Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Tiger's Eye

Traditionally worn as a talisman against evil and ill-wishes, Tiger's Eye is a highly protective stone.  It helps to ground sensitive, spacey people and can serve as an anchor to those that are afraid of commitment and setting down roots.  Tiger's eye with its beautiful brown and golden bands balances the earth's energy with the radiant energy of the sun.  It helps us to integrate power into our life ethically and works to show us the difference between our needs and wants.

Tiger's Eye works to alleviate depression and issues with self-worth, self-esteem and self-love.  It helps addicts in recovery learn to make the right choices. It works works to calm down and soften the energies of adults with ADD/ADHD.

Because it is so grounding and increases one's self worth, Tiger's Eye will help you attract money and hold onto it with the sure knowledge that you are worthy of abundance.

Placed on the third eye, Tiger's Eye will stimulate psychic development and aids in kundalini rising.

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