Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crystal of the Week: Obsidian

The ancient Greeks used polished Obsidian as a scrying tool to see into the future.  Known to be a very protective stone, Obsidian blocks psychic attack and protects the wearer from harmful intentions by others.  It creates a shield around your aura.

When worn, Obsidian reveals old patterns and energetic blocks.  It helps the wearer to discover the reason behind an illness.  It reveals aspects of your personality that need to be changed.

Wearing or meditating with Obsidian will help you regain your power, your confidence, your sense of self.  It helps you to face your shadow side and recover your truth as you transform negative aspects and beliefs about who you are.

There are many types of Obsidian such as:

Mahogany Obsidian: This is a stone of personal acceptance and strength and helps us to maintain true to our convictions.

Rainbow Obsidian: This is a stone of great love.  It cuts through energetic cords that have bound two people inappropriately.  Meditating with the stone teaches you to be open to love again.  It increases your self-esteem and reminds you that you deserve love and joy.

Snowflake Obsidian: This is a stone of gentle healing.  It gently brings things to the surface that we've long suppressed but need to face again.  The white markings remind us that even in the darkest of times there is always a spark of white light piercing through the darkness and showing us the way to a happier path.

Apache Tear: This hardworking stone helps the wearer to work through periods of grief and sorrow.  Apache Tears offer hope, love and support during the most difficult times.

Blue Obsidian: This stone is especially recommended for psychics and sensitives as it offers distinctive protection against negative psychic energy.  It helps with all types of communication and is known as a stone of Tarot as it helps tarot readers read with clarity. It aids astral travel and enhances telepathy.  Because it helps one to seek and find clarity in a situation, it's also recommended for those suffering from memory loss or alzheimer's.

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