Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crystals For Abundance

Tonight on PsychicTeachers, we're discussing ways you can increase your financial abundance.  If you missed the show, check out the archive on  Just search Psychicteachers -- all one word.

If you're looking to increase your financial vibration so that you attract more money, look to crystals to help you.  The following is a list of crystals that will help your debt fly out the window and your checking account begin to fill up!

Citrine: The stone of success.  This stone helps us to attract money and KEEP it.

Green Aventurine: The stone of Luck.  Green Aventurine will help increase your luck!

Pyrite: The gold stone.  Pyrite helps us to believe in our own ability and worth so that we can healthily attract money

Rose Quartz: The love stone.  This stone helps us to love ourselves so that we can attract money without doubt or self judgement and criticism

Tree Agate: This stone will help us to grow the money we already have.

Moss Agate:  This stone will help you to increase your confidence and success enabling you to get that job, raise or promotion.

So what should you do with these stones?  You can create a money grid with them, you can keep them in your wallet, you can place them in a plant on your kitchen sill over an affirmation that reads "As this plant grows so does my wealth."  You can keep them in your money corner of your home which is the opposite left hand corner from your front door.   Be creative with your use of the stones, have faith that they will work hard for you, set your intentions on increasing your money and watch the money flow increase.

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