Friday, July 15, 2011

Opening Your Intuition With the Three C's

If you'd like to open your own intuition and learn how to trust those gut feelings and intuitive hunches you get, look no further than the three C's.  You can open your intuition when you can be:

1) Compassionate
2) Connected
3) Cooperative

The famous medium Gordon Smith teaches that in order to be truly psychic, you must be sincerely compassionate.  You need an open heart, an empathetic soul and a sympathetic personality.  When we're compassionate toward others, we're in tune with those around us.  We're NOT judging, blaming, envying, or comparing.  We're simply feeling.

In order to be intuitive, you have to feel the sense of connection to all things and people around you.  I'll give you a simple, some might say silly, example to illustrate this.  The other night, my daughters screamed because there was a spider in their room.  I picked it up with a tissue, took the spider outside and placed it on a bush by our front door.  My husband laughed hysterically at me.  I said to him, "That spider has a white aura all around it.  That's the spark of God within it which means God created that spider just as He created you and I.  Who am I to kill God's creation?"  I really thought for a moment that my husband was going to call our family doctor.  He looked as though I'd gone insane.  Maybe I have, but really, ever since I opened my third eye, I really can see a white luminescent glow around every living thing -- bugs, trees, flowers.  That luminescent glow is around me and you too.  It's our God spark.    

Carl Jung proved the connection between all of us through his teachings on the collective unconscious.  Alexander Graham Bell beat Elisha Gray to the patent office for the invention of the telephone by a few days.  Several people sued J.K Rowling for creating Harry Potter, for they believed they had had the same idea.  Maybe they had.  We're all connected by the universal collective unconscious.  For example, every single religion shares a creation story and every major religion shares a great flood story.  Coincidence?  Of course not -- we're all connected.

Tap into this sense of connection in your own life.  Tonight, walk outside and spend some moments just looking at the moon, breathing in the air.  Close your eyes and see if you can hear more than ten sounds. Walk around your yard, touch the leaves, feel the grass on your toes.  When you're talking to your friend, really listen.  Don't think or judge or question or try to come up with your own story.  Just listen.  Really listen.  Do something creative this weekend.  Bake, plant a vegetable, play with clay, paint or just color in a coloring book with a little person.

The third step in opening your intuition is cooperation.  I mean this literally.  Stubborn people who are always right will never be really good intuitives.  They might get hunches now and then but nothing consistent or reliable.  Intuitives have to learn how to bend, to go with the flow and how to cooperate with all types of personalities here and on the other side.  I've met all kinds of people doing this work -- living and dead -- with whom I've had to be very cooperative.  There was the woman who said, "I don't care to talk to any dead people, I just want to know how I can get my boyfriend back."  Or there was the older lady on the other side who refused to speak to me because I saw that she was an alcoholic.  Or the man that asked me to prove to him on the phone that I was psychic before he scheduled an appointment. Cooperation also means being open to connecting with your loved ones, guides and angels and realizing that "it takes two to make a thing go right."  You have to learn to raise your vibration and they have to learn to lower theirs.  This takes practice, meditation and prayer.  But, I promise, it is worth it because when you begin to see the connection between all of us through the eyes of a compassionate, corporative soul, a whole new and wonderful world opens up to you.


  1. I'm curious, Samantha, as to what you said to the man who insisted you prove that you were psychic before he would schedule an appointment?

  2. I just laughed and told him I didn't work that way. He turned out to be a very nice person. It takes all kinds!