Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dream Visits

In my readings over the last week or so, I've had a lot of people come through with information about their dream visits which left my clients with many questions, so I thought I'd take a minute to explain what I've learned from our loved ones on the other side.

When you've lost a loved one, they're allowed to come to you in dreams to let you know they're okay, that they made it to the other side.  I've also learned through my readings that it takes a lot of energy for our deceased friends and loved ones to come through this way.  This is just a sampling of what I heard just this week in readings,

"Tell her I'm trying to build up enough energy to come in a dream."

"Please let him know I'm trying to come in a dream, but his grief is preventing me."

"I'm sorry I scared her in my dream visit. I didn't mean to."

"Tell her that really was me in a dream.  She doesn't believe it."

In order for them to visit us in a dream, they have to get permission from their guides and angels, they have to learn how to build their energy and align it with ours during our dream state, and they have to learn how to recreate themselves because on the other side, they don't have a body.  They're just pure light.  They have to use their energy to build or create everything in the dream -- the scenery, the clothes, the weather, the furniture.

If you're grieving, your energy puts up a dense barrier and your loved ones can't penetrate that barrier to come through in a dream visit.  Be patient with your grief and ask for signs instead until you're ready to receive them in a dream.

Give them time to come to you. I was sitting with a client last week and her loved one apologized for scaring her in a dream.  I relayed this information to my client and she said, "He did!  I woke up in my dream and saw him walking toward me with his limbs going every which way; it was like he had no bones! I told him to go away.  Stop scaring me."  She felt terrible about that, but the dream truly frightened her.  I explained to her that since he'd only recently passed, he hadn't learned how to use energy to recreate his body.

I've also been told by loved ones that they're only allowed to come to us in three dream visits.  This doesn't always hold true; if something major is going on in your life, often they'll be given permission to visit you in a dream and offer comfort.  But in general, they're given three visits.  This is done to prevent the grieving person from holding on to their lost love and their grief.  If they were allowed to visit us in dreams as often as we wished, we'd never get through the grieving process and our loved ones on the other side would never be allowed to move on.

When we die, as I've said before, we're not assigned a harp and a cloud.  We have work to do.  First there's the life review process which can take awhile.  Then there's the rest period where we come to terms with what we did and didn't do in our lifetime on earth.  This is followed by our job assignment.  We're all given different tasks.  Teachers will often continue their work by either teaching young souls who've recently crossed or by inspiring and guiding teachers on earth.  Doctors will administer to newly arrived souls or assist souls ready to return.  Psychologists and counselors will work with troubled souls who are having a hard time dealing with the karma of their actions.  I've been told by suicides and people who've died through overdosing that their job is to work with suicidal and addicted souls on earth to prevent them from going down the same road.  Some people are given the task of watching out for family members still here on earth.  One client had a brother who passed.  He showed me a fire he'd prevented and said that was his job -- to keep the family safe.

If we continue to hold on to them, pulling them here with our thoughts, our sadness, our needs, they'll never be allowed to progress through the many levels of their soul development.  That's why the dream visits are limited.

I've also been told that if your loved one is able to hug you in a dream, that's a big deal.  It takes a lot of energy for them to create this scenario.  Be grateful for this experience.

If you're blessed with a dream visit, I suggest you do a few things:

1) acknowledge it.  Don't doubt it.  You'll know it's real because you'll remember every detail of it.

2) say thank you.  As I've pointed out many times already, it takes a lot of energy for them to come to us this way.

3) write it down.  You'll be surprised how much comfort you'll receive months and years down the road from reading about your dream visit.

4) be careful who you tell.  Don't enthusiastically share your dream with naysayers.  Our loved ones come to us in dream visits to offer us comfort and hope.  Telling a non-believer and possibly dashing your hopes is not what your loved one on the other side wants for you.

If you haven't received a dream visit, be patient.  Ask for one and then wait patiently.  They will come to you.  If you have any questions or dream visits of your own, please share them here.

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  1. My mother recently passed away, September 2010, and it has been a difficult journey for me since then. In early December I was awoken by a dream that I knew I had to instantly write down in order to make sense of it.

    The dream started out in the location that my mom passed away, with her body still in the bed. She started to twitch and talk a little bit at a time. One of my aunts was there with me and I mentioned that mom wanted to be cremated. Then my mom spoke up and said that was just a part of her (just her body).
    The dream jumped and I was riding in the car with mom, she was driving and it was making me nervous because I was thinking about how it couldn't really be her. I was encouraging her to park the car but she wanted to keep driving because she told me she had never seen the area we were driving through. I started crying at this point and she asked me what was wrong. I told her I missed her so much! She told me that she was right there and I told her it wasn't the same. At that point I started to cry harder and that's when I woke up.

    I told my sister about this and she thought it was cool that mom had visited me. It's hard to believe that she could get through all my grief, but perhaps she was trying to remind me that it is ok and even though she's on a new journey, she's still with me!