Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

A new year is upon is, and so I thought I'd take a moment to wish you all very happy New Year and to share with you some of my new year traditions.  Each New Year's Eve, my family and I take a moment on that day to write down everything we want to get rid of from this year, everything we need to release and forget.  We write these down and do not share them with anyone else.  After placing them in a fireproof bowl, we burn the paper and say a little blessing asking God to take away these situations while allowing the lessons to remain.  Then we share with everyone at the table our goals, hopes and aspirations for the new year.

This year we made homemade fortune cookies.  They were so fun and easy.  My children wrote and decorated the fortunes including phrases like, "You will be fortunate in everything this year" and "Health and happiness are your constant friends in 2012."  

Tomorrow we'll eat black eyed pea salad for good luck.  After church, we'll go have brunch and take a walk on the beach.  Somehow, I have to start my new year next to the ocean.  And we'll eat cake baked with a lucky coin.  Whoever gets that piece is sure to have good luck all year long.

However you spend the first day of this new year, I hope you take some time to send out your positive intentions, to focus on your blessings, and to really enjoy the feeling of a new beginning.

Happy New Year!

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