Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crystal of the Week: Angelite

Angelite is a great stone to meditate with if you're trying to connect with your guardian angel.  Often referred to as the Stone of Angels or the Stone of Peace, it helps eliminate fear, anxiety and worry.  Spiritually, Angelite helps to convert anger, remorse and regret into healing.  Because of its beautiful robin egg's blue color, Angelite is a throat chakra stone that will help you gently but firmly speak your truth.  Wearing or carrying Angelite will help you bring in the energy of angels and your spirit guides.

Angelite increases clairvoyance and clairaudience.

With its gentle and loving vibration, it helps repel cruelty from others and acts a stone of psychic protection.  If you have to be around a negative person, try giving them a piece of Angelite because it will increase their sense of compassion and empathy.  If you're working on forgiveness, Angelite is a great stone to carry with you as its calming energy will help you move through the healing process with serenity and grace.

It's a great stone for healers because it helps to raise one's vibrations, it increases one's compassion and yet it provides the protection that healers need when working with another's energy.

Working with Angelite helps to alleviate unnecessary suffering.

If you are separated from a loved one, you should each carry a piece of Angelite to strengthen your connection as it's known to enhance telepathy.

Many intuitives have had success with astral travel using Angelite.

Please make note that Angelite can never be near water.  With a hardiness of just 3.5, it scratches easily and is ruined by water.  To cleanse your Angelite, simply place it in a bowl of sage or rice.


  1. say, if we did place angelite in water, is it ruined and useless ???

  2. No, the stone would not be ruined at all. It just will lose its smooth surface and become rough. But it can still be used for all the aspects listed above.

  3. Thanks Samantha, I read online to cleanse my new stones with salt water and clearly that is the reason why it is no longer all shiny. I will use the sage or rice for future cleansing.

  4. Hi Samantha,
    I was meditating with my Angelite and i felt the need to put it on my solar plexus chakra. As soon as I did a strange kind of electric like feeling started to spread from the area I placed the stone and out all around my stomach. it felt like a cold burn, if that makes sense. you know, like when something is so hot it feels cold for a moment? only it wasn't "hot"... that's the best way i can begin to describe the feeling. It startled me, to say the least and I was hoping you could shed some light on that for me?

  5. umm i put my angelite in a fish tank,kind of by accident...this beta fish lived 5 years.
    I am infusing water,with angelite, i haven't had any ill side effects yet...only positive. but if anyone knows something don't know.....please don't let me "unintentionally kill myself by drinknig bad rock water" :)

    1. Just put Angelite in 5 gallon drinking water thingo. Also added moldevite, amethyst, rose quartz, lemurian Quartz, black tektite, intuition as my guide. Drinking a high powered glass now and feel amazing after a few days of a cold. Thoughts?


  6. Hello, my Angeline stone is covered with white powder, how to clean it?

  7. Hello, my Angeline stone is covered with white powder, how to clean it?