Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Thank you to the newest followers of this blog. It's so wonderful to hear from all of you!

As we approach the Memorial Day Weekend, I want to take a moment to honor all our veterans, men and women currently in the services and their spouses and family. I've had the wonderful opportunity to communicate with many veterans who have already transitioned. They always mention their service either by showing me their medals or the uniform they wore. The majority of these brave souls ask for the same thing -- remember their service and honor our country.

This weekend, I offer a prayer of gratitude to the men and women who have served our country with courage, selflessness and honor. I ask that all men and women currently serving our nation are continually surrounded by the white light of love and protection. May angels continually watch over them and their families waiting at home. And I pray that they're able to achieve their missions with peace until we can all embrace each other with love, acceptance and joy.

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Relationship Rescue

For the past two weeks, I've had many readings with people in relationships that are probably not going to make it or are going through some very difficult growing pains. I love my work and feel very honored to work with the people I meet. But it's hard when I can't pass on positive predictions. Relationships are hard. Romance books and movies have taught us so many lies. There is no happy ever after. There's just the day after. And the day after that. A successful relationship is simply two people agreeing to the same goal(s). But life is never simple, is it?

Every relationship we experience in our lives -- good or bad -- exists to teach us important lessons. When our hearts are hurting, or our pride is wounded, or we're simply left feeling abandoned, it can be difficult to focus on anything positive like lessons learned. We just want to head straight to the ice cream aisle instead.

But today I had an opportunity to meet a wonderful tarot reader and as we were discussing the dreaded Three of Sword's card (it's a heart being pierced by three swords), she said, "Sometimes the heart has to be broken open so that we can experience a new and deeper capacity for love." Wow, what a wonderful way to look at relationship heartache.

I wish all of you out there a peaceful, love filled, and joyous weekend.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Keeping the Faith

As I've mentioned before, my readings each week usually share a theme. This week, all my readings seemed to deal with people losing faith -- in themselves, their career, or their relationships. I think it's safe to say that we've all be there. We've all experienced the proverbial dark night of the soul. How do we hold tight until the light that dawn brings? This isn't an easy question. Whole books and careers of research or ministry have been devoted to just that question. But I always like to keep things simple, so I'll try to answer this question as succinctly as possible -- PRAY.

P -- Pray. Sit in meditation, repeat the same prayer over and over, listen for answers and talk to God. There's a wonderful book about the power of mantra prayer call The Way of the Pilgrim.
R -- Resist negativity. Force yourself to avoid the downward spiral of feeling lost in a sea of negativity. Wear a rubber band around your wrist, and every time you think or say a negative word about yourself and your situation, snap the rubber band. Paste positive affirmation in your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom so you'll be reminded of the positivity that awaits you. Create an affirmation for yourself that you repeat daily for at least 10 minutes such as, "All is well in my world." Or "I am healthy, wealthy, loved and loving."
A -- Ask for help. The only way to get through tough times is by asking for help -- from your higher power, from your loved ones on the other side, from your angels and guides and from your friends and family here.
Y -- Yield to your higher power. Sometimes life just stinks. Period. And there's no rhyme or reason for it that we can discern. Part of the key to finding happiness to life is learning to surrender to these tough times. Once we can accept the grief that we're dealing with in the present time -- whether it's over the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, or the all consuming loss of hope -- we can begin to build our way back to ourselves.

Some great writers to check out on this topic include Louise Haye, Wayne Dyer, Catherine Ponder, and Florence Scovil Shin.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Business of Being Psychic

Throughout my years of doing readings, I've often gotten flack because I charge for readings. I've heard people say about other psychics, "Well, I know he's the real deal because he doesn't charge money." What? He works for free and that makes him a real intuitive? That makes no sense to me. You need to make money to survive in this world. So if I didn't charge for readings, I'd have to hold down a full-time job which means instead of doing 15 - 20 readings a week, I'd have time for 3 - 5. How is that helping anyone?

When I was studying and training to do this work, I did free readings for a year. It was great practice for me because there was no pressure. But I noticed that the people I read for didn't really value the information. I'd get emails months later expressing something like, "I didn't believe you when you said I'd be changing jobs, but I just got a great job offer." It was as though they weren't valuing the information from the reading because they didn't pay for it. It reminds me of what I learned in my Reiki training and that is: there must always be an exchange of energy in order for balance to be achieved.

When I did start charging for my readings, I didn't charge much. And then I heard flack from other intuitives! One asked me if I was trying to be "the social worker of psychics."

So, yes I charge for my readings because it's how I make my living and because I want clients to value the reading and honor the messages that come through.

People have said to me, "It's a gift that you have, given to you by God. So you shouldn't charge." And I always retort, "Tiger Woods was given the gift of golf. So should he play for free? Bono was given the gift of music, so should he offer free concerts and not charge for his CDs?" We pay our counselors, our pastors, our psychiatrists, our ministers and our life coaches, so why is it wrong to pay our psychic?

