Monday, January 16, 2012

Crystal of the Week -- Diamonds

Diamonds are more than just pretty engagement rings; they’re powerfully strong crystals that can help us charge through tough times and face down our deepest fears.  The Greek word for diamond, adama, means invincible.

Unlike most stones that are comprised of at least two elements – the perfect diamond is made up of just one – carbon.  It’s completed its evolution and is perfect, strong and whole just as it is.  In the scale of hardiness, it’s the only stone with the highest rating of 10.  A clear diamond is perfectly reflective and holds within it all the colors of the rainbow making it a stone of limitless potential to its wearer. 

Diamonds are the hardest natural mineral in the world.  They crystallize deep in the earth’s surface, as much as one hundred miles down, under millions of pounds of pressure.  For this reason, it’s said that diamonds can help you face high pressured situations with calm, dignity and ease. 

Historically, people have attributed many miraculous claims to the diamond – none of which have proven true. Alchemists believed diamonds could make the wearer invisible.  Some said they cured insanity. Others believed that two diamonds placed together and watered with May dew would make the gems mate and have offspring. In 1534, doctors tried to cure Pope Clement II with a mixture of powdered gems, including diamonds.   Mary, Queen of Scotts, wore a diamond that was supposed to protect her from poisoning.  Unfortunately, no one gave her a stone to protect against beheading.

However, it is known that diamonds symbolize faith and longevity in love.  Because of their hardiness, diamonds bring to the wearer strength, fidelity and courage.  They’re also great amplifiers of energy.  So if you’re feeling ill, angry or sad, do not wear your diamond because you’ll just amplify this energy.   It’s believed that when your diamond gets cloudy or murky looking, it’s time to take a good look at your emotions.  Diamonds tend to cloud up when the wearer is feeling run down, sad or angry.  They can also get cloudy when it’s time for us to take a good, hard look at our marriage.  It’s important, therefore, to keep your diamond cleansed.  Simply running it under water or soaking it in jewelry cleanser will help.

The diamond is associated with the crown chakra which means it will help us get in touch with our spirituality.  Because of its clarity, diamonds help us to cut through any chaos in our life to see the seed of the problem, allowing us to finally hear the still, small voice within.

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