Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome to The Crystal Chick!

In this blog, I hope to educate, inspire and remind people about our intuition and how to safely and effectively get in touch with this very real sixth sense. As an intuitive medium, I have the wonderful blessing of being able to keep a foot in both worlds. I learn something amazing from each reading I do. I plan to use this blog to pass along these lessons in a fun and informative way. Here's what I know: our loved ones who've gone on are still with us. When they transition, they're not handed a harp and a cloud. What they are given is a life review where they experience their life from the point of view of those effected by their positive and negative choices on Earth. I'm also shown in readings that many of them take on jobs after they've "settled" in. I've spoken with two young men who died of drug overdoses who now work tirelessly from the other side trying to help drug addicted people here. I've been told by a former OBGYN that he's still helping babies being born -- just from the other side. He now counsels souls just before they leave for the Earth plane. One woman who was a teacher and foster mom is still teaching young souls on the other side. Most people, however, choose to just focus on their own process and helping their loved ones who are still here.

When I do readings, they're often anxious to come through with validations to let us know that they're okay, happy and doing well. And they are. Life literally goes on. It's just in a different place. What I intend for this blog to do is validate that it's all real -- yes, Virginia, there is a God (or higher power if you prefer), there is a heaven, and a shadow place and all sorts of levels in between, and there are angels and guides. We are never alone. "Ask and you shall receive." There is a deeper meaning and purpose to our lives and all the events that comprise our existence here. "Seek and you shall find."

So stay tuned and learn how you can "knock" and open the the door to your intuition.

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