Sunday, January 26, 2014


In order to succeed at work, we need confidence, a passion for what we do and the ability to work well with others.  The following includes a description of four crystals that will help you excel at work with joy and enthusiasm.

Called “the Stone of Success,” Citrine will help you tap into that part of yourself that needs the confidence to ask for a raise or promotion.  Citrine increases your ability to attract success and invites more joy into your life.  It helps you remember your true purpose. It’s a highly motivational stone that increases energy and creativity.  The great thing about Citrine is that it helps you attract money and success hold on to it.

Garnet helps to restore our passion – for life and work.  It increases movtivation and gives you the energy needed to do your job well.  If you’ve been feeling down in the dumps about your job, put a piece of garnet on your desk.  It will regenerate your energy and revitalize your purpose. 

Called “The Stone of Luck and Abundance,” having a piece of Green Aventurine on your desk will increase your luck and prosperity.  Green Aventurine helps us to take good risks, make positive choices and feel luckier and more positive about our life.

Cluster quartz helps groups of people to get along and work well together.  Any cluster quartz will work.  A clear quartz cluster helps people work together with energy and drive while a rose quartz cluster helps people come together in harmony and joy.  A smokey quartz cluster would work if you have a negative person in your group of co-workers as this dark grey stone absorbs negativity from others.  The clusters of the quartz all grouped together help to encourage everyone in the office working together.  Keep one on your desk and in the conference room.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snack Bag Meditations

For those of you who listen to my weekly podcast -- Psychic Teachers -- you probably have heard me talk about my snack bags.  Every night - in lieu of meditation -- I decorate my daughters' snack bags for school with a fun drawing and an uplifting message.  I do this usually by myself late at night after the kids have gone to bed.  It's soothing for me, it provides my anxious brain with a quiet outlet, and lets my mind drift to where it needs to go.  As I'm drawing and coloring, I am breathing deeply, thinking about my day and talking to God.  It's very comforting.  I don't think I'm a great artist by any stretch of the imagination, and I am incredibly shy about sharing my work.  But so many of you have emailed me asking to see these darn snack bags, that I've finally decided to share some of the ones I've done lately.  I hope you like them, and I hope it helps you to know that in order to connect with ourselves, our higher power and inner voice, we don't have to sit in the lotus position "om"ing ourselves into oblivion.  Every time you are doing something that brings you joy and provides you with a break in your day, you are meditating.  I have friends who meditate while they are baking, exercising, writing, walking their dog and working on their car.  I hope this post inspires you to share more of what you love with the world too!
Being Different Just May Be Your Greatest Strength

Let Go of Fear and You Will Fly Free

Inside God's Creations are beautiful treasures waiting to be discovered.  What will you discover inside of you?
Thank you for saying YES to God Mary!
Your Are Not a Drop in the Ocean; You Are the Entire Ocean in a Drop -- Rumi
My FAVORITE poem -- click here to read it
She Who Leaves a Trail of Glitter is Never Forgotten
Shine On!
Cause Baby You're a Firework! - Katy Perry
He Will Cover You With His Feathers and Under His Wings You Will Find Refuge;
His Faithfulness Will Be Your Shield - Psalm 91:4
May You Always Be Surrounded By Great Friends
Owl Always Love You - -To the Moon and Back Forever and Ever
I believe in Christ like I believe in the Sun -- Not because I can see it,
but because by it I can see everything else -- C.S Lewis
To Paris With Love

Fear Not for I am with you.  I will strengthen you; I will help you.
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand -- Isaiah 41:10
All bag designs are the property of Samantha Fey --

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Directing Your Destiny - a book review

I just finished reading a book called Directing Your Destiny by Jennifer Grace.  She's a former actress who has turned Shakespeare's famous saying "all the world's a stage; and all the men and women merely players" into a manifesting manifesto.  Grace, who calls herself an Executive Dream Producer, works to help people discover their passions and realize their dreams.  She believes that we all sit in the director's chair of our very own movie and most of us aren't directing anything.  We're just existing and allowing life to happen to us.  She says we need to happen to life.  We need to put on our director's hat and start making things happen.  In keeping with the movie theme, her book tells us how to write your own screenplay, produce it and direct it.

Because she's an actress, her book teaches the reader how to act as if the dream has already happened.  Her affirmations are a tad different from most.  Rather than, for example, affirming "The right love enters my life right now," she says to add the feeling you'll have when the dream happens.  So she suggests affirming, "I feel so happy that the right love enters my life right now."  And "I am so relieved that I have paid off all my bills so easily."  Or "I feel thrilled that I am now working my own hours and helping people by doing what I love."  She's a proponent of the "feel it real" law of attraction secret.  You have to be emotionally connected to what you're trying to manifest.

