the source of your anger, try sending love to yourself and the person or situation involved. Just picture waves of pink and white light braiding around the two of you wrapping you in healing energy.  Ask God to heal the situation for you affirming that you are open to looking at this situation or person in a new light.  Repeat to yourself, "I am willing to release the need to feel angry."

Once you drop the anger, you'll feel so much healthier and lighter.  It's the best diet out there!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crystal of the Week: Angelite

Angelite is a great stone to meditate with if you're trying to connect with your guardian angel.  Often referred to as the Stone of Angels or the Stone of Peace, it helps eliminate fear, anxiety and worry.  Spiritually, Angelite helps to convert anger, remorse and regret into healing.  Because of its beautiful robin egg's blue color, Angelite is a throat chakra stone that will help you gently but firmly speak your truth.  Wearing or carrying Angelite will help you bring in the energy of angels and your spirit guides.

Angelite increases clairvoyance and clairaudience.

With its gentle and loving vibration, it helps repel cruelty from others and acts a stone of psychic protection.  If you have to be around a negative person, try giving them a piece of Angelite because it will increase their sense of compassion and empathy.  If you're working on forgiveness, Angelite is a great stone to carry with you as its calming energy will help you move through the healing process with serenity and grace.

It's a great stone for healers because it helps to raise one's vibrations, it increases one's compassion and yet it provides the protection that healers need when working with another's energy.

Working with Angelite helps to alleviate unnecessary suffering.

If you are separated from a loved one, you should each carry a piece of Angelite to strengthen your connection as it's known to enhance telepathy.

Many intuitives have had success with astral travel using Angelite.

Please make note that Angelite can never be near water.  With a hardiness of just 3.5, it scratches easily and is ruined by water.  To cleanse your Angelite, simply place it in a bowl of sage or rice.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Facing the Year Fearlessly

I wasn't born a fearful person; life taught me to be fearful.  I wonder how true that statement is for many of you reading this.  As a little girl, I'm told I was quite the diva.  Precocious is how my father described me while my mother claims I was a girl who always  knew what she wanted.  But my dad wanted to be successful and climb that corporate ladder, so he whenever he got a promotion or a better job offer, off we'd move.  Between kindergarten and 8th grade, I attended four different schools. I had many mean teachers throughout my educational career who planted one fear in me:  Speaking in front of people.   This one fear held me back in many ways throughout the oncoming years.

When I got to high school, I came out of my shell a little.  But even there I only tried out for the school newspaper.  Writing and reading were two places that I felt safe.  Even though all my friends were either cheerleaders or field hockey players, I refused to try out.  It was just too scary.  When I got to college, I joined a sorority and when, a year later, the graduating officers asked me to run for president, I was flattered.  But I said no.  The president of my sorority had to travel for two major events and give speeches in front of hundreds of people.  There was no way I could do that.

At my sister's rehearsal dinner, I was told by my older sister that as the maid of honor I had to give a speech.  Huh?  I had no idea.  I got up, tinkled my glass and then stumbled through a terrible speech with a shaky voice that ended with my crying, "I love you Courtney."  Then my older sister stood up and unrolled a scroll on which she'd written a poem.  She read it perfectly, smoothly making eye contact with everyone.  That poem was later framed and still hangs above my sister's mantel.  I never gave another speech at a wedding again -- maid of honor or not.

Do you see what I'm getting at?  Our fears hold us back.  Fear is that little voice in your head that whispers, "You can't do it."  "Who do you think you are anyway?"  "Everyone will laugh at you."  If I had to draw a picture of fear, I would paint handcuffs because that's what fear does.  It chains us down, keeps us stuck.

The night before the start of my junior year of college, I couldn't sleep.  My advisor had been pressuring me to declare a major.  I'd started out as an art major, but I was scared by how much better everyone else was.  I switched to journalism, but after a summer internship at a TV station in Hartford, CT, I decided that tract was way too boring for me.  Finally, at 3 am, I woke up my dad and said, "Dad, I have to declare a major tomorrow and I don't know what to be."  He rubbed his eyes and said, "What's your favorite subject?"  I didn't have to think about that.  "History," I said.  "Then major in that.  Now go back to bed."

