Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Clear Negativity From Yourself, Your Space and Others -- Part 2

Here's how to sage your house:

Get a bundle of sage and a bowl to hold any dropped ash and embers.  Try to be home alone.  Personally, I only sage my house when my kids and pets are not home.  Make sure all the windows are closed.  Stand in the center of your home and call on your highest guides and angels.  Ask Christ and Archangel Michael to help you clear the home of any and all negativity.  Then, light the sage and starting at the front door, motion the smoke around the perimeter of the door and say, "I seal this home in love and light.  May only peace, health, joy and prosperity abide here."  Then begin to walk around your home.  Keep the sage bundle lit the whole time.  In the corners of your home, say, "I break up and dispel all negativity here."  Pay special attention to the rooms that you spend a lot of time in such as the bedroom and the kitchen.  Don't forget to sage closets, attics, basements and the garage.  Finish the clearing in the center of your home.  Once again, call on your guides, angels, Archangel Michael and Jesus Christ to continue clearing your home.  Set an intention for your home such as, "Our home is a place of peace, tranquility, joy, love and laughter."

Wait about 10 - 20 more minutes and then open at least one window.

You should plan on doing this about once a month  -- a little more or less depending on the energy in the home.

For daily cleansings, make a sage spray or check out my Crystal Clear spray on my website which is made with three types of sage, lavender, frankincense, myrrh, sweet grass and cedar soaked in holy water and crystals.  I spray my house, myself, my family members, and my crystals with it daily.  It works!

Tomorrow, I'll discuss how to grid your property for energy clearing and protection.

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  1. I often spray my classroom and what a difference in the energy and discussions!