Grace is an advocate of first getting to know yourself before you can know what you want to manifest in your life.  Her book encourages journaling, meditation and something she calls future self-writing where you write letters to your future self.

She encourages people to ask three questions with their manifesting goals -- WHAT, HOW and WHEN.  What is your goal?  How will you accomplish it?  When will you achieve it?

She also writes about how we need to overcome fear, try new things and ask for help in order to achieve our wildest dreams.  She shares a lot of her own stories -- about how she went from divorced mom to in-love and from out-of-work actress to metaphysical teacher and speaker.

While there is nothing new in this book that students of manifesting can learn, her approach is different and fun.  It's easy to think about our life in terms of a movie and it's fun to spend time script writing the way we want our life to go.  She ends her book by reminding us "you are powerful beyond all measure.  This is your life; this is your movie.  You get to decide how it ends."

That's a great reminder for us all.

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crystals For Happiness

In almost all my readings this month, I've come across people who are feeling a bit lost, disconnected and sad.  If you've watched the news, you'll see that so many people are feeling angry and powerless.  We've had bizarre and tragic accounts in the news -- the Navy Yard Shooting, the mother who drove through the barriers in DC and was killed, the man who drove to a court house in Virginia and just began randomly shooting.  The government's inability to get along at all is very frustrating, and I think many of us are feeling as though our parents (i.e the Republicans and Democrats) are divorcing.  I am praying for a resolution to this government shutdown, and I am visualizing pink and gold light around our planet -- pink for love and gold for protection.  Still, we're facing a lunar eclipse on the 18th and Mercury Retrograde on October 21st.  The energy is shifting as I'm sure many of you lightworkers are well aware.  To help us keep our energy upbeat and positive through this change, I've compiled a list of the best crystals to bring joy and happiness into your life.

Sunstone:  This happy, calming stone will help you to feel uplifted, upbeat and confident.  Alchemists of old believed it held the energy of the sun and would use the stone in their rituals to bring power and wealth.  It is associated with the myth of the Phoenix who rises anew out of the ashes thus helping us to rise out of our own ashes.  Sunstone helps people dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression and despair.  Sunstone helps absorb anxiety, fear and anger.  Placed in the home, it will lift the energy in the room.  At work, it will help you feel worthy of a higher position and increase leadership abilities.  Placed in a conference room, it induces feelings of cohesiveness and teamwork.

Citrine: It's believed that Citrine doesn't hold onto negativity.  Often called the Stone of Success, Citrine will also help you manifest money and success.  It teaches you that you are worthy of success and happiness.  It helps absorb depression and a victim mentality.  Citrine when placed in the home will brighten the energy of the room it's in.  At the workplace, it will help you to speak and act with confidence.  It's also a great stone for people who work in the arts and communication fields.  Citrine is recommended for children having to deal with stepfamilies.  It will open the lines of communication with teenagers.  Citrine helps rescued pets feel safe again.  Use Citrine to help you manifest your goals.  Write your goals on a piece of paper and place a piece of Citrine over the paper.  Hold the paper and stone in your hand each day for three weeks affirming and visualizing that this goal is coming to you.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is a stone of love and peace.  It fosters self-love and helps you to release shame, guilt and regret.  It absorbs anger.  Wearing rose quartz will protect you from other people's anger.  It will also help you to learn how to love and appreciate yourself and see the good in others.  Rose Quartz is highly recommended for teenagers, especially young girls, going through changes because it helps them to blossom into adults with healthy self-esteem.  If two people are fighting at work, give them each a piece of rose quartz or place it in an area near their desks.  It will help calm their emotions and see the other's point of view.  Cleanse rose quartz frequently because it will take on a lot of negativity for you.  You can bury it in a bowl of salt, rice or soil.  You can also place it on a large amethyst, carnelian or quartz cluster to cleanse and charge it as well.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Are You an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Soul?

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

7 Crystals You Need to Attract Love In Your LIfe

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz invites love into your life.  It opens your heart to receive love and gently reminds you that you are worthy of love. Wear this stone or keep it by your bedside to remind you that love is coming your way.


The beautiful green swirls in this stone help to usher away hurtful memories.  Malachite works quickly and diligently to clear away painful heartache and make way for new love.  Try sleeping with this stone on your heart chakra.  Alternately, you can wear the stone as a pendant over your heart or you can sleep it with it under the pillow. 


