Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To Tell or Not To Tell? That is The Question

Almost every day, I receive a message from loved ones in spirit for random people I encounter throughout the day.  The woman ringing me up at the grocery store had a loud mother telling me that the cashier needed to watch out for her son and the kids he was hanging out with.  But more often than not, it's just an average, ordinary message.  "Tell her I love her and that I'm okay."  In church on Sunday, for example, I sat next to a lovely elderly couple.  There was a brother in spirit trying to connect to the woman next to me.  All he wanted her to know was that he was safe in heaven and that he loved her.  That's it.  I could get no other significant validations.  I told him I wouldn't do it.  I couldn't freak out this poor lady in church of all places with a message from her deceased brother.  If he had something like, "Tell her that her grandson in Iraq is coming home safely this September," I could have worked that into a conversation after mass.

That message actually did come through once, and I was able to deliver it without the person really knowing where it came from.  I can be clever and sneaky in conversations when I need to be, and I find that most people don't really question me when I tell them I have a good feeling about something.  I've used the dream excuse many times to pass on messages to acquaintances.  "I had a dream that you were going to get that job."  Or "I had a dream that your angel told me your mom was going to pull through her surgery with flying colors."

But to randomly walk up to an unsuspecting woman after church and tell her, "Hi! My name is Samantha and I'm a medium.  Your brother is here and he just wants you to know that he's doing great in heaven.  Have a great day!"

I don't think so.

And so I wished her well after church and walked away from her.

I feel terrible when these things happen because I know if I were in heaven, I'd seek out any and all mediums to let my family know that I was happy, well and okay in heaven.  I know they want their families to have that validation, but unless I get something specific -- like a name, a date or something important coming up or going on with the family -- I'm not going to risk looking like a fool or sending them into possibly more grief just by bringing up old memories.

Still, it haunts me, literally, when I refuse the spirits.  I feel bad for them, but what can I do?  Unless they can use their energy to communicate more specifically with me, I feel like my hands are tied in these situations.  What's your opinion?  Have you shared messages with unsuspecting strangers?  Or do you agree that it's better to be discreet when possible?

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