Friday, December 23, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Chiastolite

In honor of Christmas, I've chosen Chiastolite as the crystal of the week.  Known as "the Cross Stone," Chiastolite is a fascinating stone because a cross shape grows naturally inside the crystal.  No matter how you cut it, there is always a cross shape present.  Chiastolite helps people going through very significant changes -- a scary move, a divorce, loss of a loved one.  And because it helps us to become cognizant of the birth, death and rebirth cycles of life and nature, it's a great stone for someone getting ready to transition.  If you know someone in hospice, Chiastolite is a good stone to give them as a worry stone because it will help to calm their fears as they prepare to move on.

Chiastolite is great to meditate with if you're arguing with someone because it helps us to see all side of an issue.

It works to strengthen all chakras, especially the root and sacral chakras.  As a result, it's a good stone for encourage balance, grounding and creativity.

This is a good stone to give to teenagers because Chiastolite will balance hormonal moods.

It's excellent for psychic defense.  Legend says that wearing Chiastolite protects against curses and ill wishing.

Your other crystals will benefit from Chiastolite because it works to energize the stones around it.  Carnelian will cleanse the stones around it; whereas, Chiastolite will charge up the surrounding stones.

Chiastolite helps to reduce fear and anxiety.  Physically, it will assist issues with blood disorders, blood circulation and blood pressure.

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