Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Do Number Sequences Mean?

We see numbers everywhere -- on license plates, store receipts, addresses, clocks -- and sometimes we see the same number sequences over and over.  I have a friend who wakes up most nights at 2:22 am.  Once, I kept seeing 777 everywhere.  I remember twice at stores my total came to $7.77  People are afraid of the number sequence 666 for the obvious biblical reasons.  This holiday season, I was behind a woman and her item rang up to $6.66, so she quickly grabbed another item from the aisle and added it to her purchase just so her receipt wouldn't say 666.  Numbers have power.  Numbers carry messages.  Numbers are energy.  But what exactly do they mean?

We all have a team around us of supporters and helpers.  This team includes our spirit guides, angels and loved ones on the other side.  They aren't able to appear to us.  We can't hear them.  Most can't even sense when they're around.  But they are able to communicate with us.  They can have thoughts "pop" into our heads.  They can have moments of inspiration or meaning come to us in dreams.  They can encourage our friends and family to make suggestions that will help us in our search for love, jobs and health.  They can also talk to us through numbers.  I believe that the meaning behind these numbers is known to us on a subconscious level and that even though consciously we might not get it, our guides know our subconscious has received the message.  Still, it's nice for our conscience self to know what the heck these numbers mean.  The following is a brief overview of what numerologists have agreed is the meaning behind these numbers.  A word of caution though -- you always know what's best for you.  If you keep seeing a number sequence and you feel it means one thing, but this list below tells you different -- please go by your intuition.  It will never fail you.

Okay, so here it is -- the key behind all those number sequences.  Use it to help you decode messages you're receiving and remember when communicating with your guide to always say, "thank you" when the message has been received.  It makes future communications stronger and easier.

111 -- New cycle in life.  Any changes you're thinking of making in life are good. A big opportunity is opening up for you.  What you're thinking of you will manifest, so watch your thoughts carefully.

222 -- You are the right path!  Can also indicate issues regarding a relationship healing.  Your new ideas are beginning to take shape.  Keep working on positive thoughts and actions and good things will start to begin for you.

333 - The Universe is saying yes to your goals.  It's time to take action and make them happen.  Your guides and angels are with you now.

444 -- The Universe is saying no or not now.  It's time to go within and seek a new way. It's time to release worries and surrender your stress to God.

555 -- A life changing event may have occurred or is about to.  It's time for you to change and make some big changes too.

666 -- Slow down.  Take time to clear your thoughts and take care of yourself.  It's time to practice extreme self-care. Indicates that you are out of balance.  Turn your thoughts to spiritual endeavors.

777 - You've been learning important lessons.  Seeing this number sequence is your guide's way of saying, "Bravo! Congratulations!" You've been seeking and now you're in the discovery process.

888 - Something in your life is coming to a logical end.  Remember that all endings lead to new beginnings.  Seeing 888 indicates that a light at the end of the tunnel is imminent.  Hang in there!

999 - Completion.  Seeing this number sequence signifies a big phase of your life is coming to an end.  A lot of people will see this number sequence during a divorce proceeding or when you're retiring from a career.

000 - Unity with the universe.  See this number combination means you're at one with the cycle of life. It can be a sign that a situation has come full circle. Enjoy this happy time.  Feeling at one with God.

Use this knowledge to help you figure out different number sequences.  If, for example, you're seeing 1,2,4 -- it means a big opportunity is opening up, it's time to manifest your new ideas but don't worry about how you'll accomplish this.  Release your worries to the universe and your goals will become reality.  If you're seeing 5,7,8 that could mean you've just been through a big change (5), you've handled it really well (7), so hang in there because it's almost over (8).  If you always wake up at 3:43 am, that means the universe is saying yes (3) to your goals, so don't worry (4) and know that your angels and guides are with you (3).

See? It's easy once you put the puzzle pieces together.  Try this in your own life and I promise you'll never look at numbers the same.


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  2. I didn't believe until now I feel I need to know more so thank you my eyes are open...