Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Diopside

Known as the Stone of Service, Diopside will help to open your heart chakra to love, forgiveness and trust.   This stone helps you to increase your sense of humility and compassion allowing you to be of true service to others.  If you've always wondered what your soul purpose is, Diopside will gently help you remember, recover and recall your true gifts.

If you're experiencing an emotional blockage and inability to let go, green Diopside is the stone for you.  It releases our mental blocks and allows us to truly grieve and surrender our pain.  For this reason, it's sometimes called the Crying Stone.

Many healers recommend Diopside for aspiring writers as it helps to focus writing goals and encourages writers to complete the project with success.

It's also considered a stone of the intellect and will help in academic pursuits.  Judy Hall recommends it for the study of mathematics.  Cassandra Eason recommends it for people dealing with eating disorders and obsessive compulsive behaviors.  If you know an elderly person who's suffering from alzheimer's or dementia, place a diopside on their bedside table.  Diopside is also good for children dealing with dyslexia.

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