Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Father's Love

Once again, my readings are clumping.  Almost every woman who has come to see me this week was looking to connect with her father.  In three readings I did yesterday, all the women had lost their father before their 20's.  That's hard.  But the really neat thing is that these fathers shared that they are not done parenting just because they're in heaven.  One father showed me that he helped his daughter get out of a bad relationship in college.  Another dad showed me he had helped his daughter get a promotion and had even (somehow) encouraged the boss to retire a year early.  How he did that, I have no idea.  But he was definitely and proudly taking credit for that.  One dad showed me that he had been there with his daughter through a painful divorce and was trying to help her meet someone if she would just do something besides work, work, work.  I could sense some frustration there :)

One father told his daughter to clean her car and get the oil changed.  Another dad told his daughter he saw her get three graduate degrees.  I thought that was a pretty good validation because how many of us get three graduate degrees?  That's impressive and her dad wanted her to know he was proud of her.

I did a reading for a woman who lost her husband when her children were just 12 and 16.  All the husband wanted to talk about were the kids.  He spoke about their graduations, their weddings, their children.  He told me his youngest daughter was having another child this year and that the older one's husband was getting a new job.

So why am I sharing this all with you?  Because I think it's important to know that our loved ones are with us, really with us, still sharing our lives with us, helping us and trying to be there for us as best they can.

They can't prevent our life lessons.  If we're supposed to go through a financial difficulty to teach us balance and gratitude, they can't prevent that but they can encourage other friends and family to be supportive and help out a bit.  If we're supposed to go through a health trauma to teach us how to be strong and courageous, they can't prevent that but they can make sure we're seeing the best doctors and getting the best care.  How do they do this?  Through thoughts.  Thoughts are living bits of energy and once we're on the other side we learn how to manipulate, create and change energy.

So, let's say that you have to have back surgery and you've scheduled this surgery with a so-so doctor.  Your dad in heaven knows that Dr. Smith would be a much better doctor for you.  So, as you're driving home from work, you suddenly remember that you're out of milk so you pull into the grocery store.  In line, you feel compelled to strike up a conversation with the woman behind you.  As you get talking, she shares that she's so glad to finally be out and about after her back surgery she just had with the most amazing doctor -- Dr. Smith.   See how the dad manipulated that?  He can coordinate with your guides and that woman's guides to  make sure you too end up at the store at the same time.  It's not easy, but they can do it.  The stronger their personality is, the easier it is for them to help us.  If you have shy, quiet loved ones on the other side, you'd better ask your guides for help.  But if you have any loud, pushy or super loyal family members in heaven, consider yourself lucky.  Sometimes, the squeaky wheel does get the oil first!

Let's say you're in a bad relationship and you want to get out but you don't know how and frankly you're feeling a bit scared about the whole thing.  You suspect your boyfriend may have cheated on you, but surely that can't be true.  Your dad can help here by putting the thought in your head to spontaneously stop at a restaurant after work with your friend when you happen to see your boyfriend with someone else.

So, if you're missing a loved one, please know that they're here with you and they want to help you.  Let them by asking for their help and being open to the guidance your receive.

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