Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Are Black Eyed Kids?

I've been getting a lot of emails asking me if I've heard of Black Eyed Kids, so I thought the time had come for me to address this topic.  Yes, I've heard of Black Eyed Kids and may have even encountered one -- more on that later.

Black Eyed Kids are a group of children -- usually between the ages of 10 - 15 -- who dress nondescriptly and seem to have one goal -- to get into your house.  The scary thing about them is they have black eyes.  Totally black.  People from all over the world are reporting stories of children ringing their doorbell (usually at night) and asking to come inside.  Some have encountered these children on camping trips, out on the beach or downtown in their city and even in these situation, the kids will ask to go home with them.

They never do anything threatening; they just look a bit spooky and continuously and repeatedly ask to go home with you or to be allowed in your home.  What happens if you let them in?  Well, no one knows because the only stories that are reported are from the people who DON'T let them in.

There are a lot of theories about who the Black Eyed Kids are.  Some think they're demons, others believe they're aliens.  Some think they're a version of the Grim Reaper and that when they appear, they are a harbinger of some bad luck that's coming to us -- more of a warning than anything else.

For more information on Black Eyed Kids, click here  or read a recent book about the phenomenon by clicking here.  I haven't read the book, so I can't speak for it.

I've never encountered a group of children asking to come into my home, but I did have a weird experience last month that I think you all might get a kick out of reading.  I made dinner for the family one night and left my husband to handle the bedtime routine with the kids so I could run some errands.  My last stop was at TJ Max because I needed a new bath mat.  How exciting, right?  It was around 8 or 8:30, so the store was rather empty.  At our TJ Max, they snake you through a line and an automated voice will call out "cashier number 1" or "cashier number 2."  There was a woman standing in front of me and a couple of people were being checked out by the cashiers, but that woman and I were the only people in line.

I suddenly felt something behind me, and when I turned to look, there was a little boy standing there.  He looked to be about 4 years old.  He had black hair and black eyes.  The weird thing is that, as a mom, whenever I see kids alone in a store, I will say to them, "Can I help you find your mom or dad?" But for some reason, I didn't say a word.  I just stared at this little boy and he stared at me.  I waited a few minutes, expecting his mom to run up and say, "There you are!" But that didn't happen.  I kept turning around to look at him and would just stare at me.

I then turned to the woman in front of me and made a questioning face as if to say, "What should we do with this little guy?" The woman frowned and turned her back to me.  She was then called to the next cashier and soon after so was I.  When I got up to the register, I said to the cashier, "Is there anyway you could make an announcement about that little boy?  He's been standing in line by himself for quite some time." The cashier looked at me oddly and said, "What little boy?" I turned around and there was no one there.  So I turned to the frowning woman who had been in front of me and called out.  "Ma'am, did you see that little boy standing behind me?" She frowned again and said, "Miss, there was no one behind you."

Okay, so that's when I got a little panicky.  Since the store was nearly empty by this time, I held up a finger and said to the cashier, "Hold on one second."  I then dashed throughout the store trying to find the little boy or at least a parent searching for a child.  Nothing.  I finally went back to the cashier and asked, "Have you ever thought this store was haunted?" She just gave me that weird look and said, "That'll be $24.72 ma'am." I handed her the money and walked slowly to my car.  I sat in that parking lot for about twenty minutes waiting to see if that little boy and his parents would walk out.  But no one else walked out except that frowning woman who, for sure, thought I was nuts.

I don't know what I saw in that TJ Max.  He had black eyes, but they weren't totally black.  I could still see the white of his eyes, so to speak.  But the whole thing was strange for me because I never spoke to him.  That's so unlike me.  And he never spoke to me and never looked scared that he was standing in line alone without an adult watching out for him.  It was just weird.  So weird.  Did I see a Black Eyed Kid?  I don't know.  But I do think it was paranormal.


  1. that gives me chills just to read.

  2. That's so creepy! I wonder why they want to go home with you or get into your house?

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