Sunday, March 7, 2010

Universal Language

I received an email today asking me if I can talk to spirits on the other side who don't speak English. I smiled because this is a question I often get. The short answer is YES. I've spoken with Italians, Spanish, French and Korean spirits who've never spoken a word of English. How does that work? Energy. Once our loved ones pass to the other side, they no longer have a body. So they communicate through thought. They give me symbols that I have to interpret. For example, an Italian grandmother who'd never lived in the US or spoken English, showed me two pictures -- a pink ribbon and a grandmother hugging a grand daughter. So I asked my client, "Did you recently fight breast cancer?" When she said yes, I was able to tell her that her grandmother had comforted her through that. I believe we all speak the same language over there. It's only here on Earth that we've complicated everything!

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