Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crystals For Happiness

In almost all my readings this month, I've come across people who are feeling a bit lost, disconnected and sad.  If you've watched the news, you'll see that so many people are feeling angry and powerless.  We've had bizarre and tragic accounts in the news -- the Navy Yard Shooting, the mother who drove through the barriers in DC and was killed, the man who drove to a court house in Virginia and just began randomly shooting.  The government's inability to get along at all is very frustrating, and I think many of us are feeling as though our parents (i.e the Republicans and Democrats) are divorcing.  I am praying for a resolution to this government shutdown, and I am visualizing pink and gold light around our planet -- pink for love and gold for protection.  Still, we're facing a lunar eclipse on the 18th and Mercury Retrograde on October 21st.  The energy is shifting as I'm sure many of you lightworkers are well aware.  To help us keep our energy upbeat and positive through this change, I've compiled a list of the best crystals to bring joy and happiness into your life.

Sunstone:  This happy, calming stone will help you to feel uplifted, upbeat and confident.  Alchemists of old believed it held the energy of the sun and would use the stone in their rituals to bring power and wealth.  It is associated with the myth of the Phoenix who rises anew out of the ashes thus helping us to rise out of our own ashes.  Sunstone helps people dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression and despair.  Sunstone helps absorb anxiety, fear and anger.  Placed in the home, it will lift the energy in the room.  At work, it will help you feel worthy of a higher position and increase leadership abilities.  Placed in a conference room, it induces feelings of cohesiveness and teamwork.

Citrine: It's believed that Citrine doesn't hold onto negativity.  Often called the Stone of Success, Citrine will also help you manifest money and success.  It teaches you that you are worthy of success and happiness.  It helps absorb depression and a victim mentality.  Citrine when placed in the home will brighten the energy of the room it's in.  At the workplace, it will help you to speak and act with confidence.  It's also a great stone for people who work in the arts and communication fields.  Citrine is recommended for children having to deal with stepfamilies.  It will open the lines of communication with teenagers.  Citrine helps rescued pets feel safe again.  Use Citrine to help you manifest your goals.  Write your goals on a piece of paper and place a piece of Citrine over the paper.  Hold the paper and stone in your hand each day for three weeks affirming and visualizing that this goal is coming to you.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is a stone of love and peace.  It fosters self-love and helps you to release shame, guilt and regret.  It absorbs anger.  Wearing rose quartz will protect you from other people's anger.  It will also help you to learn how to love and appreciate yourself and see the good in others.  Rose Quartz is highly recommended for teenagers, especially young girls, going through changes because it helps them to blossom into adults with healthy self-esteem.  If two people are fighting at work, give them each a piece of rose quartz or place it in an area near their desks.  It will help calm their emotions and see the other's point of view.  Cleanse rose quartz frequently because it will take on a lot of negativity for you.  You can bury it in a bowl of salt, rice or soil.  You can also place it on a large amethyst, carnelian or quartz cluster to cleanse and charge it as well.


  1. Yes, this absolutely works. I ordered a nice geode piece if citrine and the first time I picked it up I actually felt a charge in my hand !

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