Monday, October 17, 2011

Dealing With the Scary Side of Intuition

I hosted the Psychic Teachers show alone again on Sunday.  I am not the best podcast host when I'm alone, so I know I missed some key points I was trying to make.  I also have no ability to talk and keep up with the chat room, so I apologize for the negative people who entered the chat room at the end of the show.  How ironic that the first time we've had negative people enter the chat room is the time we're discussing negative entities?  Coincidence?

Okay, so here's my stance on the dark side:

They exist.  In my opinion, they're real.  In order for there to be light, there must be darkness.  As above, so below. Yin Yang.  Black White.  Alpha Omega.  It's a balance.

Here's the way I view this.  I think there's a fight, a literal war going on between the dark and the light.  I also believe that most people are completely oblivious to this.  They go to work, take care of their families, sit at home and watch TV.  I call these people the grays.  They're neither good nor bad.  They just are.  They're fairly self consumed with their own life and problems.  "A famine in Africa?  Gee, that's too bad.  Too bad I can't do anything about it." Those are the grays.

The dark side loves the grays.  They're easy to manipulate when needed.

The dark side hates the lightworkers.   You all reading this are lightworkers.  You're the ones who are searching and reaching for more and learning that you have a purpose and that your purpose involves service and gratitude and living a life of meaning.   They can't stand this and will do whatever they can to pull you back into the land of grays.  How do they do this?

Lots of ways.

Let's say, for example, that you're trying to get to church each week.  They'll make that a problem for you.  No one in your family will want to go.  When you get there, the pastor/priest will ask for money.  Babies will cry the entire time, and you'll think, "Why am I here and not at home with my feet up reading the paper?"

Let's say you decide to take an intuitive development or meditation class to expand your awareness.  If it costs money, the dark side might make something occur in your life to make that monetary expense too difficult for you.  Or your friends and family might make fun of you for your new interests.

If you start to believe that you have a higher purpose other than working and paying bills, the dark side loves to use doubt to pull you down.  You'll have nasty thoughts filled with fear and doubt plague you.  "Who are you to think you can pull this off?  You don't have the talent/gift/ability/time/money/intelligence (you get the point) to do this.  What are you thinking?"

If they fail at all this and you continue on your path of lightness, then they'll begin to stress you out.  You might start losing things right before you're leaving the house for your meditation class.  You might find that you constantly run late for these appointments and classes.  You might get plagued with annoying colds and flus and start to think that you're overworked and overstressed.  Maybe it's time to cut back on this spiritual development and just resume my old life, you might think.

If this next step fails, then they'll just try to out and out scare you.  You might have nightmares, see shadows dart by in your home or be awoken in the middle of the night with the sure feeling that someone is in the room.

I've had all of these things happen to me.  And I did return to the land of the grays.  Again and again and again. What can I say?  I am a very fearful person.  Or was.

I respect the dark side and I think you should too.  It's nothing to kid around with.  But I try really hard not to fear the dark, for I believe so strongly in the power of the light and my faith.  I know my people and my angels will never let me down.

When I was a little girl, I was woken up almost nightly.  There was always someone or something in my room.  My family jokes that I'm the youngest because my parents were never allowed to sleep alone in their bedroom to conceive another child.  I was constantly running to their room in fear.

When I was finally flirting again with the idea of opening up my intuition in my early 30's, I had this amazingly real dream that I now know was not a dream.  A man walked into my bedroom.  He was older, about 65, very tall and thin and had that rugged look that comes from living life hard and truly.  He was wearing a red baseball cap, had bright blue eyes, a bit of steel gray stubble and was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt.  His smile lit up my room.  I remember sitting up and smiling back and he said, "See? It's not scary when we visit you in your dreams, is it?  We've been trying to get you to talk to us for years and finally one of them suggested we try this way."  He motioned behind him and I looked to see dozens of people standing in my bedroom.  "So, can you talk to us now?"

I nodded and he said, "Good.  Can we move this to your kitchen? It's a bit crowded in here."

So I followed them into my kitchen.  And do you know what they wanted?  They each wanted me to hold their hand so I could relive with them the last ten minutes of their lives.  I have no idea to this day why this was necessary.  But that's what I did.  I reached for their hand one at a time and saw their deaths. I saw one man have a heart attack on his tractor overlooking his land.  I saw a nurse driving to work feeling cranky about the long day ahead of her when another car slammed into to her.  I saw an old gentleman just slip away into death while his family stood by and watched.  He was lying in a hospital bed in the middle of his living room.  And Red?  He was shot down on an interstate highway by several police after escaping from jail.  Even though that's a really bad thing and a horrible death, I still really like Red.

Anyway, after that, spirits visited me most nights.  And that's all they wanted -- to make me relive their last moments on earth.

But in between that amazing year, I had some really scary experiences. I had terrible, terrible nightmares.