So that's my soapbox stand. If you have an opinion on this, I'd love to hear it.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I received a great question this week about reincarnation. The question was basically this: If we reincarnate, how can you as a medium connect with my loved ones who've passed? If they've reincarnated, how can you talk to them?

Here's my answer which is based on what I've learned from my readings: most of us wait on average 70 - 100 years to reincarnate so all our loved ones and/or family members can join us on the other side. Then we can evaluate how well we handled teaching each other and learning from one another our designated life lessons. If there's any karma that needs to be balanced with each other, then we can incarnate together again.

I'll give you an example to explain this. Let's say we have two souls named Adam and Eve. Adam in lifetime 1 marries Eve, cheats on her and leaves her pregnant with his child. In lifetime 2, Adam needs to balance out this karma. So maybe he marries Eve again or decides to take care of her as a parent in the next life. Possibly, he needs to experience a similar pain to understand and empathize with Eve's plight so she leaves him in lifetime 2. But let's not forget the child he abandoned in lifetime 2. Adam needs to balance the karma here too. So he might choose to significantly help this soul in lifetime 2 as either a great parent, helpful teacher or mentoring boss. But Adam is still Adam, so maybe in lifetime 2, after Eve leaves him, he begs and gets her back. Eve, being the nice person she is, agrees and then he cheats on her! So . . . in lifetime number 3 he's got A LOT of karma to balance with Eve. Do you get the idea? He can't work out this karma with Jane Doe. It needs to be worked out with Eve, so even if he dies in that lifetime at age 20 and Eve lives to 85, he needs to wait for her to come over to heaven. Then after her life review, he'll need to sit down with her, their guides and higher counsel members to plan out the best scenario in lifetime 3 to address these issues.

I always tell people that if you meet someone and feel this inexplicable lust and desire for them, watch out! It usually means your soul implanted that desire in your path so you couldn't refuse the person you need to work out a past life issue with.

Miscarried or aborted souls often will return quite soon. Miscarried babies usually just chicken out at some point because either they're a very sensitive soul and are afraid of returning to this harsh Earth plane. Or, the parents they chose are fighting or having financial difficulties or aren't generally ready to embark on being parents at that time. It's never a judgement and parents should know that in most cases that soul will come back to you.

Reincarnation is a fascinating topic that I could blog about for pages and pages. It was believed in by most major religions until the Emperor Constantine. He was afraid that a belief in reincarnation would negate the belief and faith in the blood of kings. And churches were afraid they'd lose the power of their dangling carrot that promised an eternity of happiness. Still, there are several interesting references to reincarnation in the bible.

So, your great grandmother has most likely reincarnated, but your grandparents are still waiting over there for you.

One of my favorite books on this subject is Brian Weiss' Many Lives, Many Masters.

Please continue to send me any questions you'd like me to blog about. I love hearing from you all!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I haven't blogged in awhile because I've been so busy with family events. My daughter received her first communion, and as I was putting the veil on her head, she said, "Mommy, I feel like I'm getting married." I laughed with her and said, "Well, honey, in a way you are. You're marrying yourself to a faith filled life." My faith, my family's faith, is intertwined in everything we do. I'm grateful for that because it sustains me through those dark, difficult times we all face and gives meaning to the wonderful, miraculous events we're also blessed to live through.

One of my clients this week was an atheist, a hopeful one, who was yearning to believe but was terrified to give herself over to something so big, so mysterious, so unknown. In case you're wondering, yes -- it's very hard to read for atheist. Here's just a sampling:

"Is the month of July important to someone in your family? I'm feeling a mom energy coming through for you who wants to mention the month of July."

"Well, what's her name?"

"I'm not sure. I'm not particularly good with names. But is July significant to you?"

"Well, sure, as I'm sure it is to many people."

I smiled, resisting the urge to roll my eyes. "What's in July for you?"

"My birthday."

And on and on it went. Yikes!

I feel sorry for atheists. I really do. I can't imagine living in a world void of meaning, belief and the certain surety that there is more to this three dimensional world. I've had the pleasure of conversing with a few spirits who were atheists when they crossed over and now, of course, no longer are. They are always anxious to get the same message across: "This is real. All of this -- heaven, afterlife and eternity stuff is very real."

Oscar Wilde said, "Skepticism is the beginning of faith." So maybe there's hope for them after all. Still, whenever I meet an atheist, I always say a prayer for their soul. I ask that they learn to see the light and to believe in the mystery of all around them.

If I had to sum up my hope for everyone, I'd look to Patrick Overton who said: When you have come to the edge Of all light that you know and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, Faith is knowing One of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or You will be taught to fly.”