Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Clear Negativity From Yourself, Your Space and Others

I've blogged about this before and written about it in my newsletters, but from all the email questions I receive about getting rid of negativity, I think it must bear repeating.  The best way to clear negativity is to start with you. Keep your thoughts positive, your words kind and your actions intentional.  Don't allow negative people into your life.  If they're already there -- for example, your parents, spouse, boss or siblings -- then limit your time around them.  Don't take their actions or words personally.  This is a lot harder than it sounds, but with practice, it does  get easier.  Trust me.  If I can do it, anyone can.

Every morning and evening, put white light around yourself, your loved ones, your car, your house and place of work.  Imagine the white light weaving itself around your town, state, country and eventually around the world.  If you have trouble visualizing, see yourself jumping into a white puffy cloud.  Or, when you're showering imagine the water is white light washing away all your negativity and filling you and surrounding you with light, love and peace.

It's important to keep your home a negative free space.  Keep it clean.  I can't stress this enough.  Cleanliness really is next to Godliness.  Okay, just kidding.  But really, a lot of bad mojo gets trapped in the dust bunnies.  Keep live plants and/or fresh flowers in your home.  Get rid of all fake plants and silk flowers -- that's a feng shui no no and it stagnates the energy flow in your home big time.  Try to have a water fountain in your home -- preferably near the front door.  If you don't have a water fountain, a fish bowl works well.  This keeps the energy clear and clean in your home and increases prosperity.  Keep crystal clusters around your home.  This increases group harmony, decreases fights and helps everyone in the home to work together.  With five people and three pets in my home, I can truly attest to the validity of these hard working crystal clusters.  They work!

Amethyst Clusters -- increase spirituality.  Helps everyone get along with a sense of one for all, all for one mentality

Citrine Clusters -- helps increase everyone's happiness and ability to work together.

** Place an amethyst cluster next to a citrine cluster on your bedside table if you'd like you and your partner to have better listening and communication skills together.

Rose Quartz Clusters -- Increases the feelings of love for each other

Clear Quartz Clusters -- Increases the group energy.  So be careful with this cluster if one of the people in your family is negative because it will increase that negative energy unless you ask the clear quartz cluster to work only to increase positivity.

Flourite Clusters -- work great in kids' rooms because they're known as the student stone and help kids do their homework

Any green cluster quartz will work well in the kitchen to increase good food, good conversation and prosperity.  In Feng Shui, the kitchen is the center of prosperity.

Don't forget to place crystals in your bathrooms too.  Bathrooms can be big energy drains.  Amethyst and green aventurine work well in bathrooms.

To further reduce negativity in your home, play calming music as often as possible.  Sound can absorb the negativity in your home caused from fighting and yelling.

Tomorrow I'll discuss how to sage yourself and your home.

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