Monday, September 26, 2011

The Platinum Rule

We've all heard of (and try to follow) the Golden Rule -- Do Unto Others As You'd Have Them Do Unto You.  Well, I'd like to add another rule -- The Platinum Rule.  Treat Yourself the Way You Treat Others or, put simply, BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

So many of the people who come to me for readings are just so darn mean to themselves.  People tell me that they hate the way they look, the way they dress, or they're ashamed because they didn't finish college, or they're disappointed in themselves because they aren't as successful in their career or they feel like a failure when their marriage ended.  It's heartbreaking, really, when you think about it.  We're meaner to ourselves than anyone else could ever be.  I have to remind my clients of all their amazing accomplishments.  "Yes, you didn't finish college.  But that's because your mom died unexpectedly, and your dad needed you to help take care of your brothers. And, you're in college now, aren't you?" My clients will always look at me as though I've made this huge revelation.  "Yeah, you're right.  I guess that's not so bad after all."  Or I'll say, "Yes, your marriage is over, but look at all the amazing things you've been able to do since that divorce.  You're running your own business, you're traveling, you're helping other moms going through divorces."  And again, I'll see that light of recognition, the one that says, "Oh yeah, I'm not such a bad person."

I hope that all of you reading this can turn around the lens through which you view your life and learn to see the reasons for your mistakes, the lessons from your failures, and relish the joys in your successes.  Please make a promise to yourself this week to be kind to yourself.  Speak kindly to yourself and about yourself.  Accept compliments and own your successes and accomplishments.  Start a journal where you right down -- every night -- three things you like about yourself.  Try it -- at the end of the month, you'll be a different person.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Tiger's Eye

Traditionally worn as a talisman against evil and ill-wishes, Tiger's Eye is a highly protective stone.  It helps to ground sensitive, spacey people and can serve as an anchor to those that are afraid of commitment and setting down roots.  Tiger's eye with its beautiful brown and golden bands balances the earth's energy with the radiant energy of the sun.  It helps us to integrate power into our life ethically and works to show us the difference between our needs and wants.

Tiger's Eye works to alleviate depression and issues with self-worth, self-esteem and self-love.  It helps addicts in recovery learn to make the right choices. It works works to calm down and soften the energies of adults with ADD/ADHD.

Because it is so grounding and increases one's self worth, Tiger's Eye will help you attract money and hold onto it with the sure knowledge that you are worthy of abundance.

Placed on the third eye, Tiger's Eye will stimulate psychic development and aids in kundalini rising.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy

You remember that song, right?  The one that tells us (over and over) "Don't Worry; Be Happy." I used to hate that song.  I thought it was so arrogant.  Don't worry.  Yes, you might have lost your job, yes, we're still at war with the Taliban, but don't worry.  Just be happy.  Oh, I know you're mom is sick and doesn't have insurance, but don't worry.  Be happy.  What's that?  Your boyfriend just left you for no reason?  No worries.  Just be happy.

See what I mean?

It reminded me of all those Course in Miracle people who swear that evil and fear are nothing but an illusion.  Really?  Tell that to Jaycee Dugar.  I don't think she thought her 18 stolen years were an illusion.

Sometimes we have to worry or be afraid because there are plenty of worrisome and fearful things that can and do happen to us.  But, and here's the tricky part, we can't make it a habit.

All week, I've met clients who are plagued by worry.  And for some of them, they have every right to be worried.  But others I've met this week are worrying because that's the only way they know to deal with the unknown.  It's almost as though they're putting in time.  "Maybe if I worry enough, it won't happen.  Maybe my worry will serve as a penance and it will be enough to prevent this from happening."  Oh no. Life doesn't work that way.

Earlier this week, a really funny mom came through to talk to her daughter.  Her energy was fun, upbeat and positive.  She kept repeating one thing over and over.  "Tell my daughter not to worry."  And then she showed me (like a slide show on speed) how her own life had been spent consumed by worry.  "Don't make the mistakes I made.  Life is too short."  The daughter acknowledged that her mother had been a worrier and that, yes, she had inherited the worry gene too.

Like I said before, sometimes we have to worry -- when we lose our job, or when our loved ones get ill, or when we're faced with a change beyond our control.  BUT when you have the comfort of faith in your life, when you truly know what it means to surrender to a higher power, when you're able to see the bigger picture -- that everything, every little and big thing, has a higher purpose and reason -- then you'll begin to see how pointless continued worrying really is.

