Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Angelite

Known as the Angel Stone, Angelite with its heavenly blue color will assist you in making a deeper connection with your guardian angel. Angelite assists in releasing blockages from your chakras.  Cassandra Eason recommends rubbing Angelite on your palms and soles of your feet to remove these blockages and allow energy to flow more freely.  It can assist any sound healing therapy.

Angelite encourages peace, healing and serenity.  It protect the wearer from cruel and negative people.  In Eason's book The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals, she writes, "Angelite will return bad wishes as waves of compassion."

It helps the wearer to increase their ability to forgive while helping to combat and face down fears.

Angelite will increase your compassion for others and help to raise your vibrations.  With its nurturing energies, it's a must have for healers.

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