The lovely marbling of pinks and whites in this stone helps us to unite the different aspects of our personality so that we can learn to truly love ourselves.  The only way to bring true, authentic love into your life is to love yourself first.  Rhodocrosite helps you to appreciate yourself as it teaches that you are worthy of love, health and happiness


The pinks and blacks in this stone remind us that affairs of the heart are often painful.  Rhodonite is the Stone of Forgiveness, and it will help you to let go of any pain from a past relationship with an attitude of love and forgiveness as it gently cleanses your aura of hurt, anger, regret and bitterness.

Green Aventurine

Known as the Stone of Love and Luck, carrying this stone with you will increase your confidence and your luck at attracting new love into your life.  It’s also known as a Stone of Abundance, so keep one in your wallet to ensure new financial resources too!

Apache Tear

This form of Obsidian is known to absorb depression, grief and negativity.  Legends say that as the Apache women and children watched their men die in battle to save their land and way of life, they cried rivers of tears.  These tears hardened into these Obsidian stones which we call Apache Tears.  The legend says that whoever holds an Apache Tear will never grieve again.  Carry this stone with you to help absorb any sadness you may be carrying in your heart.


This joyful, sunny stone is known as the Stone of Success.  It will help make you feel more empowered, confident and sure of yourself.  Carry this stone or wear it as jewelry to enhance your self-esteem, confidence and joy.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Power of Sage

In Latin, “salvare” means to heal and salvia – the species name for sage – is a direct divination.  Sage heals.  Throughout history, sage has been used in ceremonies and for medicinal purposes.  Sage is found in the Russian steppes and throughout Western North America.  It’s incredibly adaptable and can survive temperature extremes and periods of drought.  Sage has been used to cure night sweats, hot flashes, and headaches.  The Navajo, in addition to using Sage in ceremonies, used it to cure headaches and fever.  They made infusions of the leaves to cure intestinal worms in their sheep and goats.  They applied hot poultices on the leaves to relieve migraines.  The “49ers” made sage poultices to help heal gunshot wounds. 

It is placed in medicine bags to protect sacred items.  Before entering a sweatlodge, sage is used to purify the body.  During the sacred Sun Dance, dancers wear sage wristlets and anklets for protection and purification. 

You can use sage in your own life to enhance your energy, cleanse your space and invite protection.

Every person, rock, plant, animal and home has an auric field which can attract and capture negativity.  If this energy is not cleansed, it can create illness and depression.  Our aura extends around our physical body and is constantly receiving information.  When we are around negative, angry people or in homes and stores that have witnessed arguing, yelling and sadness, our aura absorbs this energy like a sponge.  Just as we need to clean our body once a day, we also need to clean our energetic body.  Smudging yourself with sage allows you to do this quickly and efficiently. 

You can find smudge sticks and loose sage on line or in metaphysical stores.  They are inexpensive and easy to use. 

To begin smudging yourself, light the smudge stick and usher the smoke around your body.  Start at your head and brush down and away, constantly flicking and motioning the negative energy to the floor.  Called aura brushing, you can simply motion the smoke down around your head, arms, chest and legs.  Ask a friend to help you smudge your back – again being mindful to brush the smoke down to the ground where mother earth can absorb and heal the energy.  Alternately, you can place the sage in a burn proof bowl and allow the smoke to grow heavy and thick.  Stand over the bowl and perform the aura brushing technique described above.  Turn around in a clockwise direction to ensure the smoke encompasses all parts of your energy. 

To smudge someone else, you will need to find where their aura begins.  Some people have large auras – they project and push their energy out while others have very small auras, preferring to remain hidden and keep their energy tucked in.  The average person’s aura extends about six inches from their physical body.  To determine the boundary of someone’s aura, rub your hands together to awaken and activate your hand chakras.  Position your hands about two feet away from their body, palms facing out.  When you touch their aura, you will feel either a temperature change or an invisible barrier pushing against your palms.  Sometimes you might feel a pressure or stickiness.  Other times, you’ll feel a heaviness.  Either way, the air will feel different when you hit the auric boundary. 

Now, light your smudge stick and fan the smoke around the person’s auric border moving in a clockwise direction.  Begin at their head and moving clockwise motion the smoke down and around their body.  Ask them to turn around and do the same thing to their back and sides.  Then begin to spiral inward, closer and closer toward the person’s physical body as the energy feels cleaner and lighter.  Once the aura feels cleared, focus on the chakras.  Starting at the root chakra, motion the sage smoke toward this energy center moving up to each chakra finishing at the crown chakra.  When this is done, ask how they feel.  They might feel a heaviness in one spot, so focus there and motion your sage smoke toward it. 