I worry about a lot of things.  I'm worried about our economy.  I'm worried about my youngest daughter's complete and continued hatred of any and all vegetables.  I'm worried about a client who's facing a serious illness.  I'm worried about the 2012 elections.  Really, I am.  It's going to be messy.  However, I realize that there's absolutely nothing I can do about any of these worries - except maybe bribing my daughter to eat a carrot.  Just kidding.  And pray.  I know prayer works. I've seen it work.  But to continue worrying about any of these things is akin to turning my back on God.  It's like saying to God, "Yeah, I get that you've got the universe covered and all.  But I don't trust you.  You really messed up with that whole flood thing.  And WWII! What?  Did you go on vacation for six years?  I don't think you know what you're doing.  I don't trust you. I don't trust the universe."

See what I mean?

Pardon my silly humor.  It's been a long day and I'm very tired, but I wanted to quickly blog about this mother's great message -- don't waste your life worrying.  Life is too short.

So again, yes -- you're going to worry.  But then what?  Practice moving beyond that.  Here are some fun activities for the consummate worrier to try:

1) Make a prayer jar or prayer box.  Place an angel or several angels or other spiritual representations around it if possible.  Write down your worries.  All of them.  Fold them up and drop them in your prayer jar while imagining the angels taking them up to heaven for you.  It's important to get our worries physically out of our body so they don't fester and manifest as physical illness.

2) Write down your prayers.  Turn your worries into prayers.  Instead of, "What if I don't get another job???" Write down, "I pray that the right job for me presents itself now.  Thank you."  Have you read The Help?  Great read.  Remember how Aibileene wrote down all her prayers and they happened?  It works!

3) Practice visualization for 15 minutes a day.  If you're worried about not having a job, spend some time every day visualizing yourself getting a great job.  Really imagine your outfit, the conversation when you accept the job, the salary.

4) Any black stone or smoky quartz is great to hold or wear when you're consumed by worry.  You can ask the stone, too, to help you absorb your worries.

5) Watch your words about things you constantly worry about.  If, for example, you often say, "Oh no, here comes flu season; I know I'm going to get sick," try to catch yourself and change that belief just with your words.  "I am healthy, happy and whole.  I am healthy, happy and whole."

Worry can become a habit.  But habits can be broken.  I won't end this blog by admonishing you to just be happy.  But I will say this: to worry is to doubt; to be happy is to trust.

Monday, September 19, 2011

What's at the Root of Your Issue?

I keep meeting clients who are facing the same problems over and over in one of four main areas:


These recurring problems are almost ALWAYS rooted in a childhood issue.  Look at the evidence:

HEALTH:  Bob (not his real name) has been dealing with chronic health issues for most of his adult life.  He's broken his back, struggles with diabetes, has battled prostate cancer, esophagus issues, and is in the beginning stages of COPD.  When I asked his guides why he struggles with these issues, they just showed me the number 10.  I asked him if anything significant happened when he was 10.  He said, "Yes, I came down with a terrible illness.  I was throwing up and couldn't eat for almost a week.  I had a headache and a fever.  And my parents didn't believe me.  They never took me to the doctor."  Bob teared up as he spoke about the memory.  Believe it or not, I've seen this same scenario many other times with parents ignoring their children's illness OR overemphasizing the illness.  Both are dangerous and can lead to life long issues.  Bob needs to release his need to prove to the world that he's sick and truly heal.  Once that little 10 year old boy is healed and validated, I'll bet he'll start feeling a lot better.

RELATIONSHIPS:  When Mary's dad left her mom, she was just 8 years old.   She didn't see him again for almost a decade.  Today, Mary's on her third marriage and escapes in repetitive affairs whenever the going gets tough.  Mary needs to heal that 8 year old girl, forgive her father and embrace the concept of commitment to herself while focusing on learning to love and trust herself which will then allow her to reflect the same love to others.  Instead, she's choosing to run from one relationship to another when in reality she's running from the pain of the abandoned 8 year old girl inside her.

CAREER:  Jennifer came to see me to help her find her soul purpose.  She had a college degree, a master's and a law degree but had never found happiness in any job.  Jennifer is obviously bright and committed to obtaining degrees, so why wasn't she happy in any career?  Jennifer grew up very impoverished.  Her family balanced on the edge of homelessness at least twice during her childhood.  She remembers going to bed hungry many nights.  Her mother always told her that education was the way out.  So Jennifer focused and got her education -- many times.  But, she had become addicted to the drama of not having a job, of not having money.  For the first 18 years of her life, the most formative years, that's all she knew -- the fear of not having rent money, food or anything left over to pay the light bill followed by the exhilaration of the last minute miracle that saved the day.  This is all Jennifer knew.  It had become comfortable to her, so she was repeating it in her own life.  By leaving job after job, she was running from the safety and security found in building a career.  Even though she'd gotten her education, she couldn't let go of the comfort she'd learn to find in the chaotic drama of her childhood.

