Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crystal of the Week: Pietersite

I just bought a piece of Pietersite today.  I'm not proud to admit that I bought a gift for myself while out shopping, but this particular stone just called to me.  It's not the prettiest stone out there -- that's for sure, but it does feel wonderful.  Its energy is calming, soothing and very reassuring.

Pietersite is named after Sid Pieters who discovered the stone in 1962 in Namibia.  This is a highly spiritual stone that assists the seeker on reaching loving levels of high vibrations while meditating.  The stone will help you reach the Akashic records and especially works on past life recall.  Peitersite will help you remember why you incarnated in this life time.

As humans, we can often feel alone and separated from others, when in reality we are all connected.  Wearing Pietersite helps us remember that we're from a source of love and are still a part of that love.

It connects you to your own inner guidance and helps you to hear the guidance of your spirit guides and guardian angels rather than listening to the opinions of those around us.  If you were emotionally manipulated by a parent or authority figure, Pietersite works to break that manipulation allowing you to be truly independent.  If you made vows of poverty or celibacy in a past life, Peitersite will help to break those bonds.

Pietersite will open the third eye while stimulating the pineal gland so it will support an increase in spiritual visions and psychic development.   Judy Hall says Pietersite "promotes walking in your own truth."  Cassandra Eason believes that Pietersite will "help you soar spiritually, especially if time for yourself is limited or too often cut short by other people's crises."

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  1. My friends got me Pietersite earrings for my birthday while we were in Namibia. It was the perfect gift, since Namibia is the only place it's found. I like the coloring- it reminds me of the Earth with the brown & blue swirled together. I had no idea it had so many great qualities, though. I'll have to wear them more often.