Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Your handwriting says a lot about who you are.  For example, people who write small, tiny letters tend to be tight with their money whereas people who write big are generous with their money.  People who embellish their handwriting with hearts and swirly curls care a lot what others think about them but are also kind hearted and well meaning.  People who make it so their handwriting is barely legible usually like to keep a part of themselves hidden.  It doesn't mean they have something to hide, it just means they don't like to show their hand and tend to keep up walls.

If your handwriting slants down across the page when you write can indicate some sadness or a tendency to pessimism.  If your handwriting slants upwards, it means you tend to be an optimist and always see the glass half full.  Sometimes, it can mean you prefer to see the world through rose colored glasses rather than as it really is.

If your handwriting leans left, you tend to be introspective and an independent thinker.  You like to work alone and form your own thoughts and opinion irrespective of those around you.  You've been marching to your own drumbeat for a long time.

Large and rounded handwriting means you're a team player.  People with round handwriting are warm hearted, generous and outgoing.

Small and angular handwriting indicates a person who is detail-oriented.  You enjoy tackling problems, you're a hard worker but can be sensitive to criticism.

People who consistently write in printed or block letters are adventurous go-getters.  You like things to be streamlined and will work hard to achieve your goals.  People with this type of handwriting make great entrepreneurs.  You detest clutter, tend to be impatient and are very ambitious.

Handwriting that leans to the right means you're a forward thinker.  You don't like to look back at the past.  You don't hold on to things.  No regrets for you.  You like setting trends and making your own style.  You're a natural leader.

Embellished handwriting with lots of loops and cursive writing means you're artistic, inventive and filled with creative ideas.

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