MONEY:  Joe had begun and failed three different businesses.  All were great ideas and began as successful ventures.  Unfortunately, all eventually failed.  Why?  As a child,  Joe's dad had worked hard as a welder.  His mom cleaned houses.  Joe was constantly imbedded with certain phrases he couldn't shake:  Money is the root of all evil;  rich people are mean, stingy, selfish and bad; you have to work hard for your money.  When we explored these concepts further, Joe admitted that he felt as though his parents hated wealthy people and he subconsciously worried that if he became successful, his parents wouldn't love him anymore.  He was unwittingly sabotaging his own success because he was afraid if he made money that his parents wouldn't love, approve or accept him anymore.

We really are the own creators or sabotagers of our own success.  Look at the patterns -- good and bad -- in your own life.  Which of the four big ones alludes you -- health, love, career satisfaction or money?  Then spend some time thinking about your childhood.  Don't focus on what you were taught by your parent(s).  Focus on what you SAW, on how you FELT.  Discover the root cause of your pattern and watch it disappear almost like magic.

I know that sounds silly, but it's true.  Once you recognize the source of the pattern, forgive yourself and send love to yourself, you will release yourself from the cyclical effect of your patterns.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Herkimer Diamond

The Herkimer Diamond is so named because it was originally found in Herkimer, New York and is naturally shaped like a diamond.

It's often referred to as "the Attunement Stone" because it helps us to attune ourselves to our purpose which is why it makes a great manifesting stone.  Meditate with Herkimer while focusing on what you're trying to attract to your life.

The Herkimer Diamond is associated with the crown chakra and can help us clear and balance our chakras.  With their natural double terminated shape, Herkimers work to clear the chakras when placed between the energy centers.  If, for example, you're having issues with a close relationship, place a Herkimer diamond between your heart and throat chakra to open and clear these chakra centers allowing you to lovingly communicate more clearly.  You can also attuned two Herkimers to help your relationship with your spouse or significant other to be health, happy, and loving.  Then give one Herkimer to your partner while you carry or wear the other one.

When placed under your pillow, it will help you recall your dreams.

Herkimer diamonds work great in crystal grids and in medicine bags because they work to amplify the energy of the other stones.

Herkimer's help us to assimilate to change.  Wear or carry one if you're trying to get used to a move, a new job or other challenging transition in your life.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Learn To Protect Yourself From Negativity

Join Deb and me Thursday evening for our Psychic Protection telecourse.  Join us on the phone lines from 8:30 - 10:00 pm, eastern time.  You'll receive five handouts -- How to Cleanse Your Chakras, How to Strengthen Your Aura, Grounding Techniques, How to Protect Your Home from Negativity and Psychic Protection Techniques.

You'll learn how to protect yourself, your family, and your home from negativity.  We'll discuss how to set up a crystal grid for protection and what crystals you should wear for protection.  You'll learn how to send positive energy toward a future event to deflect negativity and how to strengthen yourself so that you're no longer susceptible to negativity.

The class is just $25.  To register, go to my website and click on Payments.  Scroll over to Workshops and Click on $25.  Once you've registered this way, I'll send you the call in information and handouts.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life Is a Special Occasion -- Turning Tragedy into Triumph

I just wanted to take a moment out to remember all those who gave their lives on 9/11.  This ten year memorial is so difficult for America, but also inspiring because it reminds us of how strong and amazing America is.  I was driving this morning and listening to Story Corps on NPR.  People were calling in with their stories.  They profiled the five firefighters who carried out one of the first people from the fires -- a Franciscan friar named Fr. Mychal Judge. He was a chaplain for the NYFD.  When first tower collapsed, he rushed to the emergency command post stationed in the lobby of the second tower.  He was praying over the injured and administering last rites to the dead.  When the second tower collapsed at 9:59 am, Fr. Mychal was one of the first to die.  His last words, according to his biographer, were "Jesus please end this now! Oh God, please end this."

