Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crystal of the Week: Emerald

Emerald, the birthstone of May, and eternal symbol of Spring, is a wonderful stone of love, faith and fidelity.  Emerald helps to open the heart to receiving love, giving love and healing old wounds.  It’s called “the stone of successful love.” Giving someone an Emerald is said to be a sign of faith, fidelity and true love. In addition to being the birthstone for May, Emerald is also the 20th anniversary gemstone. 

It’s long been associated with protection – not only in love but in health too.  Writings dating back to the third century show that emerald was believed to protect against negative supernatural elements too.

When placed or worn over the heart, Emerald will bring an inner feeling of balance and harmony.

Because Emeralds are never flawless, wearing  an Emerald reminds us that we need not be perfect in order to be loved, accepted and appreciated by others.  The healing green in the stone gives us the strength to move forward.  Perfection isn’t the goal; growth is.

Ancient Greeks believed that if the wearer of an Emerald ring was loyal and true, the stone would shine a brilliant green, but if the owner of the stone had strayed, the Emerald would turn a dull, dirty green color.  This might be because, like Hiddenite, when heated, the green color fades but regains its coloring when cooled.

Legend says that Joseph of Arimathea caught the drops of blood from Christ on the cross in an emerald bowl.

The Book of Revelations says that the throne of God was surrounded by a rainbow of Emeralds. One of the four stones God gave Solomon is said to be an Emerald.

Because Emeralds are said to help the eyes, the Roman Emperor Nero (54 – 68 AD) had an emerald cut for him through which he watched the gladiator games.

Even today in China, poorer qualities of emeralds are ground up into powders and used to help ailments associated with the eyes, liver and heart.

It’s said to bring luck in legal matters, so attorneys would benefit from an emerald cluster or paperweight on their desk.

Meditating with emerald helps to increase one’s memory and focus to help you make clearer choices.

When worn with a diamond, Emerald will help increase your eloquence making you an effective public speaker.

So this Spring, consider wearing an Emerald as a reminder that love, though never perfect, brings out the very best in us.