Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crystal of the Week: Ruby

If you have a hard time making decisions, if you've lost your joi de vivre, if you feel unworthy of success in finances and love, then Ruby is the stone for you.  Known as the stone of "Power and Nobility," Ruby encourages you to be more confident and loving with yourself.  It increases your passion and gives you the strength and energy needed to follow your dreams.  Ruby is a fire stone and is said to contain its own light inside.  If you've felt like a victim in the past, Ruby will work to change that for you.  It's a strong stone, second in hardness only to the Diamond.

Ruby is also known to be a very protective stone and will help ward off negative thoughts and gossip directed at you.  It's said to darken in color when danger is near.  It's been recorded that Queen Catherine of Aragon's ruby ring darkened significantly before her husband, King Henry the VIII, cast her aside for Anne Boleyn.  Still, Ruby is typically given as a token of love and is known as the gemstone not only for those born in July but also for those celebrating their 15th or 40th wedding anniversary.

Physically, Ruby is said to increase blood circulation, increase energy and stamina.  When worn as jewelry, it's said to decrease anger.  Some have attributed the powers of Ruby to alleviated impotence in men. It will also help remove blocked energies in the reproductive system.

If you keep tumbled raw Ruby on your desk at work, it's said to increase your success and financial outlook.  Placed in the bedroom by the bedside table, Ruby will protect you from intruders and nightmares.

If you dream about Rubies, it means money and successful opportunities are coming your way.

Often referred to as "the Caretaker's Stone," Ruby will help you if you're caring someone and finding it difficult.  Wearing and praying with Ruby can help remove any resentment that may be building up inside you.  Ruby is a stone of power and reminds you that you have power in any situation you're facing.  It helps you to find this power and claim it as your own.

Ruby worn with Citrine or Yellow Topaz will help you achieve your goals.

If you need to increase passion in your life, where Ruby on either your left hand or your left wrist.

If you are self-employed, keep Ruby and Citrine in your cash register or by your computer to attract more business.

Wearing Ruby will help to lift your confidence so that you can attract the wealth you need.  It does so in a way that you're not focusing just on status, prestige and the illusion of "keeping up with the Jones." Rather, Ruby helps you to remember that money is simply a piece of paper we use to trade stuff for more stuff.

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