Fr. Mychal was known for his special ministry to those often alienated -- the homeless and those suffering from AIDS.  Once he cradled a man dying from AIDS, and said, "Do you think God doesn't approve?" He then kissed the man and continue to rock him.  He was seen giving the coat off his back to a homeless woman.  His friend and fellow priest gave the homily at his funeral and said that once Fr. Mychal said to him, "Do you know what I want?  What I really, really want?" His friend said, "No, what?" And Fr. Mychal smiled and said, "Absolutely nothing.  I am so blessed."

And what of the people in the plane who willingly overcame the terrorists and saved us from an even more terrifying tragedy?  "Let's roll" will forever be remembered as a mark of heroism because of those brave people.

We have to also remember in our prayers today all the people who are still grieving this day -- the first responders who were there and survived, the family of the thousands who were lost, the children who will never grow up with a mom or a dad.

And there's the tragedy, the gaping hole of grief left in our nation's history.  Yet, there's also hope and inspiration and triumph because we did not let this disaster ruin us -- neither financially nor spiritually.  We came together in beautiful ways both small and large that made the evil the terrorists committed seem almost pitiful.  Nothing can tear us down.

My daughters and I were at Hallmark earlier today and their new logo is: Life is a Special Occasion.  As I was driving home and reflecting on the memorial today, I thought how true that is.  This life, the one that you're living now, is special and fragile and wonderful and a gift.

On our drive home, NPR was playing audio clips of the beautiful changes the survivors of 9-11 had made.  There were stories of people reuniting with old loves, of people quitting their jobs to pursue their dreams, others going back to school, and many calling old friends and family members they'd fought with and hadn't spoken with in a long time.

And then there's the question of moving on.  How do we move through this event as a country? Can we all learn to forgive?  I asked the students in my English class to write papers on forgiveness.  They came up with some beautiful definitions:

Forgiveness is compassion in action.

Forgiveness is allowing yourself a new start.

Forgiveness is letting go of resentment and making room for joy.

Forgiveness is finding peace in yourself without seeking vengeance.

Forgiveness is releasing the pain and letting go of the wrong that has been done to you.

Sometimes the inevitable occurs and we find ourselves in predicaments where the only option left is forgiveness.

I especially like that last one because he's exactly right.  After the tragedy of 9-11, what else can we do but forgive?  It's the only road to tomorrow.

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Lesson in Imperfection

I had a great day at the beach today with my family.  We went sea shell hunting and found many treasures like mermaid coins, shark teeth and even two starfish!  I was looking for big shells to turn into candles.  My oldest daughter saw a huge shell and ran over to it but promptly dropped it.  "What was wrong with that one?" I asked her.  She shrugged, "It wasn't perfect."

I cringed a bit inside.  I will be damned if I raise my daughters to believe that everything has to be perfect in order to be great and wonderful and meaningful.  So, I told her a story of the spirit bead.

Native Americans are known for their intricate bead work.  Most pieces, from a woven belt to an intricate headdress took hours and hours of amazing artistry.  Still, into these carefully woven row upon row of beads, the women would weave a mistake bead into the piece.  They called it the spirit bead and its purpose was to remind us that we're not perfect, that we never can be.

The Persians used to weave their rugs with a purposeful flaw in their nearly priceless carpets for this same reason, and many well known painters did the same thing.

We're not perfect.  We never have been.  If we were, why would we have to be here, on Earth, in this school?  Let's drop the illusionary lure of perfection and just strive to be who we are each day, the best we can.

I think my daughter got the message because we came home with buckets filled with cracked, chipped, broken and beautiful shells.

Crystal Chick's September Newsletter

Crystal Chick's September Newsletter

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Aquamarine

Aquamarine, known as the stone of courage, has often been credited with the ability to keep travelers -- especially overseas -- safe from storms and other traveling disasters.  Sailors would wear or carry aquamarine as a talisman against drowning.  Aquamarine has long been prized as a stone of purity -- dispelling negative forces.

Aquamarine is a wonderful stone for meditation because it calms the minds, clears the aura and aligns the chakras.  It also helps us to release judgement and encourages us to take responsibility for our own actions.

Luc Bourgault in his book Secrets of Crystal Healing recommends holding or wearing aquamarine to help you overcome your fears.  "You can confront fear," he says, "because it is cowardly.  All the time that you run away from it, it will follow you like a shadow.  But the moment you turn and face it, it will be the one to run away."

Aquamarine would be a great stone for a therapist, school counselor, or psychologist to have in his/her office because it helps the patient to speak truthfully, face fears and accept responsibility.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is Psychic Attack Real?

