Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is Psychic Attack Real?

We've all heard those scary terms -- curses, psychic attack, energy vampires, psychic vampires -- but is there really any truth to them?  I don't personally believe in curses.  I think they only work if both parties believe in them.  And so it's not really about the curse, but the belief.

As for psychic attack, it's real.  I've always known this, felt it.  We have all felt it.  There are even phrases in society regarding this.  If your nose is itching, someone's gossiping about you.  Tingling ears?  Someone's thinking of you.

Our thoughts are real, our intentions have real effects.  If you don't believe me, read the post below on killing trees.  IBM engineers Bob Fritchie and Marcus Vogel conducted experiments where they sent negative thoughts to plants and watched as the plants died.  They tried this experiment in many different ways -- the results were always the same.  It didn't matter how far the study participants were from the actual plants.  Distance, space and time didn't matter.  Energy is timeless.  The plants always died.  Conversely, when they sent love to plants in the study, they grew and flourished.

In my work, I can always tell if someone still has feeling for an old love.  If they're still resenting an ex or despising a boss who fired them or resenting a child who didn't live up to the parent's expectations.  We wear this in our energy.  Sometimes, I can see these people in their aura.  And some of us are carrying a lot of people with us.  I have to look at the cords connecting my clients to these people so I can get more information.  Sometimes, we are inadvertently sending out a psychic attack and other times, we're the unwitting recipient of psychic attack.

This occurs whenever we are speaking negatively about someone.  If, for example, you're angry at your ex and you can't stop talking about him/her to all your friends, family and lawyers, you are psychically attacking your ex.  This is really bad karma and will come back to hit you on the head THREE times.  Whatever we se`nd out -- good or bad -- comes back to us THREE times.  This is called the rule of three and is more commonly known as the Golden Rule.

A client came into my office this week, and I literally saw a man walk in with her.  This really freaked me out because I knew he was alive.  I don't know how I knew this, but I knew that he was alive and was psychically stalking her.  I felt that he was doing this consciously, that he must have known the power of consistent thought and intention.  Why did I think this?  Because I watched, slack jawed, as he leaned against my table and spoke to me.  "I got this," he said, motioning to my client.  "I got her.  She's all mine."

It turned out that my client had been the victim of a stalker and was still trying to get away from him.  This incident really proved to me that psychic attack is real.  I can't stress this enough.  Be a conscious observer of your thoughts, intentions, and deeds.  Also, be aware of what you're listening to.  My friend has this amazing attitude about what she allows in to her life.  She's very good about refusing to listen to rumors and gossip and hearsay.  Last year, she and I were cleaning up after our annual cookie swap.  A good friend of ours stayed to help us, and asked, "Hey ya'all, do you wanna hear some gossip?"  And my friend said, "If you don't mind, I really don't.  By the way, your cookies were awesome. Will you share the recipe?"  I remember just standing there in amazement.  I never would have said that because I hate to be rude.  But my friend never came across as rude.  Not once.  I would have listened to the gossip, not said anything, and then changed the subject.  But she didn't even let it get that far.

Be your own gossip police.  Don't let negativity swirl around you.  Because it will come back to you in many ways --- you or your family members might battle a lot of infections and allergies, you might lose things, or find yourself the victim of malicious gossip and rumors.  This is going to sound weird, but whenever I do participate in negative talk, I lose money.  I'll be overcharged at the grocery store, or a five dollar bill will fly away from my wallet into the wind (that's happened twice),  or I'll just have a ton of extra expenses.  The car will need something new or an appliance in the house will break.  The karma that comes back to you will effect you and your family in some way that will always result in annoying and stressful drama.

So, how can you protect yourself from this?  Check out books on psychic protection.  Surround yourself in white light at least twice a day and definitely before you go to bed.  Cleanse your chakras weekly. Check out my chakra cleansing CD for help with this.  Wear a crystal for protection every day.  You can use any crystal for this purpose -- just cleanse it when you bring it home, sit with it for about ten minutes sending the crystal white light and ask it to protect you from all negativity from within and without.  Keep your surroundings clean and organized to reduce a cluttered mind which leaves you more susceptible to psychic attack.  Keep your energy clean and clear by surrounding yourself with things and people that make you happy.  Practice affirmations.  Read uplifting material daily.  Avoid negative people, TV, books and movies.  Take weekly salt baths.  Sage your house often.  BE KIND.  Really, that's all you need to do.  Be kind and that will be returned to you.


  1. Much needed today. Thank you!!

  2. I have given in to talking about others at work, and been the initiator sometimes. Unfortunately, I've seen it as going with the flow. I am going to be more conscious of the damage this does to others and to my soul, and be brave in taking control over my part. Thank you for raising my awareness.