Monday, January 9, 2012

Are You Intuitive?

I believe we're all intuitive, that our intuitive ability is a natural sense -- not some spooky, weird "I-see-dead-people" sixth sense, but a real, natural ability.  Read the information below to see where your intuitive strength is.

You might be CLAIRVOYANT if:

You dream in color
You visualize things easily
You love to read
You prefer directions to be written down for you
You may feel a tingly in your forehead from time to time
You see flickers of light or movement frequently out of the corner of your eye
You have precognitive dreams
As a child, you saw a ghost
As a child, you had an imaginary friend
You tend to say things like, "Do you see what I mean?" or "Can you picture that?" or "I don't like the look of that."

You might be CLAIRAUDIENT if:

You've woken up and heard your name being called
You hear a subtle ringing in your ears from time to time
You find that songs will randomly pop into your head
You learn best by hearing information
You tend to say things like, "That doesn't sound right" or "that has a good ring to it" or "sounds good to me"

You might be CLAIRSENTIENT if:

You get strong gut feelings about people that turn out to be true
You feel sick to your stomach around negative people
You feel happy and light around positive people
You dislike crowds and large social settings
You tend to say things like, "That feels right to me" or "I got butterflies on my first day!" or "I have a good feeling about this."

You might find that you're strong in more than one category.  Most intuitives are predominantly one CLAIRE with strengths in one more area.  Start to pay attention to your dreams, to songs that pop into your head (listen to the lyrics), to situations and people that "feel" either good or bad.  Intuitives need to learn to trust their first impressions, their gut feelings.  Take time every day to sit in silence for five minutes -- even if it's just in your car.  Unplug from the radio, your cell, your iPod for at least five minutes every day and just listen.

Things that will temporarily stunt your intuition:

1) lack of sleep
2) red meat because it's very grounding.  After a full day of readings, I will often have a steak just to help me come down to earth again :)
3) feeling actively angry at someone
4) being worried about a situation in your life
5) for some people, dairy tends to calm their intuition down

Things that will increase your intuition:

1) meditating
2) prayer
3) crystals
4) Reiki
5) getting plenty of rest
6) eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water
7)practicing forgiveness
8) releasing anger through the power of surrender
9) releasing judgement, choosing instead to feel compassion for others, especially those that push our buttons
10) trying to release the little daily things that make us angry -- the slow car in front of us, losing our car keys as we're about to run out the door, the woman at the check out who writes a check and uses 57 coupons

Numbers 7 - 10 are not easy nor are they ones I've mastered myself.  But I think just trying to practice them will help you to create a space in your psyche for your intuition to flourish.

Also, read, read, read.  Not only will reading about spirituality and intuition help to increase your own psychic abilities and enhance your life in general, but I've noticed that when we read books on intuition, we tend to have more psychic experiences.  For example, I lent my dad (who does not believe in reincarnation simply because, in his words, "it's exhausting to think of coming back") a book on past lives, and he called me to say that he'd dreamt about a life he lived in Germany during WWI.

For some good book recommendations, check out my website ( and click on Recommended Reading.  Also, check out archives of my podcast PsychicTeachers with Deb Bowen for weekly tips on increasing your intuition. (Just go to iTunes, search PsychicTeachers, all one word, and you'll find us!)


  1. Hi Samantha. Hoping the week is treating you beautifully. Want to thank you for the inspiration your blog (& podcast) brings to me. I've mentioned you on mine tonight as one of my favorites.

    - the Versatile Blogger award has been shared.

    Take care!

  2. Hey Samantha, is it possible to be all three? I mean, I think I'm stronger in one than the other two, but I feel as my primary "claire" opens up, so too do my others. I think I may also be gifted with clairecognitance, because sometimes I just "know" things.


    Btw: I love your blog and show! You and Deb are such an inspiration to me! :)