Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Do Our Guides Think Of Us?

I love hearing from people's spirit guides.  They have all sorts of different personalities.  Mine is strict and a bit serious.  But some of you have guides who are hilarious or maternal or sympathetic.  Some are a bit nagging and can even be pushy. Others are quiet and patient, preferring to remain firmly in the background.

The first guide I ever communicated with made me laugh out loud.  I was taking an intuitive development course, and the teacher instructed us to work with a partner and try to connect with his or her guide.  I was partnered up with a quiet, older woman who had never attended the class before.  I held her hands as instructed, closed my eyes and allowed the teacher to guide me on a meditation to meet her guide.  I have a place I go to when I meditate -- my crystal cave.  So I pictured my crystal cave with the crystal bridge to the other side and mentally asked my partner's guide to show up.  Almost instantly, I saw a tall, white, very thin man walk across the bridge.  He had a long, grayish white beard and sparkly blue eyes.  He was wearing an old, worn brown robe with a simple rope belt. He had shoulder length, thinning grayish white hair.  He smiled at me.  I asked him his name and he said, "Archibald."  I asked, "Archibald?"  He nodded, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yes, but she can call me Archie," and then he bowed to me and revealed his monk's tincture, a perfect circle of baldness, "Or Baldie."  I laughed out loud because it was such a funny joke and a joke I could never have "imagined" myself.

When I asked him if he had a message for my client, he said, "Yes, tell her it's time for her to go back to her gift, to doing this."  Wanting more validation, I asked what she did now, and he showed me a business card with the word "Weddings" written in calligraphy.  My partner said she was a wedding planner and that she used to give readings more than 30 years ago.

Archibald still remains for me the clearest and most accurate contact I've ever had with someone's spirit guide.  I felt as though I could have talked to him all night.  He gave me validation after validation after validation.   Sometimes, I've wished he were my guide instead of the stern, strict Native American man who always appears to me with his arms crossed in front and a slight frown on his face.  Oh well.

Yesterday, I met a lovely, joyful guide -- a little Indian yogi man -- who said the most wonderful thing about my client.  When people come to see me in person, I like to begin by doing Reiki on them.  These moments of silence are needed for me to communicate with the client's guide.  I always ask the guide for the same information each time -- my client's soul purpose and life lessons.  This time, the woman's spirit guide was a chatty one and he said, "Tell her that her strength of spirit inspires even us over here sometimes."

That really struck me.  Can our guides and angels be inspired by us? I asked myself.  Well, why not?  Sometimes humans do, experience and endure amazing things with great strength and love.  When I sat down to talk with my client it was revealed throughout the hour that she'd lost her husband and then her son had passed in a tragic car accident.  Yet, the woman before me had a beautiful smile and a wonderful, joyful energy.  I could see how her strength could inspire people everywhere -- even on the other side.

It's something to think about, isn't it? What does your guide think of you?

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