Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Garnet

Derived from the latin word for seed "granatus" garnets can help plant a seed of desire in us that will enable us to grow in passion, health and confidence. This stone is best for increasing self-confidence in our relationships and career.  Garnet has been worn for thousands and thousands of years.  It's said that Noah carried a lantern made from garnet to direct his ark safely through the flooded waters.  Garnet is mentioned as one of the 12 gemstones in the breastplate of Aaron. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans wore garnet jewelry, and knights wore garnet as a protection against death and bad luck.

When given as a gift, garnet is said to instill commitment and fidelity in the heart of the receiver. It's such a protective stone that it's been known to warn its wearer of impending disaster by becoming suddenly dull and lackluster in appearance.

Garnet will help to reenergize the wearer.  Because it helps to increase one's self confidence, garnet is a great stone to have on your desk at the office or to wear or carry while interviewing for a job.  It makes you more attractive to others and is known to bring good luck to business success.

Because of its lovely dark red color, Garnet is also a romance stone and help can revitalize dull relationships.  Keep a cluster of garnet on your bedside table or wear a necklace of garnet to bring passion back into your life.

Since it brings to the wearer true self-confidence, it will help to lesson anger -- always the mark of an insecure person.

Physically, garnets help to normalize blood pressure. Garnet set in gold is said to increase sluggish immune systems and to help people suffering from depression.

Garnet is great for:

Career success
Increasing confidence
Enhancing passion in relationships
Increasing luck in love and career
Protecting the wearer from negativity
Inspires commitment and loyalty
Increases fertility
Overcome depression

Garnet remedies:

1) Place under your pillow while you sleep to help cure depression
2) Place three garnet stones on your desk to ensure success
3) Place two garnets on your bedside table to ensure fidelity and passion in your current relationship or, if single, to attract the right relationship to you
4) Wear in jewelry to overcome depression, increase self-confidence and aid in protection from negativity
5) Place garnet in planters on either side of your front door to protect your home from theft

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  1. Hi! This is regarding your last podcast on "Manifesting Abundance."

    Many times in the past, even as a child, I've heard people say they are not good at this or that, or when I was in school, a kid would say they are going to fail, but then they wind up getting an "A" on their test, or others actually succeed in what they say they would fail. How do you explain that? When people are saying a lot of negative things but succeed anyway. Seems like some people are successful no matter what they think--positive or negative--about themselves. Must be nice! Hahaha!

    Anyway, I LOVE your show! You are my favorite podcast.

    Take care and blessed be.