Monday, October 24, 2011

Rainbow Meditation

I've received some emails requesting that I post the rainbow meditation I did on Sunday's show, so here it is.  Hope you enjoy!  Meditating on the colors of the rainbow will help to balance and cleanse your chakras while raising your vibrations.

Imagine that you’re walking down a lovely meadow.  In front of you is the most glorious rainbow.  See this rainbow in front of you.  Reach out and touch it.  Now, take a deep breath and begin to walk through the rainbow. First you walk through the red color. Breathe this color in and feel the fire of life and creation coursing through you filling you with energy.  

As you walk toward the orange – the color of a blazing sunset – you feel filled with creativity and sensuality.  Your body, mind and soul are at one.

Walking into the yellow light, you feel joyful, courageous and powerful.  Your own personal sun radiates out from your center.   You feel grounded, centered, connected.  The energy from the earth, the sun, the rainbow is filling you with love, light and life force. 

As you walk into the emerald green color, your body is filled with love.  You feel a force of love growing and healing, awakening inside of you.  

Taking a deep, cleansing breath, you walk toward the sky blue ray of the rainbow.  You’re reminded of the vastness of the sky and the ocean.  You feel an infinite sense of peace and tranquility as the sky blue color soars through your body purifying your thoughts and words.  

As you walk into the indigo light, your third eye awakens and you release fully into the colors of the rainbow allowing yourself to trust and see truth for the first time.  

Finally, you move into the purple light – a perfect blend of the earth and sky – and you feel the union of the cosmos soaring through your body.  You feel at one with the world, with your soul and your higher self.  The gate to enlightenment is now opened for you.  

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