Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Herkimer Diamond

The Herkimer Diamond is so named because it was originally found in Herkimer, New York and is naturally shaped like a diamond.

It's often referred to as "the Attunement Stone" because it helps us to attune ourselves to our purpose which is why it makes a great manifesting stone.  Meditate with Herkimer while focusing on what you're trying to attract to your life.

The Herkimer Diamond is associated with the crown chakra and can help us clear and balance our chakras.  With their natural double terminated shape, Herkimers work to clear the chakras when placed between the energy centers.  If, for example, you're having issues with a close relationship, place a Herkimer diamond between your heart and throat chakra to open and clear these chakra centers allowing you to lovingly communicate more clearly.  You can also attuned two Herkimers to help your relationship with your spouse or significant other to be health, happy, and loving.  Then give one Herkimer to your partner while you carry or wear the other one.

When placed under your pillow, it will help you recall your dreams.

Herkimer diamonds work great in crystal grids and in medicine bags because they work to amplify the energy of the other stones.

Herkimer's help us to assimilate to change.  Wear or carry one if you're trying to get used to a move, a new job or other challenging transition in your life.

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