But then the beautiful things would happen.  I'd have dreams where angels visited me and told me to use the light of God's love to literally throw at these negative people.  They showed me how this light -- which we all carry in our hearts -- can truly transform people, even the evil ones.  It just takes time and lots of love.  And I was able to see how my messages brought comfort to people.  Several people returned to their faith that year after hearing validations from their loved ones in heaven.  There was one woman who emailed me for her mom.  "My brother died last year, and I don't know if she's ready to talk with you.  Can you talk to me first so I can see what my brother has to say?"  Her brother had accidentally killed himself.  His spirit was so funny, so giving and so, well, alive.  Really, I felt as though he were more alive than I'd ever been.  His sister was relieved to hear he was doing well and scheduled a time to talk to his mom.  I remember the day of her reading, I felt compelled to go to a store called Khols.  I am not a fan of shopping, I don't particularly like Khols, and yet I couldn't get it off my mind.  I also don't like to do other things when I have readings scheduled.  I don't want to get distracted.  But I am telling you I had to go to Khols.  When I walked in, the first thing I saw was a display of gem stone heart shaped necklaces.  The pink rose quartz heart fairly lit up in front of me. "Buy that for my mom."  I turned around.  Who had said that?  Then I put it together and it made sense.  The son wanted me to buy this for his mother, so I did.  The mother was so relieved to hear from her son and happy to receive a gift from him.  That's the first and only time that's happened to me, that a spirit made me shop for him, but it validated to me that there was so much good in opening up to our intuition if we can trust in the light.

So, back to the dark side.  If you are trying to reach for something more than yourself, something beyond your day-to-day "rinse and repeat" life, DON'T let the dark side distract you or scare you.

Here are some things you can do:

1) Call on Christ and Archangel Michael to protect you and clear away the negativity

2) Wear a crystal or symbol of your faith every day.

3) Imagine white light around yourself twice a day -- once upon waking and once upon falling asleep

4) Pray every day

5) Read books on psychic protection.  Judy Hall and Ted Andrews have written great books on this subject.

6) Keep walking your path.  Don't get distracted.  Keep your eyes on the light.

And, just as importantly, trust your instincts.  So many have said that the greatest feat of the dark side hasn't been the world wars or cancer or AIDS but rather the belief that the dark doesn't exist.

If you still think I'm crazy, consider what I've come across this month alone:

Four clients have told me they think something negative is in their home.  I've received three emails asking me how to get rid of the creepy energy hanging around their house.  During a reading last month, I saw something negative attached to a client.  I asked her what was going on in her life when she was five.  She said, "Oh that's when we moved to the haunted house."  I told her what I was sensing and that I didn't think that thing had left her all these years later.  She became emotional and said she had sensed that too but couldn't really believe it.  This month, I sensed something negative around a client that was causing all sorts of financial troubles.  Once, after telling a client about something negative I sensed, I hung up the phone from the reading and was slapped by something.  It terrified me.  Like I said, I scare easily.  Another time, I was asked to help clear a home of something negative.  When I came home, I was still scared.  Everyone in my family started fighting.  Literally.  My husband said something snarky to me, my girls started fighting and my dog went to the bathroom on the living room floor.  Right there in front of us.  I knew then that something had followed me home.

So I quickly put the kids to bed, walked into my bedroom and prayed for Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael to come and help.  I said, "I command and demand that you get rid of whatever has followed me home."  Thirty seconds passed, and I heard a huge crash in my kitchen.  I ran into the kitchen and saw that the five shelves of cookbooks above my kitchen desk had fallen and the spice rack on the opposite wall had fallen to the floor as well.  I have lived in this house for 14 years and neither of those things have ever fallen before or since.  I knew a fight of some sort had occurred in my kitchen and I knew who won.  You could feel the peace and joy in their air.

The light will always win.  It just will.

I read once that the ancient Jewish teaching on Lucifer was that he was a teacher.  His name meant "adversary."  He was sent here to tempt us as a way of strengthening our faith.  If you read the Book of Job, you'll see how this works.  I like to think that maybe that's true, that maybe all we're here to learn is how to overcome fear so we can love.  C. S Lewis always said that he treasured and valued his suffering because without it he wouldn't know joy or happiness.  Without the dark, we can't recognize the light.

For more reading on this subject, check out these books:

Return From Tomorrow by Dr. George Ritchie
Hostage to the Devil by Father Malachi Martin
Shadows of the Dark by John Zaffis
The Uninvited by Steven LaChance
Psychic Protection by Ted Andrews
The Art of Psychic Protection by Judy Hall
When Ghosts Speak by Mary Ann Winkowski
Spirit Releasement Therapy by William Baldwin
Spirit Release by Sue Allen


  1. Great read Samantha!

    What is the difference between the ego mind and the dark side? Did one create or lead to the other? It's something I've been pondering lately.

    Another great read (I believe that you mentioned it last night) is /The Screwtape Letters/ by C.S. Lewis.

  2. Great question Katherine. I think the ego is totally separate from the negative "stuff." I think the ego can be a great gift and a great drag -- it's finding the balance that is key. Without our ego, we wouldn't attempt great things. But an inflated ego can exaggerate our talents, while a deflated ego can hold us back. I think the negative side can use our ego mind to tempt us, but ultimately the free will lies with us. If you have a balanced ego, a clean aura and a pure heart, all is perfectly well!

    Yes, I LOVE the Screwtape Letters and anything by C. S. Lewis!

  3. Thank you so much for writing this :). Beautiful, beautiful and very helpful.