We've all heard those scary terms -- curses, psychic attack, energy vampires, psychic vampires -- but is there really any truth to them?  I don't personally believe in curses.  I think they only work if both parties believe in them.  And so it's not really about the curse, but the belief.

As for psychic attack, it's real.  I've always known this, felt it.  We have all felt it.  There are even phrases in society regarding this.  If your nose is itching, someone's gossiping about you.  Tingling ears?  Someone's thinking of you.

Our thoughts are real, our intentions have real effects.  If you don't believe me, read the post below on killing trees.  IBM engineers Bob Fritchie and Marcus Vogel conducted experiments where they sent negative thoughts to plants and watched as the plants died.  They tried this experiment in many different ways -- the results were always the same.  It didn't matter how far the study participants were from the actual plants.  Distance, space and time didn't matter.  Energy is timeless.  The plants always died.  Conversely, when they sent love to plants in the study, they grew and flourished.

In my work, I can always tell if someone still has feeling for an old love.  If they're still resenting an ex or despising a boss who fired them or resenting a child who didn't live up to the parent's expectations.  We wear this in our energy.  Sometimes, I can see these people in their aura.  And some of us are carrying a lot of people with us.  I have to look at the cords connecting my clients to these people so I can get more information.  Sometimes, we are inadvertently sending out a psychic attack and other times, we're the unwitting recipient of psychic attack.

This occurs whenever we are speaking negatively about someone.  If, for example, you're angry at your ex and you can't stop talking about him/her to all your friends, family and lawyers, you are psychically attacking your ex.  This is really bad karma and will come back to hit you on the head THREE times.  Whatever we se`nd out -- good or bad -- comes back to us THREE times.  This is called the rule of three and is more commonly known as the Golden Rule.

A client came into my office this week, and I literally saw a man walk in with her.  This really freaked me out because I knew he was alive.  I don't know how I knew this, but I knew that he was alive and was psychically stalking her.  I felt that he was doing this consciously, that he must have known the power of consistent thought and intention.  Why did I think this?  Because I watched, slack jawed, as he leaned against my table and spoke to me.  "I got this," he said, motioning to my client.  "I got her.  She's all mine."

It turned out that my client had been the victim of a stalker and was still trying to get away from him.  This incident really proved to me that psychic attack is real.  I can't stress this enough.  Be a conscious observer of your thoughts, intentions, and deeds.  Also, be aware of what you're listening to.  My friend has this amazing attitude about what she allows in to her life.  She's very good about refusing to listen to rumors and gossip and hearsay.  Last year, she and I were cleaning up after our annual cookie swap.  A good friend of ours stayed to help us, and asked, "Hey ya'all, do you wanna hear some gossip?"  And my friend said, "If you don't mind, I really don't.  By the way, your cookies were awesome. Will you share the recipe?"  I remember just standing there in amazement.  I never would have said that because I hate to be rude.  But my friend never came across as rude.  Not once.  I would have listened to the gossip, not said anything, and then changed the subject.  But she didn't even let it get that far.

Be your own gossip police.  Don't let negativity swirl around you.  Because it will come back to you in many ways --- you or your family members might battle a lot of infections and allergies, you might lose things, or find yourself the victim of malicious gossip and rumors.  This is going to sound weird, but whenever I do participate in negative talk, I lose money.  I'll be overcharged at the grocery store, or a five dollar bill will fly away from my wallet into the wind (that's happened twice),  or I'll just have a ton of extra expenses.  The car will need something new or an appliance in the house will break.  The karma that comes back to you will effect you and your family in some way that will always result in annoying and stressful drama.

So, how can you protect yourself from this?  Check out books on psychic protection.  Surround yourself in white light at least twice a day and definitely before you go to bed.  Cleanse your chakras weekly. Check out my chakra cleansing CD for help with this.  Wear a crystal for protection every day.  You can use any crystal for this purpose -- just cleanse it when you bring it home, sit with it for about ten minutes sending the crystal white light and ask it to protect you from all negativity from within and without.  Keep your surroundings clean and organized to reduce a cluttered mind which leaves you more susceptible to psychic attack.  Keep your energy clean and clear by surrounding yourself with things and people that make you happy.  Practice affirmations.  Read uplifting material daily.  Avoid negative people, TV, books and movies.  Take weekly salt baths.  Sage your house often.  BE KIND.  Really, that's all you need to do.  Be kind and that will be returned to you.