Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quarters From Heaven

Hello Readers! Wanted to share this very special sign from above with you. My daughter recently graduated kindergarten. We were so excited for this event. She got to wear a cap and gown, had to memorize part of a poem and sing two songs. When I put her to bed that night, I tucked her in, pulled the covers up and kissed her good night. But knowing my rambunctious sleeper, I fully expected to find her out of the covers as usual the next morning. She's a flipper and usually ends up with her head at the foot board and her feet on the pillow. But this morning when I walked in to wake her up, she was laying perfectly still -- head on her pillow, blankets still tucked under her chin. And right on top of the blanket was a quarter!

Why is this significant? Well, my mother-in-law transitioned to the other side two years ago. She loved nothing more than being a loving mother and grandmother and we were all saddened to see her go. I asked her to give me quarters as her sign that she was with us. I find quarters now in the most amazing ways. So this morning when I found the quarter lying there on my still tucked in kindergartner, I knew it was my mother-in-law's way of saying, "I'll be there!"

Oh, and the year on the quarter was the year my husband graduated from high school!

Give your loved ones in heaven a sign to show you and know that they are literally just a thought away.


  1. I love this story. It reminds me of my own experiences with what I believe is my Nana (whom I was extremely close with), but what I find are pennies from Heaven.
    My grandmother collected pennies, why I have no idea, and after her death I found the collection and still have them. I will occasionally find a random penny in the most odd place and it took me a while in the beginning to figure it out, but now I know it is her way of saying "hello" from the other side. At least that is what I believe!
    Whenever I find one of these pennies I pick it up, say "Hello Nana" and then proceed to look at the date of the penny. They are always old looking and dated from the 60's through 70's, sometimes the 80's & 90's but never beyond that. She passed in 2000.

  2. I just got in a bad car accident got hit by an 18 wheeler truck totalled my car my baby was in the car and I just had surgery its been over a yr since my accident and me and my husband have been struggling Ive started to loose hope I never pick up pennies I never find money. But this day my hubby found a quarter in the grass!! In the grass! randomly and same day I found one in the house and my son has been all over the change putting it in his piggy bank but I found it felt like a sign. Both different quarters. That same night I felt as if someone touched my back very lightly it was weird not a bad presence but as if It was another sign I believe this to the fullest Im a believer I believe the lord is sending angels to watch over me cuz also Ive been having depressed thoughts feeling alone but Im not alone! Believe! 🙌🙏