Thursday, June 28, 2012

How Can I Connect With My Loved One In Heaven?

I recently got an email from a woman who said that she thinks she feels her mom around her sometimes, but isn't sure.  I hear this from so many of my clients; they are hopeful it's their loved ones connecting with them, but there's a fear that they're wrong.  IF you think your loved one is with you, then they are.  Our loved ones connect with us frequently through thought. One of my favorite stories came to me from a client who lost her husband.  She was grieving and missing him terribly.  She said she often walked into her closet and would just sit and smell his old shirts. She said one night in exasperation, "I just wish I could feel you around me! I wish I knew you were here." Soon after that, she heard a crash in her bathroom.  "I keep all my perfumes on a shelf over the toilet," she explained. "Out of all those bottles, just one fell off -- my husband's cologne. It shattered as it crashed to the floor. Now," she smiled, "I smell him all the time and know he's around me."

How did that cologne -- the one bottle in the center of all her bottles of perfume -- come crashing to the floor?  Her husband was right there with her, knowing that she needed this validation.  And since she'd been smelling his shirts for comfort, he figured out the one way to make sure she'd smell him and have the confirmation and comfort that he was still with her.

My guides have always told me that our loved ones are allowed to communicate with us primarily in one of five ways:

1) Through dreams
2) Through nature
3) Using metal
4) Manipulating music
5) Manipulating electronics

So, let's look at what that means.  If you have a dream where you are with your loved one, you get to talk to him or her, you may even get to hug your loved one and when you wake up, every detail of the dream remains with you, this is called a dream visit and is indeed your loved one visiting you.  Typically these dreams take place between 3 and 6 am.  Click here for more  information on dream visits.

Our loved ones will often show us signs in nature to let us know they are still with us.  Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and rainbows are all common signs.  One of my clients buried her father's ashes in her backyard and planted rose bushes there.  She says the roses are in bloom nearly all year long.  Another client told me that she sees cardinals wherever she goes and one has even nested in her yard.  Even though she lives up North, and cardinals typically fly South for the winter, this cardinal has stayed in her yard through two winters.  Just yesterday, a client told me that her friend's mother told everyone before she died that she'd show them dragonflies to let them know she'd made it to heaven.  My client said since her passing, two dragonflies have flown inside her house.

One we die, we are pure energy, so it's harder to manifest a body than it is to manipulate nature, metal, music or electronics.  It takes a lot of energy and lower level, denser earth energy to manifest a body which is why people tend to report seeing ghosts more often than their loved ones in heaven.  Since ghosts are earthbound, they have more access to the denser energy to help themselves appear to us. Spirits who have crossed over to heaven are lighter in energy and happier too :)

Since metal is a conductor of energy, our loved ones can easily use any metal to connect with us.  That saying "Pennies are from heaven" is true. Those of you have read this blog for awhile are by now familiar with the amazing ways my mother-in-law has given me quarters to let me know she's still with our family.  Click here for one of those stories. Many of you have reported finding dimes everywhere you go.  I have one client who swears her father leaves her dimes everywhere that are either from 1937 (the year of his birth) or 1965 (the year of her birth).  Some people report that when they hold their grandmother's necklace or their grandfather's war medal, they can feel their energy more strongly.

Music is another way spirits can connect with us.  If you continually hear a song that reminds you of the person you're missing, you can bet it's them saying, "Hi!"  One of my clients was considering taking a job in New York, but it would mean moving his family and having his kids start a new school. He asked his dad in heaven for a sign.  "If this is the right move for my family, please let me know dad."  After that, he kept hearing Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York."  He heard it on the radio, he heard on the elevator speakers traveling up to his office, he caught a bio of Frank Sinatra on A and E just as they were playing his signature song.   When his friend was humming the song as they drove to lunch, he said, "I get it dad!" and planned his move to New York.

Electronics is another way they can connect with us.  My friend swears that her mom still calls her on the phone.  When she's really missing her mom, the phone will ring -- nothing will show up on caller ID -- and then no one will be on the phone when she answers.   Click here for a great story about a deceased daughter using the phone to help her mom.  I've had clients report that their deceased loved one's long expired cell phone will text message them on their birthdays.  I've heard of people who get emails from their loved one in heaven. My mother-in-law swore up and down that whenever she would talk about her deceased brother, the lamp in her bedroom would flicker.  After she passed, the lamp never flickered again.  Hmmm . . . My friend George who knew he was dying of cancer told his cousin (an agnostic), "If there really is a heaven, I'll make that light in the guest room hallway finally turn on." The cousin explained to me that even though several electricians had looked at the light fixture in that hallway, they couldn't get it to work.  It was an old house, so they just dealt with it.  Just a few months after George passed, his cousin was walking down that hallway when the light blinked on.  He told me that the light fixture still works today.

So, if you think you are feeling your loved one around you, know that they are there.  And if you need confirmation of that, you can ask them for a sign.  Ask your mother to show you a blue dragonfly.  Tell your grandmother who loved to garden to help make your hydrangeas grow as her sign of love.  Be specific and be open, and when you receive your sign, say, "Thank you.  I love you too."



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