So I did and I loved it.  I loved every single history class and teacher I had, and it soon became clear that the only career I could pursue with a history major was teaching.  I was terrified of becoming a teacher, but I was terrified of not becoming a teacher too.  Studying and teaching history were all I wanted to do.  I remember my first day of teaching.  I had gum in my mouth and I was so nervous that it dissolved in my mouth.  Gone.  I can still remember every student's name from that first semester and every single lesson plan I taught.  I would write and re-write my lesson plans over and over until I had memorized them and then I would teach it to whoever around me would listen.  By the time I got to class the next day, I didn't even need notes.  The first week of school I threw up most mornings.  I always got sick before the twice yearly teacher evaluations.  But by the end of that first year, I knew one thing: I was a good teacher.  By the end of the second year, I learned that I was a good speaker.

Having to face my fear and speak in front of people and deal with all sorts of new situations has taught me that fear is the enemy not the imaginary thing you're afraid of.  And trust me, I've had to face many scary situations in the classroom.  I've had my very own stalker.  I've taught three men who were admitted murderers and two who committed murder while they were my students.  I've taught strippers, homeless people, drug addicts, angry students, depressed ones, and happy ones.  And you know what?  They all taught me something.  That's the thing about facing your fears.  Once you do, you grow and learn and reach new heights that were before unimaginable.

When my dear friend George passed away at the tender age of 27 from colon cancer, I was asked to read something at his memorial.  He was a special man, loved by many, so his memorial was held at Kenan Auditorium where several hundred people gathered to say goodbye.  When it was my turn to get up and read, I wasn't even nervous.  I had already faced my fear.  Hundreds of times.  I am still to this day so happy that I had already faced my biggest fear and could honor my friend in this way.

When my husband was shot in the line of duty, and I learned that city would only pay his salary for 21 days, I stood in front of city council and demanded one year's salary for all first responders.  Yes, I did cry a little, but my voice didn't shake.  I made clear, concise points and the council changed the law to 12 months full pay.

Facing my fear has changed my life.  The old me could never have imagined hosting a weekly radio show, teaching workshops and classes and giving people advice on how to find and embrace their soul purpose.

Recognize your fear.  Say it aloud.  Talk about it.  Then commit to doing one thing a month that forces you to face that fear.  Let's say you're recently divorced and you're afraid of dating again.  Sign up for a new class.  Join a writing group.  Tell a friend or two you're ready to start dating.  If you've decided to return to the work force after years of staying home and find yourself afraid of facing a new work environment, take a computer class.  Volunteer for an organization that's similar to your specialty.  In short, take action.  Fear hates action.  When it sees you taking action, it slowly withers and dies.  Make a commitment this year to kill your fear.  Decide that this year at least one of your fears will be done away with.  Talk about it.  Share it with supportive friends.  Take action.  And see the wonderful changes that take place in your life.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crystal of the Week: Peridot

Peridot, with its lovely lime green color, helps to remind us that when we have too little green in our life (lack of abundance), we can feel worried and anxious.  But when we have too much green (green with envy), we experience fear and low self-esteem.  

Often referred to as the Stone of Balance, wearing this stone will help absorb any feelings of guilt, regret or remorse as it gently helps you to forgive yourself.

If you’re going through a transition in your life, Peridot will help you face it with renewed strength and a sense of hopeful optimism.  Peridot works wonders to release feelings of anger, jealousy and depression. When set in gold, it can help to increase your confidence and absorb any sadness in your energy.

With its warm, sunny energy, Peridot can help you reach out to meet new people in your life.  It helps you to shed any old baggage and embrace new people, new goals and new opportunities. The lovely green stone is a powerful heart healer, so if you’re experiencing a heartache in your life, try wearing a Peridot necklace and soon you’ll start to feel stronger, happier and more hopeful.

Known to get things moving, this gem will help you to move forward with your goals and to take action when needed.  This is also why it’s recommended for woman to hold why they’re in labor because it’s said to help encourage the birthing process.

Peridot helps heal the healer, so it would make a great gift for a doctor, nurse, counselor or massage therapist –anyone who works in a healing capacity.

It’s a very protective stone and will help protect you from taking on the emotions of any negative or angry people around you.  The yellow in the stone increases your confidence and the green opens your heart to grow in love, so the combination helps shield you from the influences of negative people around you.

If you know someone who deals with fluctuating moods, give them a piece of Peridot because it will help them to balance their moods and feel calmer.  Newly purchased crystals take about two weeks to work with your energy, so it’s best to wear or carry the crystal with you wherever you go.  If you’ve been around a lot of negative people or feel a bit negative yourself, be sure to cleanse the crystal by holding it under running water and intending all the negativity the stone has absorbed for you to run down the drain away from the stone and you. 

This stone is best for people who are feeling stuck and need to move forward in their life because Peridot helps us to finally realize our life’s purpose – why we’re here – and gives us the courage we need to fulfill that purpose.