Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How To Connect With Your Spirit Guide

"How can I connect with my spirit guide?"  If only I had a dollar for every time I'm asked that question.  The short answer is one you're probably not going to like to hear -- you already are.  Our spirit guide is with us from before we take our first breath until well after we take our last one.  We communicate with them in subtle ways every day.

Before we're born, we create a life plan for our soul growth.  We include in it all the people we need to work out karma with, all the triumphs and tragedies we need to experience to learn our life lessons, and all the people and events are put in place for us to teach and share our own gifts and talents.  Our main spirit guide, our life guide,  has a copy of this life plan at all times.  When we veer off path, we'll know it.  Our spirit guide will make sure of that. We'll feel lonely, isolated, disconnected.  We'll have a lot of second doubts and nothing, and I mean nothing, will go our way.  For example, I've rarely met a divorced person who didn't feel a strong pull to not get married on their wedding day.  That's their spirit guide talking to them.  We humans are really good at ignoring these subtle signs.  We'll choose to drink or eat too much or take drugs or hide behind work, stress and self-created drama to avoid looking at the plain truth -- we've gone off path.

When we're on our path, we'll know it too.  For one thing, things will go smoothly, we'll feel connected and even if times are hard, we'll have a solid sense of faith inside us to act as a compass through a difficult but necessary time.  Sometimes, we're on our right path even when we're experiencing the darkest times.  How can you know the difference?  It's a feeling, an inner knowing.  It's truth.  If you're lying to yourself, you're off your path.  Period.

Our spirit guide will speak to us through inner nudgings, ideas, inspired thoughts, repetitive messages that just pop into our head such as "call so and so" or "talk to this person."  Their language is one of synchronicity and coincidence.  Follow the signs and you'll receive your guide's presence more strongly each day.  Remain open, ask for help and keep seeking truth.

In order to more directly communicate with your guide, practice meditation.  Take 10 minutes a day to sit in silence and allow yourself to just be.  Any thoughts that come into your mind, attach a balloon to them and visualize them flying away.  If this is too difficult for you, try a guided meditation.  I have a CD called Meet Your Spirit Guide that uses a guided meditation to help you meet your guide.

Ask and you shall receive.  Ask for a deeper connection with your guide.  But, and here's the tricky part, let go of any expectation.  Put out the request and then "walk away."  The more we want something, the stronger we repel it.

Take some time each week to sit in nature.  Take a walk in the park or on the beach or sit in your back yard and talk to your guide.  This will create an energetic path which your guide can use to teach you how to effectively communicate with him or her in the future.

Pick a sign and ask your guide to show this to you.  Our guides and loved ones are allowed to communicate with us through:

1) Nature
2) Music
3) Electricity
4) Metal

So some easy signs to choose from would be a red bird, a dragonfly, a bee, a particular song, a penny or a dime.  State the sign and then set a deadline. For example, "Please show me a purple flower by Friday."  And then be open to seeing a purple flower in real life, or in a card someone mails to you or on a display sign at a store.  I'll give you some examples I've heard from clients.  One of my clients left my office and asked her guide to show her a turtle.  She drove to meet one of her clients and the street the woman lived on was called Turtle Hall.  After that meeting, she stopped at Starbucks and noticed an article in the newspaper on an upcoming turtle release.  Then she drove to meet her next client and in front of the building was a water fountain with a turtle in the middle.

Another client asked to see a frog and that weekend when she was out for her morning run, she tripped over a frog -- a real, live frog.  Then someone gave her son a stuffed frog as a birthday present the next week and later that week when she was flipping channels, she came across three shows on frogs.  Three.  What are the odds of that?

Communicating with your guide this way builds a strong relationship and can make following your life path a bit simpler.  Let's say your sign for your guide is a yellow flower.  You're trying to decide between two jobs and the decision is difficult because they're both good jobs.  So you ask your guide to show you a yellow flower at the site of the right job for you.  When you drive to the interview for the second job, the interviewer has yellow tulips on her desk.  Voila!  Your guide has answered your question and helped you stay on path.

It's not a question of how you communicate with your spirit guide as much as it is that you communicate with  your guide.  Put the intention out there, don't push it too much, be patient and soon you'll be on your way to "remembering" your guide and building a wonderful relationship.


  1. I remember when I was trying to learn to be a Shaman I was learning about my guides, and I asked my guide to show me some flowers, and the next day a tall, older gentlemen in a nice work suit got off the city street car with a yellow umbrella with white flowers on it! Thats very odd for Europe to find color and a man with the umbrella! ;) I can imagine that the man had to use his wife's umbrella that day for "some" reason! chuckle!


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