Sunday, July 10, 2011

Learning to Receive

Lately, I'm meeting so many people who are limiting themselves through poor self-esteem and incorrect views about money and success.  Try this little exercise: open your arms wide and say aloud, "I am ready to receive."  How does that feel?  Did it feel fake?  Were you able to open your arms wide?  Keep doing that exercise until it feels natural.

We're taught so many false views about money -- that it's evil and corruptible.  We see people like Bernie Madoff and believe that is what happens to people who cultivate money.

So many people believe the wealthy are selfish, mean, cheap, rude and narcissistic. While that may be true of some wealthy people, it's also true of some poor people.  We can't use blanket statements like that and make them true.  I have many wealthy clients who use their money to assist their family, friends and community around them.  Several of my clients have paid the mortgages for their families, many are paying for their nieces and nephews to go to college.  Some have funded their family and friends' business ideas.  I had one client who told me just before Christmas, "I'm feeling really good today.  I made a nice donation to my church anonymously and it made me happier than anything ever has."  I knew this client went to my church, but I didn't say anything because I knew the gift was supposed to be anonymous. On Christmas day, our priest -- with tears in his eyes -- told the story of how a person had anonymously donated $50,000 and said, "Please use this to help those who are suffering from this economic downturn."

Think about the good that has come from money -- the charities, the grants, scholarships.  Think about how happy you can make people with a bit of generosity -- an extra tip, a nice gift for a friend just because, an anonymous gift to someone in need.

If you had an abundance of money right now, what would you do?  After you paid off bills and debts and still had plenty of money left over, what would you do?  I'd like to think you'd share it.  So reflect on this thought:  the more you're able to receive, the more you're able to give.

John Randolph Price has a great book called The Abundance Book  which helps people to disassociate from the negative beliefs about money that have been ingrained in us all.  For example, the original words from the bible about money are not "Money is the root of all evil" but rather "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil."  There's a big difference there.  When we love money rather than the joy and generosity of spirit it can bring us, then money can corrupt.  But when we embrace money for what it can do for others, then we're able to receive.

So go ahead, open your arms wide to receive and then pass it on!


  1. Agree!!

    I like that you gave clarification to the "Money is the root of all evil" So many people quote that and do so incorrectly.

    Another good book that you had mentioned awhile back about receiving is "Open Your Mind To Receive" by Catherine Ponder


  2. I am open to receive. And I believe that the universe ALWAYS provides. These are both affirmations that I use regularly. I'm taking some HUGE financial and professional leaps, so I have to have faith. Thanks for a beautiful post on it and a reminder.