Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Jade

Commonly known as the Stone of Luck, Jade is known and prized worldwide for having the ability to increase good fortune.  It can teach courage, humility, wisdom and justice.  Jade enables us to discover our karmic lessons and aids in past life recall. It's been known to increase our ability to astral travel. A calming stone, Jade helps us to discover who we really are. It's a very protective stone, especially for children.  Jade can help with fertility issues and pregnancy fears. Jade is known as the Sacred Stone of China. They believed powdered Jade could cure many ailments.  Bridegrooms would present their brides with jade butterflies as a symbol of love.  The couple would then drink from a jade cup to ensure fidelity and a happy marriage.  The Chinese would put a jade stone in the mouth of a deceased person to ensure a good afterlife.

Physically, Jade helps the kidney, liver and spleen. Doctors in the 1800s prescribed tying Jade around the arm to reduce kidney stones.

Green Jade has the ability to attract money.  It will also help to heal the heart center. White and cream Jade soothes the nervous system.  Mauve, Lilac and Lavender Jade sooth the nervous system.  Yellow Jade attracts friends to us and brings joy and happiness.

There are two types of stones that are referred to as Jade.  One is Jadeite and the other is Nephrite.  Be careful when purchasing Jade as imitations are often sold.

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