Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crystal of the Week: Pearl

While not exactly a crystal, Pearls are still naturally made and have many metaphysical qualities that can be very beneficial to the wearer. Pearls have long been the traditional symbol of innocence and all that good and right and pure.  After all, the gates to heaven are said to be made of pearls.  Legend says that pearls are the angels’ tears dropped down from heaven when they cry over our sinful ways.  Pearls have such a strong connotation with youthful innocence, that as late as the 18th century, pearls were ground up and given as medicine to prevent the aging process.

Because pearls are entirely sea-made, they help to connect us with the water, with life and with our emotions. Pearls are known to absorb the energy of the person who wears them.  They will absorb this energy and send it back to you.  So avoid wearing pearls if you are feeling down or pessimistic about something.  Beware, too, of inherited pearls.  If Grandma was always apt to see the glass as half empty, you might not want to wear her pearls or else you’ll soon be seeing the negative side of life yourself.

 Pearls are formed when a foreign substance slips into the oyster causing an irritation to form.  Because of this, pearls are said to help us confront the reason behind situations that are irritating us.  If a person in your life is bugging you, try rubbing a pearl necklace as though they were worry beads and ask, “What lesson is this person here to teach me?”

Pearls help us to fulfill our role as caretaker or nurturer with ease and understanding.  It helps bring out the maternal instinct in women and can help men to feel more nurturing.  When worn for long periods of time, pearls help to regulate our emotions.

Long believed to cure skin ailments, even today in China, they sell powdered pearls to heal acne and Rosacea.  Some even believe it can help aid fertility issues.

When given as a gift, pearls symbolize faith, fidelity and true love. Known as the stone of sincerity, pearls are said to increase one’s integrity.

When combined with diamonds, pearls help to amplify situations in our life helping us to deal with them head on.  If you constantly wear a diamond and pearl ring, for example, you may find it especially difficult to ignore your passive aggressive boss or you may find that you have to set boundaries with your mother-in-law.  In short, diamonds and pearls do not allow us to pull a Scarlet O’Hara.  Issues that need to be dealt with can not be put off for tomorrow.  When combined with emeralds, they help to magnify negative situations in our life so we can release them. So, for example, if you’ve been continually overlooked for a promotion, wearing emeralds and pearls will give you the strength and courage to move on and look for a new job where your hard work will be validated and appreciated.

Mother of Pearl is a great choice for mothers.  New moms should place a mother of pearl shell on their desk to ease the transition back into the workplace. It also helps to bring the cleansing, calming effects of the sea.  Meditate with Mother of Pearl when you need to feel relaxed and stress free.

Black Pearls help to regulate the emotions of menopausal women.  A very protective piece of jewelry – when worn, it will help to absorb sadness and grief.

If you feel a connection to the sea and a longing to get in touch with what is right and true about your life’s journey, try wearing pearls and see what they reveal to you about yourself and your purpose.

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