When these steps are completed, take a large feather (most metaphysical stores sell turkey feathers but any feather will do) and use the feather to move smoke down the body.  Then, beginning at the feet, motion the feather up and around your body.  This will fluff up and air out your aura ensuring that your energy is completely cleansed. 

Depression feels like a blanket, a weight on the soul.  Anti-depressants, a healthy diet, exercise and therapy can help.  But this sage technique is also a great mood lifter.  Plus, it’s free and completely natural! Go into a small room like a bathroom.  Crack a window.  Fill a small heat proof bowl with loose sage leaves and light them.  Allow the smoke to filter up and around you.  Spend these moments sending up prayers for happiness, health and protection.  Repeat, “I am ready and willing to release my sadness. I allow into my space only that which enlightens and uplifts me.”  Ask your angels and guides to take away your sadness and help you feel better, happier and ready to release this depression.  When the sage leaves are completely burned down, open the window wide and safely dispose of the sage ashes. 

Sweetgrass – sometimes called Vanilla Grass – has a lighter, sweeter energy than sage.  It’s used to seal in the good energy and invite more happiness and positive energy into your life.  Grown in the Plains area of the United States (Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas), Sweet Grass is relatively inexpensive and easy to find.  After you’ve completed saging yourself, burn some sweet grass to lock in the good energy.

Our home is a reflection of us.  If our home is messy and chaotic, then inside we’re feeling messy and chaotic.  If our home needs lots of improvements, it symbolizes the improvements you still need to do on yourself.  If your home looks uninviting, then you’re telling the universe and all its gifts to stay away.  When I am asked to cleanse a person’s home, I am so often shocked to see that they have bushes and shrubbery growing past the windows.  Or they keep all their drapes and blinds closed – during the day!  Not only is this really bad Feng Shui, but think about what message you are sending.  “I don’t care about my house.  I don’t want you to see in or come in.  Stay away.”  To ensure positive energy in your home, keep it cleaned and organized.  Get rid of clutter and accumulations.  Do you really need that stamp collection?  Do you really think your kids will fight over your collection of Hummel figurines?  Do you really need 54 pictures of the family cluttering up your counter tops and shelves?  Probably not. 

Invite the light in.  Open the blinds and drapes.  Curtains should be replaced every five years and washed at least once a year.  Clean your blinds of dust and open them to let the light in.  Before smudging your home, say a small prayer.  Invite your angels and guides to assist you.  Call on Arch Angel Michael to usher out any negative entities or energy.  Light your sage stick or loose sage leaves in a heat proof bowl.  Allow it to burn until a good, thick smoke emerges.  Fan the flames out with your feather so you’re left with smoke.  You want to work with smoldering smoke, not fire.  If you’re having difficulty getting the smudge stick to burn, crush the end of the smudge stick to let air inside.  Once you’ve got a good smoke established, begin at your front door and proceed around each room in a clockwise direction. Motion the smoke around the windows and doors saying, “I seal this home in love and light.”  Fan the smoke into the corners and over the furniture saying, “I break up and dispel all negativity. Only peace, health, wealth, love, happiness and joy can abide here.” 

Everything has energy.  Everything.  The energy of depression, anxiety, stress, arguments and harsh words lingers.  Since it’s lower level energy, it tends to hide in crevices and corners.  So make sure to motion the smoke into all your closets and storage spaces too.  Don’t forget to smudge bathrooms, the attic and the garage. 

When you’re done saging, safely stamp out your sage stick.  I usually leave mine in the sink for the rest of the day just to be safe.  Then open several windows allowing the negative energy to be ushered out.  Thank your guides and angels for their help.  Wait about an hour and then close the windows.  You can now burn sweetgrass to seal in the good energy.  I also like to light a candle to invite more light into my home.

Your work environment needs to be cleansed too, but chances are your boss won’t approve of you burning a sage stick.  So instead purchase or make your own sage spray.  I make a sage cleansing spray that I sell on my website called Crystal Clear.   I use Holy Water from my church and add sage, lavender, cedar, frankincense and myrhh.  I also use dried sage and lavender and sprinkle cleansing crystals into the bottle such as carnelian and clear quartz.  Spritz your office daily with this spray to absorb negativity, stress and anxiety.