Monday, September 26, 2011

The Platinum Rule

We've all heard of (and try to follow) the Golden Rule -- Do Unto Others As You'd Have Them Do Unto You.  Well, I'd like to add another rule -- The Platinum Rule.  Treat Yourself the Way You Treat Others or, put simply, BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

So many of the people who come to me for readings are just so darn mean to themselves.  People tell me that they hate the way they look, the way they dress, or they're ashamed because they didn't finish college, or they're disappointed in themselves because they aren't as successful in their career or they feel like a failure when their marriage ended.  It's heartbreaking, really, when you think about it.  We're meaner to ourselves than anyone else could ever be.  I have to remind my clients of all their amazing accomplishments.  "Yes, you didn't finish college.  But that's because your mom died unexpectedly, and your dad needed you to help take care of your brothers. And, you're in college now, aren't you?" My clients will always look at me as though I've made this huge revelation.  "Yeah, you're right.  I guess that's not so bad after all."  Or I'll say, "Yes, your marriage is over, but look at all the amazing things you've been able to do since that divorce.  You're running your own business, you're traveling, you're helping other moms going through divorces."  And again, I'll see that light of recognition, the one that says, "Oh yeah, I'm not such a bad person."

I hope that all of you reading this can turn around the lens through which you view your life and learn to see the reasons for your mistakes, the lessons from your failures, and relish the joys in your successes.  Please make a promise to yourself this week to be kind to yourself.  Speak kindly to yourself and about yourself.  Accept compliments and own your successes and accomplishments.  Start a journal where you right down -- every night -- three things you like about yourself.  Try it -- at the end of the month, you'll be a different person.

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  1. Oh Samantha! Your words came at a perfect time. I am my own worst enemy and with all that is currently happening in my life (probably all self-induced in my mind), this is exactly what I needed to hear/read.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog!