Sunday, April 8, 2012

Crystal of the Week -- Bloodstone

Happy Easter to those who are celebrating today! In honor of Easter, I chose Bloodstone as the crystal of the week.  This stone is a lovely dark green quartz dotted with flecks of red jasper.  Legend said that the green quartz stones were around the cross that Christ was crucified on and they caught the drops of Jesus' blood which is why the stone is called Bloodstone and is known as a noted healer of many ailments.

Physically, Bloodstone is said to be a blood cleanser and immune strengthener.  Wearing Bloodstone revitalizes the exhausted person and stimulates good health.

Bloodstone will increase your intuition while protecting you from dark and negative influences.  It's a very grounding stone and protecting stone that will work hard to keep negative people and experiences away from your energy.  It imparts on the wearer courage and discernment enabling you to make sound decisions as it teaches you how to really listen to your intuition.

It helps you to feel more spiritual in your every day life as it reduces impatience, irritability and anger.  Judy Hall recommends placing a Bloodstone in a bowl of water by the bed to aid a restless sleeper.  She also suggests taping a piece of Bloodstone over the thymus to strengthen the immune system.

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