Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crystal of the Week: Iceland Spar Calcite

This beautiful clear stone, also called Optical Calcite, is a great stone for awakening latent psychic abilities.  It's an energy amplifier and is especially good for opening and balancing the chakras.  It works to clear away old, negative thought patterns and helps you to attract more positive energy.  Many crystal therapists recommend Iceland Spar Calcite for Law of Attraction work because of its ability to help the wearer release old negative thought beliefs that are no longer working.  Optical Calcite works great in crystal grids as it will help amplify the energy of the other stones.

If you have a fear of opening up to your psychic abilities, Iceland Spar Calcite will help you begin to clear away those old fears and awaken your third eye.

This crystal will help raise your vibrations and lift your consciousness to realize your true soul purpose. It absorbs the energy coming to the wearer and transmutes it into positive energy.  It also helps break down one's resistant to change while increasing confidence and courage.

I recommend meditating with Iceland Spar Calcite over your third eye to help clear away any old negative thought programming about your intuitive abilities.

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