Friday, April 16, 2010

Attracting Financial Abundance

I'm putting together notes for a class on financial abundance because so many of my clients are suffering in this economy. It's important to know and believe that this lousy economy will not be here forever, and in the meantime there are many things you can do to increase your ability to attract good luck, abundance and peace of mind. Here are a few strategies to try:

Crystals: Carry in your purse or on your person three crystals: citrine, rose quartz and green aventurine. The green aventurine helps us attract money, the citrine helps us to keep money and the rose quartz helps us to do all of this with an attitude of love.

Numerology: The number 8 is the number of financial power. Draw the number 8 on a piece of paper and carry it in your wallet.

Feng Shui: If you stand inside your house with your back to the door, the opposite left hand corner is the money corner of your home. You want to make sure that there are symbols of abundance here. I've known people to place a replica of a treasure chest here. You can keep cash here in a red envelope (attracts positive chi), place a bamboo plant here (green represents money and bamboo is a feng shui symbol for good luck), place a crystal money tree here, place money affirmations here (every time I spend money it comes back to me ten times) . . . the ideas are limitless. Make sure there is NO CLUTTER in this corner and keep it very clean. If your laundry room or bathroom is located in your money corner, tie the drain pipes with red ribbons to stop the good chi from being drained out of your money corner, keep bamboo plants here and keep the toilet lid down.

New Moon: The phase of the new moon is a great time to affirm and manifest the abundance you wish to see come into your life.

Tithing: Anonymous tithing is a wonderful way to increase not only joy in your own life but also a sense of fulfillment. It makes you think, "I do have enough to give, to keep, to spend, to share, to save. All is well." It's important that your way of giving back is done anonymously so you can keep your ego out of it. The key to tithing is to give wherever your soul was nourished that week. If a friend really helped you out, anonymously mail her a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant. If you got a really good massage, send the massage therapist a nice gift or an extra tip. If a drive thru worker has a great smile, give him a tip and tell him to keep up the good work. You get the idea. This is different from random acts of kindness. There's nothing random about this exercise. Anonymous tithing makes you think about where your soul was fed that week, about where in your week did you feel grateful, uplifted, and then deciding to return this great feeling and keep is going. Try this for a month and I know you'll see a positive difference in your life.

A bad economy stinks, but feeling powerless with our money situation is worse. Suze Orman has a great statement about money. She often says if you don't have enough money, make more. We all have the power, the capacity, to make money. I remember one summer, my classes at the college where I taught English were cut due to budget restraints. So instead of sitting home and complaining, I started selling my homemade cookies to local coffee shops. I made just as much as I would have if I'd taught that summer. We all have hidden talents and gifts we can put to good use.

Try the techniques recommended above, get creative about your abilities to make money, and see yourself attracting more abundance to your life.


  1. thank you for useful tips. They were easy, simple.

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